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Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán

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Mi Corazón Insiste… en Lola Volcán The telenovela Mi Corazón insiste... en Lola Volcán is about the love between Lola and Andrés, who face lots of obstacles and social barriers to overcome. Andrés’s family is strongly against the couple and the two have to escape to Las Vegas to secretly get married. They have never though the contradiction to the society and tradition may cause more drama in their life.

Young Lola escapes at night to have a tattoo as a salamander to symbolize her love. In the meantime His father causes him go back to the military school where he can control his rebellious son. On the top of it, he makes Lola get accused of a crime and get in the jail for five years to end this love affair. Lola learns to survive as if being shipwrecked in jungles alone. When Lola gets free, she starts a new twist in her life as a person who is considered dead.

Her Aunt Chabela dies, her mother is in a deep depression followed by hospitalization to the psychiatric clinics and her beloved Andrés is going to marry Débora who hates Lola making intrigues and willing to sell her soul to devil pursuing her goals. Alone, Lola takes proposal from her family friend. Andrés tries endeavors to restore the relations with Lola but the couple seems to be separated unless contradict the whole world. She marries four times but all her husbands are so different, being neither adequate nor reliable. Lola’s Aunt, Chabela, plays a crucial role in this love affair.


Carmen Villalobos as Lola Volcán

Lola is the bundle of energy. She is like fire, flaming and burning. She is too sensitive and passionate. She is so impulsive like the volcano of feelings and emotions. She lives in risks, adrenalin and adventures to enjoy. Her beauty is savage and deeply from inside she appeals her aspiration to struggle and fight for what she intends to have.

She is strong-minded with some features of a manly nature and she likes wearing dark color clothes. Lola loves dangerous occasions and she prefers living on the edge of the blade to feel alive and up to the point where passions overwhelm and give life to stronger emotions in extreme conditions.

She loves and hates with the equal intensity; she has never been taught to hide feelings and she is easy to burst out with emotions. She never cries not complain. She has aggressive temper that explains her love to bikes and boxing, two of her passions that give her the feeing of security hidden behind the image of a vulnerable woman. Her real emotions and tendernesss are open to the one who can get her mind and heart.

Jencarlos Canela as Andrés Santa Cruz

Andrés Santa Cruz is a rebellious young man, a true conqueror and a womanizer; though he is faithful to the woman who steals his heart.

He is handsome, above medium height, athletic, and very sexual to attract women. He is impulsive too but he tries to stay cool-blooded and speak and act in a more civilized way. He has a good taste of humor which makes him irresistible. He is a young man from high society to be in the core of all social conventions. He tries to live staying in limits and control everything but Lola arouses wild animal instincts in him to come to extreme condition.

Andrés is people-oriented and smart person. He has loving and romantic nature and he easily gets the heart of any woman with high class manners. He takes decisions promptly and he is aware of management skills to live in the environment. 

Ana layevska as Débora Noriega

Débora is a very expressive, beautiful and fickle young woman. She is ready to do everything to control people b her side since she loves manipulating people for her own sake.

She is intelligent, well-educated. She is the close person to Santacruz family when she gets obsessed with the idea to marry Andrés and she puts high attempts to achieve this. She has never worried about getting a job and earning money for life and all her life she builds around her future marriage, the Santacruz family heir.

She hates Lola desparately and she shows her intetions to eliminate everything and everybody on the way to her goals.

Débora prefers to partner with men since it’s easy for her to manipulate them without any efforts based upon her sexuality. However, she has innocent and naïve expression since she is expert in the way to hide real emotions.


Mi Corazón Insiste - telenovela

(2011) - Jencarlos Canela, Carmen Villalobos


Jencarlos Canela ... Andrés Santacruz
Carmen Villalobos ... Lola Volcàn
Angélica María ... Chabela Volcán
Ana Layevska ... Débora Noriega
Katie Barberi ... Victoria De Noriega
Carlos Torres ... Rodrigo Díaz
Rossana San Juan ... Soledad Volcán
Gerardo Murguía ... Marcelo Santacruz
Alejandro Suárez ... Diógenes Rugeles
Elluz Peraza ... Laura Palacios De Santacruz
Liannet Borrego ... Verónica
Mauricio Henao ... Daniel Santacruz
Carlos Ferro ... Ricardo
Cynthia Olavarría ... Sofía Palacios
Roberto Huaicochea ... Pepe Linares
Rubén Morales ... Ramón Noriega
Paloma Márquez ... Adelita Linares
Lino Martone ... Fulgencio López
Jeannette Lehr ... Etelvina
Carlos Anzalotta
Cyril Serrao ... Willy
Duvier Poviones ... Mike Mendez
Eduardo Caprile ... Manuel Carrera
Gladys Yañez ... Consuelo
Luke Grande ... Tito
Nicolás Terán ... Carlos Mora
Patricio Doren ... Correa

Writing credits
Julio Jimenez (original story)
Valentina Párraga (adaptation)
Sandra Velasco (screenplay)

Song: Mi corazón insiste
Written by: Rudy Pérez
Singing: Jencarlos Canela

Original music
Juan Carlos Rodriguez

Cinematography by
Argemiro Saavedra
Joseph Martinez

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Leonardo Galavis
Nicolás Di Blassi

