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Más Sabe el Diablo

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Más sabe el diablo telenovelaLife sentence for an Angel is to live in the road of mistakes, and his great mistake will be love to a forbidden woman ... love that will determine his sentence. Angel has been living in difficult conditions since his childhood. His mother (Esperanza) fell in love with a man but their love wasn’t mutual. Martin was never really interested in her, her pregnancy or her baby. For Martin’s family it was a shame to have love affair with the housemaid. Poor Esperanza gave birth to the baby in a bus station in New York with the help of Sandro - the only person who was moved with her pain.

Years later, this street became Angel’s second home, where everyone knew him as Devil for the fact that he was a thief despite his good heart. He got involved in a gang of thieves and took part in large criminal acts, but he was caught and imprisoned. Under such circumstances he met Manuela.

Manuela was a lawyer which represented his case in the court. She helped to make him free and gave him an opportunity to rectify. And this brought changes in their life.

Having returned home, he discovered that his mother was indebted to the leader of the band he worked for. Leon paid medical expenses of the ill woman when her son was in jail and the only way for Angel to repay his debt was to work for the criminal again. He got a task to rob a millionaire.

As far as it was impossible to refuse the requirements of Leon, his only option was to organize the robbery. So he worked out a detailed and sophisticated plan that was so characteristic of his personality ... but fate played a trick with him. Angel could not imagine that the real head of the operation was Manuela's fiancé, fiancé of the woman who won his heart. So finally he found out that he was a man who hated his own father and he was the murderer of his best friend.


Miguel Varoni as Martín Acero

Martín Acero is the leader of the gangster band and the person to elaborate the scheme ofrobbery to inspire the gangsters to be loyal. He is a double-faced man who is mean enough to play around with people. In the street he is the leader of the gangster band and in the high society he is known as Martin, a reputed businessman, a manager to David’s conglomerate company.

Too lazy and irresponsible, Martin was always deemed to be afforded a lot. When a child,he was a real mama’s boy. He has never followed instructions and recommendations made by teachers or other authorized persons. Graciela, his mother, referred to her husband’s cousin to be the Godfather to Martin. He uses the chance to go to the US to travel and then he uses cunning techniques to grow in the company governed by Manuela’s father. He plans to get the successor of the company director and for this reason he gets closer with Manuela.

Martin is a “white-collar” thief. He has a gift of conviction. As a teen, he seduced Esperanza, a maiden who delivers a baby from Martin. He usually uses women for his personalpurposes. But life is changeable and cyclic. He played with Manuela and now he falls in love with Marina who plays him around.

Jencarlos Canela as Ángel Salvador

Angel Salvador is most known as the Diablo from Queens. And rare people know his real name. He is very handsome, slim, smart and very purposeful person. He has won the respect of the people surrounding him and the gangster band he is a member of. As a child bringing-up in the street, he has often been the witness to battles and activity of the band in Jackson Heights. Angel agrees to enter the gangster band again when he comes to the decision to give up robbing. He needs to do everything to help his mother. She is indebted and has no money to redeem. He has to support his family with funds.

Angel is smart but he has to live in the street to survive. He lives with her mother, Esperanza. He knows nothing about his past, but he knows that his father quit his mother after the accepted the news about his coming soon. Angel learns in a while that Manuela, his friend so close to him, is involved in business with Acero and that Martin is his father, Martin who’s made his mother suffer for long 23 years.

Gaby Espino as Manuela Davila

Manuela Davila is the woman who means a lot to Angel in his life. As a lawyer assigned by the government Manuela can use her opportunity and authority to reduce the period of sentence for Angel providing he will change his style of life and never go robbing again. A daughter to the family of wealthy Latino, Manuela is beautiful and attractive. She feelssympathy to the poor and homeless. She studied Law in New York.

She is intelligent and assiduous and she seizes Angel’s heart and mind. She lived with her boyfriend knowing nothing about him and his past.

Esperanza Rendón as Esperanza

Esperanza meets Martin Acero when he was young and he was then employed to serve in the prestigious family. She has been in secret love affair until she gets pregnant.

To protect her child, Graciela de Acero, a mother to Martin, required for the abortion but the girl decides to escape for the USA. For 23 years Esperanza keeps the name of the father in secret in fear that a boy will like to take a revenge upon his father for all difficulties they suffered because of him.

Jorge Luis Pila as Jimmy Cardona

The son to James Cardona, The Senior, who is about to go on retirement after long service at the police. Jimmy loves his father and comprehends his father as a hero loyal and proud ofhis specialty. His father has still been proud of his specialty though he has been shot for several times. Under the fear for his father clashed with the band he promises to Jimmy that he will not stop until he demolishes the entire band.

