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Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres

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Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres telenovela Alexandra Paz was born in the United States. Her mother came to this country fleeing from her sad past, but they never had a legal immigration status. Just before graduating from the high school Alexandra faced a very difficult problem: she and her mother were forced to return to their country of origin because they didn’t have proper papers.

When they returned to their country Alexandra met the rest of the family which she had never seen. Her mother’s family was very wealthy and Alexandra unexpectedly found herself in the world with values which differed from theirs.

Alexandra was enrolled into one of the most exclusive schools in the country. There were children from the richest families, many of them knew that they would inherit everything but still they wanted more. On the same day she arrived, Alexandra became a victim of intrigues of her group mates and discovered that money could buy everything except dignity and honesty of people.


Carmen Villalobos as Alexandra Paz

Alexandra is used to live a modest but happy and peaceful life in Miami with her mother Lucía. She is much closed to her since childhood which becomes stronger when her father, Emilio, dies.  

She is deeply anxious to know that her mother comes from illegal immigrants and Alejandra decides to follow her mother when Lucía is deported from US, the life full of sense and future to her, to the country she knows nothing about.

Her Aunt Verónica seems to be friendly and kind to them but she hides her great hatred to her sister. Alexandra is happy to meet her uncle Roberto and the cousin who adopt her with tender care. Alexandra is a gentle and modest girl and she appears in the environment that is too strange and alien to her since only power, money and social status matter here. Without those regalia you are nothing and Alexandra is going to feels it personally.

Juan Sebastian Caicedo as Esteban Sanmiguel

Throughout his life Esteban feels himself in a suffer being away from his parents. His childhood was lonely since his parents spent all the time at work. They were too social people to visit various entertaining functions. There were days when they came to ask whether Esteban ate something or cared after.

The lack of true parental love leaves marks to Esteban’s personality and he grows to be insensitive, insubordinate and fickle man. Throughout many years Esteban has learn to hide real emotions and demonstrate only arrogant and cynic approach to the surrounding.

As well as in his childhood, the teenage and youth periods are parentless. They are too away from his life being too close and they never guess of bad habits and sins popular among younger people. Esteban grows too rapidly to taste the adult life and he quickly adapts to all pernicious behavior of young people. He is a leader in many spheres among his mates. He gets addicted to bad adult life.

Esteban seems to be an enemy for Alexandra . He has a girlfriend, Isabella Domínguez, but he is obsessed with a craze to seize Alexandra . He is irritated and furious with her rejection. He is more obsessed with her when he finds out she is poor.

Margarita Muñoz as Isabella Domínguez

Isabella has everything in her life to wish more. She is the daughter to one of the influential persons in the country and her every single wish and dream come true in her sleep. On the top of it, she is incredibly beautiful and stylish to be the female-leader in the school.

In her early teenage period she tried drugs and she knows the secret of staying slim, namely amphetamines. She loves liquor and martini served in her favorite bar.

Isabella grows up as a fickle and rebellious young girl. She is used to make hysteria when she wants to get athing. She is sure her parents are always at her side whatever she does. So, when her motherdecides she is enough with her life to leave, Isabella gets furious and she never forgives her.

Karina, her father’s new girlfriend, is like a pain in Isabella's neck, since she is only six years older than her. The school is the place where she escapes from home where she is known as the most beautiful, popular and chic young girl. Esteban is the one of her level and when Alexandra appears, she gets envious and jealous.

Aldemar Correa as David Robledo

David goes to school to study and get the fee. He comes from poor family which makes him differ from others. Since the day he appears in the school, David is the object to make fun and mock and the one who is bulled by everyone. He has never suspected the social status matters that much to survive. He feels ashamed for his poverty though he attends school every day to show he does not give up.

In spite of bulling from his mates, David employs his computer skills to distinguish. The only bad thing about it is that his mates make him do homework for them when they learn he is a genius person.

His father is sick and his disease is progressing. He has no enough food and after school David works as a taxi driver. One day driving he meets Alexandra . Being handsome and smart unlike his mates, he sees positive energy in Alejandra and decides she is worthy to win.