Produced by
Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol
Gemma Lombardi Ortin



Remake of Colombian telenovela of "Yo Amo a Paquita Gallego" (1998) with Cristina Umaña and Andrés Juan

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Anonymous   |2011-10-20 02:40:03
Estoy muy descepcionada del capitulo de anoche en donde andres se acosto con diana mirabal, da mucha tristeza ver como aun prevalece la infidelidad masculina por encima de la femenina. Escierto que los dos se lastimaron, lola se caso varias veces cosa qe lastimo mucho a andres pero lola jamas, jamas, jamas se acosto con nadie mas.en cambio el sucio ese se acosto con diana y ademas con debora hasta creyo haberla embarazado. Deberian hacer historias en donde el amor y lo principios que lo caracterizen prevalezcan. En donde por mas problemas que existan nunca jamas quepan una infidelidad, sino para que ver las novelas, seria mas facil ver la vida real de la gente comun que no es tan distinta a la historia de ellos. Que descepcion, segui esta novela por mucho tiempo hasta anoche. Mi opinion es que es normarl sentir algun tipo de atracion y quizas tentacion por alguna otra persona, pero es muy diferente actuar en esa tentacion, osea no somos animales, somos seres penzantes que podemos de alguna manera dominar nuestros. Bajos instintos especialmente si decimos amar a alguien.
Julie Smalls   |2011-11-28 01:07:28
I've really enjoyed this soap up until now that it's coming to an end with episodes full of back flashes that are not in any way related to scenes presented!! It's also becoming openly predictable and boring! I don't deny loving Spanish telenovelas but their endings kill me!!!! Lol
cristobalina diaz baldez  - crisnelis   |2012-03-07 15:28:35
esa nobela me gusta demaciado
Anonymous   |2012-04-06 09:42:18
I've really enjoyed this soap up until now that it's coming to an end with episodes full of back flashes that are not in any way related to scenes presented!! It's also becoming openly predictable and boring! I don't deny loving Spanish telenovelas but their endings kill me!!!! Lol
Anonymous   |2012-05-22 07:38:03
me encantooo esa novelaaaaaa
nani   |2012-06-07 17:51:59
me encanto esa novela fue como si fuera verdadera es presiosa
nani  - mi corazon insiste   |2012-06-07 17:53:30
es una novela preciosisima me encanto estaba presiosa y ahora que paso lo dijo de las mejores novela que e visto
shynah   |2013-09-11 18:04:03
Does anyone know where I can read a full synopsis of 'my heart beats for lola'?

Crazy about this soapy and waiting for the next episode is nerve wrecking. :)

Tracey   |2013-11-12 12:20:26
Hi, I am wanting to know where I can order the full series of "My heart beats for Lola". I am from South Africa. It is presently being shown here.
diane  - my heart beats for lola volcan   |2013-12-15 21:30:24
hi i need your help
where can i view free full english episodes of my heart beats for lola and the del monte dynasty
i would be soo grateful
vernon  - my heart beats for lola   |2014-01-07 07:54:19
Hi I need help were can't I see the full english episodes of my heart beats for lola en aurora
barbara   |2014-01-08 07:01:13
Just want to say that I think Telemundo has the best soapies ever since Telemundo has been airing in South Africa that is all I am watching very interesting all the drama keeps you hooked to the TV at last we have something to watch thanxs
oddo  - ms   |2014-01-15 14:54:21
since watching my heart beats for lola i don't wanna miss any episode bcz the soap is verrrry intresting you stay glued 2 ur screen when u r watching it....keep it up TELEMUNDO
thandi   |2014-02-04 20:41:32
My heart beats for lola is the best love episode I have ever watch. I would really like to buy If there is a cd available for sale in all the different episodes,

Your support and fan in South Africa
evidence valentine  - mi corazon insiste....en lola volcan   |2014-05-20 18:05:20
I'm also madly in love with this story it has also made me to love the Spanish language very much and I also downloaded the song but now CD of the episodes
Pheebs  - HELP!!!!!   |2014-07-24 23:22:19
Can someone pls tell me where i can watch this telenovela online with english subtitles. Been searching for ages. I stay in Ukraine currently and I would be really grateful.Thanks.
marcy machen  - where can i find full episodes in uganda   |2014-08-12 11:43:08
my heart beats 4 lola
philomina  - my heart beats for lola   |2014-09-04 11:04:28
I enjoyed this Telemundo tv it gives us the best soapies in the World
Linda  - my heart beats for Lola   |2014-10-14 22:03:03
Where can I get the full episode of my heart beats for lola. I started watching it mid way and I've missed many episodes. I'm from Nigeria.
Moby  - Telemundo   |2014-10-15 17:32:08
I can't take any of these shows on Telemundo seriously. The songs in the background, the theme song just does it for me. And the script, omg.. "You so pretty when you're scared" Lol!. The female cast is hot though :)
Akinyemi Esther   |2014-10-18 08:46:48
pls where can i get all the episodes of aurora,my heart beat for lola,precious rose,behind close doors and del monte danasty.i'm from Nigeria.
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