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Mujer de Mi Vida, La

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Barbarita, a poor beautiful girl, is married to Valentino Tompson, the son of the richest women in Miami. On their wedding night an accident happened and Barbarita was taken to a hospital and she was told that Valentino died. Ricarda (Valentino's mother) blamed Barbarita and wanted to revenge on her by telling Antonio Adolpho (Valentino's brother) to play with Barbarita's feelings. Antonio accepted the revenge, but when he was trying to play with her heart, the beauty and the kindness of Barbarita let him fall in love with her. Barbarita was pregnant from Valentino before he died, so 9 month later a baby boy was born and she called him Tinito. Ricarda didn't accept the fact that her second son is gonna be in love with Barbarita. So by legal terms she took the baby Tinito. Emilia is searching for her baby whom she abandonded 20 years ago and it's Barbarita...


Lorena Meritano as Alessandra

Alessandra is the old friend to Jessica Duarte. They lived through joy and sorrow and they know each other very well. She is in love with Antonio Adolfo, a wealthy and influential person and tries to be his wife, now or later. She appears to be Barbarita’s step-sister and the truth is revealed at the court. She finally marries Antonio but finally she is found in the home for the insane needed by no one from her surroundings.

Mario Cimarro as Antonio Adolfo

Antonio Adolfo is the son of Ricardo, and a brother to Valentino. He is strong, athletic and phiscally very attractive. Antonio makes attempts to seduce Barbarita and leave her to make her hurt as she did when they lost Valentino. In spite of grieving for valentine, he is full of schemes and plans to trap Barbarita and ruin her feelings. In spite of primary intentions, the couple falls in love with each other seriously in the end of the story.

Natalia Streignard as Barbarita

Barbarita is Amelia’s daughter raised in the atmosphere of love, merciful attitude to people and animals. Barbarita is a charming young lady with good manners who works as a saleswoman in the fashion wear boutique. For the purpose of work she visits the place where a wealthy lady lives. She meets her son there named Valentino and he is charmed with a young tailor and falls in love with her. Barbarita likes him either and when Valentino makes a proposal to her, she decides to marry him immediately. The couple gets married in spite of conflicts and objection from his mother. Valentino gets killed in the car accident soon after the marriage and Barbarita’s mother-in-law swears to take revenge of her for the death of her son. Her father makes steps to put her to the jail but Barbarita will be acquited for lack of evidence. That is a good experience for her to reveal who her real parents are.

Nury Flores as Caridad

Caridad is the housekeeper in the family where Barbarita was raised. She committed a lot to raise a humble, modest and intelligent girl as Barbarita. She is so loyal to Barbarita that she can leave her things and rush to render assistance to Barbarita any time and any day.

Claudia Reyes as Jessica Duarte

Jessica Duarte is a beautiful, ambitious and scheming woman who makes plans to withdraw Ricardo from the family for his assets only. She lives such a life when power and wealth are the main things to rule in the society.

Gellerman Barait as Valentino

He is lonely and pretending, he is a good liar. He decides to seduce a beautiful woman, though he realizes he is in love with her deeply. Though an attractive young man, Valentino is not an angel. He stole about 30 mln USD from the company. He made a trick during the first wedding night with Barbarita when he pretended to be dead. So, Valentino has more enemies than friends due to his personality. He directed his death to escape from problems with misappropriation of a great fund. He appears and wants Barbarita back.

La Mujer de Mi Vida - telenovela

(1998) - Mario Cimarro , Natalia Streignard


Natalia Streignard .... Barbarita
Mario Cimarro .... Antonio Adolfo
Lorena Meritano .... Alessandra
Anna Silvetti .... Ricarda
Mara Croatto .... Katiuska
Lili Rentería .... Emilia
Gellerman Barait .... Valentino
Nury Flores .... Caridad
Marcela Cardona .... Susi
Humberto Rosenfeld .... Renato García
Ivon D'Liz .... Chela
Germán Barrios .... Severio
Pablo Duran .... Juan Pablo González
Claudia Reyes .... Jessica Duarte
Lino Ferrer .... Paquito
Flor de Loto .... Guadalupe Montesinos
Rosa Felipe .... Nana Maria
Frank Falcon .... Freddy
Alexa Kube .... Angela
Omar Moynelo .... Santiago
Carlos Cuervo .... Larry García
Fernando Carrera .... Fernado Marin
Orlando Casin .... Don Pipo
Liz Colenadro .... Lola García
Felix Manrique .... Valentino Tompson Ruiz
Martha Mijares .... Teresa Bustillos
Ileanna Simancas .... Pilar Reyes
Juan Troya .... German
Yina Velez .... Rosy
Claudia Barrios

Song: La Mujer de Mi Vida
Singing: Ricardo Montaner

Produced by
Igor Manrique

Fonovideo Productions Inc., U.S.A


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namwanje sheilah  - wounderful soap   |2010-01-08 11:30:38
lts really fantastic the soap is really wonderful lt really drives me craizy l like it lt gives me alot of lessons l really like the couple they are so emotional to each other they deserve to be together for the rest of their lives.
MATRIDA  - GETTING THE COPY   |2012-04-20 21:59:26
How do i get the copy of the telenovela La mujer de mi vida for home viewing? English version pronounciation or subtitles will do . Thanks.
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