Monica Pardo as Anaís Obregón

Anaís makes friends with Alexandra since the day they meet for the first time. She is also the girl different than others. These two are similar in emotions and intelligence. She is unstable and she tried to commit a suicide several times due to her sentimental nature.

Anaís teaches Alexandra how to survive in the new environment. Unfortunately, she gets used to taking amphetamines to overcome depressions.

Fabiola Campomanes as Lucía Ríos

Lucía Ríos was a very young and beautiful young girl when she fell in love with Guillermo Sanmiguel. She was only 18 when they started to date. Guillermo never left her in spite of requstsand threats from his parents. The couple was set to the intrigue initiated by Guillermo’s father that ruined their relations.

In the meantime Lucía’s father convinces his daughter to meet a person at the time when she is depressed and too vulnerable. And she meets Emilio, the person with whom she escapes to US.

She has never been forgiven for that behaviour ans her sister Verónica is the one who confronts her. With that in mind, Lucía decides to keep her past in secret.

Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres - telenovela

(2009) - Carmen Villalobos, Aldemar Correa


Carmen Villalobos ... Alexandra Paz
Aldemar Correa .... David Robledo
Katherine Siachoque
Katie Barberi
Aylín Mújica ... Veroncia Ríos
Juan Sebastian Caicedo .... Esteban Sanmiguel
Margarita Muñoz .... Isabella Domínguez
Carlos Buelvas .... Santiago de la Torre
Monica Pardo .... Anaís Obregón
Fabiola Campomanes .... Lucía Ríos
Juan Pablo Shuk .... Roberto de la Torre
Angélica Blandón
Johanna Bahamon
Gabriel 'Elmer' Valenzuela
Andrés Fierro .... Diego Aguirre
Didier Van der Hove .... Cesar Alarcón
Millie Ruperto .... Bertha Robledo
Johanna Bahamón .... Karina
Conrado Osorio .... Eduardo Dominguez
Tatiana Renteria
Paula Barreto .... Dorotea Cortés
Javier Jattin .... Matías Quintana
Alexander Rodriguez .... Mauricio Huertas
Juan David Agudelo .... Juan Alarcón
Monica Pardo .... Anaís Obregón
Alexander Gil .... Mr. Donelly
Carlos Hurtado
Alvaro Garcia
Margarita Vega .... Juliana Pardo
Monica Chavez .... Laura Restrepo
Camilo Perdomo
Gabriel Valenzuela .... Gabriel Granados
Maleja Restrepo .... Amelia Richards
Alejandra Guzman
Sebastian Eslava .... Miguel Zabala
Juliana Gomez
Majida Issa .... Maria
Marcelo Cézan
Angela Vergara .... Vanessa Vergara
Javier Delguidice .... Roberto Sanmiguel
Geraldine Zivic .... Monica Sanmiguel
Paola Diaz
Indira Serrano
Alex Adames
Eduardo Valero
Ivette Zamora
Nubia Jimenez
Fernando Lara
Jaime Achury
Alexander Garibello
Beatriz Lizande
Maria Leon
Luz Miryam Guarin
Rodolfo Ordoñez
Tirsa Pacheco
Felipe Muñoz
Josue Bernal
Yovanna Vargas
Maria Luisa Castro
Juan Carlos Campuzano
Javier Zapata
Guillermo Villa
Orlando Vasquez
Fernando Giraldo
Eduardo Gamez
Jesus Ospina

Created by
Darren Star

Writing credits
Luis Felipe Salamanca
Sandra Motato
Jimena Ospina
Maria Ximena Pineda
Jorge Sanchez