Jeannette Lehr as Graciela de Acero

Graciela is Martin’s mother. She is full of energy and strives for life. She perceives the better life for Martin. She always asks him how he feels, what he eats and how he behaves. She was respected for her husband’s reputation and after his death she realized that Fransis left her with huge debts. She suspects Martin is involved in dirty activity that help to increase the assets. She is overwhelmed with questions on how and she cannot be so blind to all his activity.

Ezequiel Montalt as Christian

Christian is the younger brother to Martin. He is always in Martin’s shadow. He worships Martin from the childhood and dreams of looking like him. He is sure in his decision to use everything to the last drop, not to hesitate and be next to his brother when it is necessary. Christian has no affairs with women. And nobody but Martin knows that Christian is gay.

Martin is employed as the forwarding agency where he keeps the bookkeeping and, thus, they might discover who makes company financial documents in Martin’s illegal business.

Más sabe el diablo - telenovela

(2009) - Gaby Espino, Jencarlos Canela, Miguel Varoni


Miguel Varoni .... Martín Acero
Jencarlos Canela .... Ángel Salvador
Gaby Espino .... Manuela Davila
Karla Monroig.... Virginia Dávila
Carlos Humberto Camacho .... Horacio Garcia
Roberto Mateos .... León Beltrán
Jorge Luis Pila .... Jimmy Cardona
Jeannette Lehr .... Graciela de Acero
Eva Tamargo .... Arianna de Dávila
Leonardo Daniel .... Anibal Dávila
Esperanza Rendón .... Esperanza
Angelie Moncayo .... Marina
Michelle Vargas .... Perla
Alexa Kuve .... Susana "Susy" Beltran
Raúl Arrieta
Carlos Ferro
Alberto Salaberri
Cristian Carabias
Carlos Perez
Roxana Peña .... Nina Lazaros
Juan David Ferrer
Ezequiel Montalt
Aneudy Lara .... Mocho
Alex Fumero
Sofia Stamatiades .... Esperanza
Roxana Chavez
Gerardo Riveron .... Jaime Cardona
Xavier Coronel
Felipe Garces
Paula Arciniegas
Esteban Villareal
Nelson Tallaferro .... Policeman
Marcos Figueroa
Elsa Pestana
Victoria del Rosal
Pamela Perez
Taly Ganas
Gloria del Valle
Johnny Acero
Ramon Morel
Silgian Castillo
Elizabeth Barón .... Nelly
Mildred Quiroz
Mimi Lazo
Juan Jiménez
Ariel Díaz ... Osvaldo

Writing credits
Jimena Romero
Lina Uribe
Gilma Peña
Nubia Barreto
Mauricio Guerra

Song: Más Sabe el Diablo de Amor
Written by:
Singing: Jencarlos Canela

Original music
Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Iker Gastaminza

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
David Posada
Danny Gavidia

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Martha Godoy



Remake of colombian telenovela "¿Por qué diablos?" (1999) with Victor Mallarino, Marcela Carvajal and Manolo Cardona

Filmed in Miami, New York and México

Aylín Mújica supposed to play the main heroine

It was earlier called ¿Por Qué Diablos? ("Why Devils?")

