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MoreliaThe story begins when the man who Morelia thinks is her father dies without revealing the secret of her true origin. A landowner in her hometown, Michoacan, harasses her and she is forced to run away. She arrives to Miami, where she has no choice but to work in a nightclub. During her first day at work, an insolent costumer, Le Blanc goes too far with her. Morelia slaps her and he accuses her of stealing his wallet after that. Thanks to Carlos Montero, a lazy lawyer, she avoids going to jail, however she loses her job. Thus, Morelia begins to work as a maid at the Campos Miranda's residence, where she meets the oldest son, Jose Enrique. They fall in love, but their romance will be opposed by many.


Alpha Acosta as Morelia Campos Miranda Solorzano Montero/Amanda Weiss

Morelia is a humble, beautiful girl from poor family. She is left along after her father’s death in the town. Her father died with the secret of her real origin. A wealthy landlord makes her live impossible and she leaves for Miami. A girl agrees to work in the night club as a dancer. She is anyway naïve to behave the way to let others touch her and take advantage of her.

When she is accused of a theft by the one who harassed her, she is saved by a young lawyer Carlos Montero. She is then hired as a maid to the wealthy family with three children, Luis, the disabled, Jose Enrique and Jackie.

Morelia gets an affair with Jose but she gets too much humiliated for the theft not committed by her and just for being beautiful. She gets pregnant from Jose though she tells nothing to him. She agrees to marry another man and leave the country. In the meantime, she learns Carlos Montero is her real father.

Arturo Peniche as Jose Enrique Campos Miranda

Jose Enrique loves Karina, a woman living on his assets. He is an architect. He has two best friends, Osvaldo and Gustavo. He lives in his old house. Kika, his housekeeper, hates Morelia as well as Jose. Jose lost her child and still he cannot find him. The child wonders in the streets by which Jose Enrique travels every day, saying his parents are dead.

Jose Enrique has relations with ladies but Sarah is the one he treats more seriously. Sarah takes great attempts along with Kika to get rid of Morelia though she stays in the house trying to carry the punishment for the child lost.

Jose Enrique is getting more attracted with Morelia but the person who harassed her in the night club knows Jose and tells him about her past and theft. Jose Enrique decides to punish her in bed and tries to rape her. Morelia gets pregnant since she is a virgin. Later, at the altar in the church, Jose Enrique says No and leaves the bride to find Morelia.

Cecilia Bolocco as Karina La Fontain

Karina is a young and beautiful woman. She loses her house and gets an alcoholic wondering in streets. Her mother died and her face is spoilt with scars that prevent her doing a model business.

Lupita Ferrer as Ofelia Santibanez Campos Miranda

Ofelia Santibanez is the mother of Dania and Tomy. Her husband died several years ago and she lives with her brother Federico and her sister-in-law. Tomy’s friend, Rony, falls in love with Ofelia though trying to get attraction of Dania, either. Dania falls in love with Rony and when she catches Rony kissing her mother, she decides to take him away for her mother’s sake.

Jorge Salinas as Beto Solorzano

When Beto arrives to Luis’s house, he meets Morelia there believing she is a secretary to have an affair with her. He is greatly disappointed she is a maiden. He is a very mean young man, practical, obsessive, impudent and hardhearted/ He believes the world ows him. He meets Jackie who is in love with Osvaldo, though soon she falls in love with Beto.

Salvador Pineda as Federico Campos Miranda

Federico knows he has another daughter and tries to get official documents. He has troubles due to that at the night club and he has to escape. He is considered dead. He is as merciless and tough as others.

Morelia - telenovela

(1994) - Arturo Peniche, Alpha Acosta


Arturo Peniche .... Jose Enrique Campos Miranda
Alpha Acosta .... Morelia Campos Miranda Solorzano Montero/Amanda Weiss
Cecilia Bolocco .... Karina La Fontain
Lupita Ferrer .... Ofelia Santibanez Campos Miranda
Jorge Salinas .... Beto Solorzano
Salvador Pineda .... Federico Campos Miranda
Sergio Basañez .... Luis Campos Miranda
Herminia Martínez .... Antonia Campos Miranda
Norma Zúñiga .... Mercedes
Javier Alberdi .... Gustavo Santibanez
Odalys García .... Reina
Ana Margo .... Kika
Ana Bertha Espín .... Magdalena
Manuel Guízar
Patricia Noguera .... Dania
René Lavan .... Rony
Mario Martín .... Benjamin Le Blanc
Marcela Cardona .... Jackie Solorzano Campos Miranda
Kanela .... Juanita
Humberto Rosenfeld .... Tomy
Eugenio Cobo .... Arturo
Juan Pablo Gamboa .... Osvaldo Valenzuela
Mara Croatto .... Sarah
Giselle Blondet .... Lisa
Fernando Carrera .... Bosco Sartini
Yovana de la Cruz

Writing credits
Delia Fiallo (original story)
Ximena Suarez (adaptation)

Song: Morelia
Singing: Cristián Castro

Directed by
Grazio D'Angelo

Produced by
María Elena Crousillat

Televisa and Univision


"Morelia" is a remake of:
1 version: telenovela ""La Zulianita" (Venezuela, 1977) with Lupita Ferrer and José Bardina.
2 version: telenovela "María de nadie" (Argentina, Crustel, 1985) with Grecia Colmenares and Jorge Martínez.
There is also a Venezuelan version "Maribel" with Tatiana Capote and Luis José Santander .

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beca  - morelia   |2012-07-08 18:27:10
A mi me encantó esta novela,la vi completa....
selena Reyes Ibarra   |2014-07-23 22:23:02
Please please where can I find the Telenovela Morelia. I want to buy it. I was 14 years old when it came out... Still a fan after 19 years.....
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