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Monarch Cove

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Monarch Cove telenovelaBianca Foster is falsely accused of the murder that she has not done, especially it is her own father. However, she spends six years in the jail. After releasing she returns back to her place in Monarch Cove. She finds there that the fortune of the family is squandered, her brother is involved in drug-trafficking business and that her grandmother is dying from cancer. She has seen a lot while being in prison and so she tolerantly treats all freakery from her folks. 

In the meantime, she does not give up finding the real murderer of her father. On the other hand, she has to find assets to treat her grandmother from cancer that drinks tea with marihuana to relieve pains. She falls in love with Jake, the high-class man, who is about to marry an arrogant and fickle young lady from the snobby society.
Bianca discovers that the local alcoholic, the detective in specialty, knows the truth about Bianca’s father since he is himself involved in crime. She also notices signs of fights on her brother’s body and lots of cash at home and she wants to know how this happen. Finally she comes to the truth about her family.


Virginia Williams as Bianca Foster 

Bianca is a sweet and cheerful young woman who is back home from the prison where she spent some time accused wrongly. In spite the DNA vindicates she is the wrong person to kill her father, she is still hurt and humiliated. 

She returns to her place to meet wealthy and handsome Jake Preston. She is willing to build new relations with the one from high class especially when she has just returned home with a spot on her reputation. Bianca finds out that Jakes dates with Elizabeth and is going to marry her, though she knows Elizabeth’s secret and is in frustration, whether to tell Jake about it or keep it a secret. Finally Bianca revealed the truth about what happened at the night when her father was murdered and she was accused of this crime. She feels so easy though she is in sorrow that she lost her father. Bianca goes closer with Eddie while she is in her place trying to settle once again in the place which went different, and Jake dislikes that.

Kieren Hutchison as Jake Preston

Jake Preston is a tall, athletic and good-looking young man from the wealthy family. He has never faced financial problems to survive or even think where to get assets to pay for something. He enjoys life with all benefits and advantages. Jake is engaged to Elizabeth, a socialite, but when he meets Bianca, he has to admit he is greatly fascinated by her. In the meantime, he believes Bianca appears in the wrong time. He has a honeymoon with Elizabeth arranged but everything interrupts their plans as if hinting to stop.

Sam Healy as Elizabeth De Brett  

Elizabeth De Brett is Jake’s fiancée. She is a beautiful, effeminate and light-minded young woman. Elizabeth has a baby and she has Bianca to help with it for some time. She does not want Jake to know about it and she makes every attempt to conceal it until he marries her. Finally the truth is revealed when Jake faced up everything personally.

Monarch Cove - telenovela

(2006) - Virginia Williams, Kieren Hutchison


Virginia Williams ... Bianca Foster
Kieren Hutchison ... Jake Preston
Samantha Shelton ... Kathy Foster
Simon Rex ... Eddie Lucas
Vanessa Lengies ... Sophia Preston
Matt Funke ... Ben Foster
Robert Coleby ... Alexander Preston
Stephen Martines ... Parker Elian
Rachel Ward ... Arianna Preston
Shirley Jones ... Grace Foster
Sam Healy ... Elizabeth De Brett
James Stewart ... Davey Monroe
Craig Horner ... Caleb
Catherine Glavicic ... Selma
Dillon Stephensen ... Steve Clarke
Sara Zwangobani ... Det. Maria Ramos
Christopher Morris ... Victor Shilling
Michael Caffrey ... Tony
Cleo Massey ... Drowning Girl
John O'Brien ... Sergeant Takanawa
Kodi Smit-McPhee ... Young Jake
Jacy Lewis ... Dina Straker
Joel Pierce ... Edouard
Sebastian Wichne ... Ryan
Zoe Carides ... Justine
Steve Gration ... Rex Foster
Alice Hunter ... Kelly

Writing credits
Sarah Watson
Philippa Burne
Kimberly Costello
Alan Dodge
George Farmdale
Neil Landau
Nick Malmholt
Miranda Wilson

Cinematography by
John Stokes
Henry Pierce

Directed by
Ian Barry
Peter Andrikidis
Di Drew
Andrew Prowse

Produced by
Heather MacFarlane
Gina Black

Fremantle Media North America


The series is based on the German serial Bianca: Wege zum Glück (Paths to Happiness).

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