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mya rodriguez  - great flim   |2009-06-01 04:14:41
Great cast .. gaby beautiful woman , jen carlos omg ni se diga .. karla es otra mujer bellizima y buena actress. Veo todas sus novela. Michelle vargas tan bella. Y. Ya la quiero ver protagonizando. Se lo merece .con ganar en el programa protagonista de novelas 2.. well any ways good luck to all. We love the novela
anette  - re: great flim   |2010-01-25 02:27:28
mya rodriguez wrote:
Great cast .. gaby beautiful woman , jen carlos omg ni se diga .. karla es otra mujer bellizima y buena actress. Veo todas sus novela. Michelle vargas tan bella. Y. Ya la quiero ver protagonizando. Se lo merece .con ganar en el programa protagonista de novelas 2.. well any ways good luck to all. We love the novela
haylie  - i love this novela   |2009-06-01 04:19:49
Me encanta el cast de la novela y por ahora la novela va bien .. michelle vargas I'm so happy 4 you mama. Lo lejos que has llegado y seguiras con esa voice y talento de actuastion...
arlene ramirez  - thank god   |2009-06-01 04:25:17
Thank god aylin mujica didn't do the novela I mean she look very old 4 jen clarlos .. be sides 4 the role of a lawer. Sorry I don't think she has it.... she looks more like a bar tender or some thing .. para la novela analia she woulve been great.... she's very beautiful pero muy exzajerada
Sonia  - Gregorio   |2009-06-04 22:56:12
Alguien sabe como se llama el nombre del actor que hace de Gregorio, es guapisimo!!!
Sharon  - Que novela mas buena   |2009-06-09 18:58:58
Esta tiene que sel la mejor novela que telemundo a pusto in la television.Me encanta esta Novela.Es la mejor totalmente.
Sarah  - Love it!   |2009-06-23 22:47:07
I LOVE this show! I missed a couple episodes and wanted to know if anyone knew where I could watch older episodes with English subtitles? I'm still learning Spanish so I can't really understand what they're saying. Thanks!
digna  - me encanta la novela   |2009-07-01 02:16:07
La novela es muy buena como todas las novelas de telemundo yo soy muy fiel atelemundo me gustaria tener la oportunidad de escribir una novela para telemundo tengo la istoria perfecta para una telenovela disculpenme por usar este espacio para expresar lo que quiero bueno porfabor les dejo asaber que tengo un nino precioso para participar en cualquier programa de televicion si necesitan un nino para la novela mi nino esta disponible tiene 22 meses y es muy precioso y tiene una sonrrisa preciosa y es muy inteligente gracias y espero su ineres por mi gordo.
Anonymous  - re: Love it!   |2009-12-20 01:34:27
Sarah wrote:
I LOVE this show! I missed a couple episodes and wanted to know if anyone knew where I could watch older episodes with English subtitles? I'm still learning Spanish so I can't really understand what they're saying. Thanks!
Carolina  - Me gusta esta novela   |2009-07-01 05:14:16
Me encanta esta novela everybody is awesome pero el mas guapisimo es el Angel a.k.a El DiabloLove it
Cindy Padron  - es la unica novela que veo   |2009-07-02 11:19:54
Bueno para contar que la novela "mas sabe el diablo me encanta pues es la unica que veo, puesto que no soy de ver novelas pero desde que vi esa por casualidad me gusto mucho y la sigo todos los dias a las 8 de la noche y para contar mas con tremendo suplicio pues tengo un solo televisor y una hermana que cuando voy a ver esa novela buenisima quiere ver sus munequitos. No es facil pero yo sigo fiel a esa novela ya que sus actores mejor actuacion nop pueden haser.
Karla Navarro  - Angel is the cutest guy ever!   |2009-07-03 04:10:51
I am 11 years old and watch this novela with my mom. I have become big fans of JenCarlos and Gaby. They are my favorite couple ever. I wish so bad that I could meet Jencarlos and Gaby. I live in Orlando Florida. Someone who knows them please help me to meet them!!!
Thanks Karla Navarro, probably their youngest fan.
FDe La Paz  - Mas sabe el diablo   |2009-07-11 04:28:49
Hi people: I would like to know where I could catch the episodes. I was watching "mas sabe el diablo" in Connecticut, but now I am in Puerto Rico. I started to watch in spanish, if anybody knows, please let me know, I will appreciate. The novela is amazing. I wish success to everybody working in this project, Thanks
Anonymous   |2009-09-01 14:07:45
me gusta mucho la novela y quiero saver quien canta la cancion cuando ellos estan juntos
javier  - mas sabe el diablo   |2009-09-14 03:52:55
esta novela me inspira me llena me recuerda ami novia cada ves que la veo excepto cuando sequestran ala mama del el diablo ..jeje..i love it. espero que dure un buen xpo.
rocio martinez  - hola hola   |2009-09-14 20:39:24
me gusta demaciado la novela realmente entretiene y te metes mas de lo devido osea te picas hasta el punto de llegar a odiar alos malos como a martin dijera el pedaso de cretino ese senor es muy profesional me pregunto sera asi en la vida real
Valentina   |2009-09-19 23:06:36
Me encanta la novela "mas sabe el diablo" quiero saber quien es Marina, es muy bella y talentosa/de Angel ni hablar
miguel  - re: hola hola   |2010-05-18 02:24:34
rocio martinez wrote:
me gusta demaciado la novela realmente entretiene y te metes mas de lo devido osea te picas hasta el punto de llegar a odiar alos malos como a martin dijera el pedaso de cretino ese senor es muy profesional me pregunto sera asi en la vida real
Sara  - The best novela ever   |2009-10-05 18:43:52
me encanta mucho. One of thwe best novelas i have ever seen well ecxept el rostro de analia
carmen   |2009-10-09 03:03:16
me facina esta novela es la mejor novela de verdad que actores carlo,gaby,varoni esque deveras esta padrisima tambien me gusto el rostro de analia,
Nelly   |2009-10-20 05:14:11
I really like the show even though I do not understand everything that they're saying but I got the main concept of what's going on. I don't like Martin one bit, I hope he suffers a great deal before he dies. I also wanna Manuela happy again by going back to her real man El Diablo. I like Perla a lot she's so cute and real, she plays her role well throughout the novela. I wish I could meet her and buy her a drink. Marina has beautiful lips and she's georgous as well. If that's a man then I'm gay cause I would take her out anytime she wants.
fabio  - the best telenovela   |2009-11-06 14:51:56
this is a great telenovela i love this
doly patricia mujica gonzalez   |2009-11-13 12:10:20
hasta el momento me ha paresido la novela mas bakana los felisito esta algo mejor ke la original
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