Song: Solo Un Minuto
Singing: Luis Campos

Original music
Miguel de Narvaez

Cinematography by
Mauricio Cadavid
Edgar Neisa

Language : Spanish
Country: United States, Colombia

Directed by
Rodolfo Hoyos
Santiago Vargas

Produced by
Hugo Leon Ferrer
Madeleine Contreras

RTI Colombia


Inspired by american tv series Beverly Hills, 90210

Filmed in Miami, Florida and Bogota, Colombia

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andy  - comment   |2009-07-08 04:32:41
I think that the novella is one of the best ones yet even thought it started today i give it two thumps up. Hope Telemundo does not stop progressing.
areli  - nrpp   |2009-07-08 06:00:40
ninos ricos padres pobres es una historia de catalina la de sin senos no hay pariso la diable  y kata son la que slaen en nrpp y son gran actrises yo las acmiro soy nina y me gusta ver novelas
olguita  - la mejor novela que e visto   |2009-07-15 01:23:26
esta novela es perfecta en cual no solo
las chikas pueden ver pero los chavos tanbien por que yo siempre la veo con mi novio y mi hermano es una novela padrisimia de lo mejor que e visto en anos
Steffany  - 5 Estrellas!   |2009-07-28 06:46:13
Me encanta la telenovela! Tienen actuaciones super buenas que la llevan a otro nivel pero me estoy volviendo loca tratando de encontrar el soundtrack de las canciones que usan! Tienen ideas?
michelle  - re: 5 Estrellas!   |2010-01-31 01:39:15
pleasse busco la cancion qur dice mas o menos asi... estoy buscando un amor que me haga soñar que me eleve del piso y me haga vibrar...

muy buenisima la comedia
Anonymous  - re: re: 5 Estrellas!   |2010-08-20 21:31:24
michelle wrote:
pleasse busco la cancion qur dice mas o menos asi...  estoy buscando un amor que me haga soñar que me eleve del piso y me haga vibrar...

muy buenisima la comedia
>>|yamilet|  - Mi obsession!!   |2009-08-01 03:41:55
Esta novela es la mas interesante novela que yo a viesto. Me encanta mucho y estoy absosionada con ella. alexandra es muy linda y muy realistica. la novela es muy buena y ohala que este mas buena adelante =)
andrea   |2010-01-07 22:32:28
hay que malo que manana es el final porque me gustaria que siguiera, sabes la otra que me gusto tambien es la de sin senos no hay paraiso esa dos se llevan el premio numero uno verdad
elda  - hola   |2009-08-08 17:45:47
por favor si alguien sabe donde puedo encontrar las canciones de la tele novela ninos ricos paders pobres
dilenny  - me gustan los personajs   |2009-09-11 22:42:08
me gusta los personajes y la no bela nos esena cosas positibas me gusta el personaje de esteban tan umilde ajola quese haga nobio de lalejandra me gustaria que isabela que dara con el jard dinero arian lida pareja
Bryan  - QUE?!?!?!   |2009-10-30 21:08:01
Estas diciendo que Esteban es humilde??

Por Dios si ese es el peor de la NOVELA!!!

Ese fue el que violo a Alejandra!!
yandia  - Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres   |2009-09-23 14:28:21
what is the name of the song (say ho) de
Niños Ricos, Pobres Padres
Perla Guzman   |2010-01-28 00:42:59
The name of the song is SAY HOOO
Henday  - Niños ricos pobres padres   |2009-10-01 21:44:36
La novela me parece super fantastica y joan sebastian me parece un chico guapo ademas de todos los protagonistas de la serie y es una novela fantastica y super genial espero que sigan haciendo novelas cheveres como esta novela gracias..
marco  - cancion   |2009-10-07 22:42:59
quisiera saber como se llama la cancion que le ponen a isabela esa que dice mas o menos asi ...say jo?? espero respuesta porfa gracias ..... monstra   |2009-11-04 16:13:38
el que dice que esteban violo a alejandra no la vio vien porque esteban solo le tiro foto y esteban no puede tener hijo porque tiene algo en el guevo y quien violo a alejandra fue matias par de imbesiles compruebelo por el internet monstra
la dominicana  - canciones   |2009-11-09 01:48:49
quisiera saber como se llama la cancion de guillermo y lucia en ninos ricos pobres padres . una que dice algo como ando buscando un amor...etc. Ahhhh,quien violo a Alejandra fue Matias, porque Esteban tiene problemas de ereccion. Me encanta la novela, y me gusta la pareja de Esteban y Alejandra. Esteban era bien malo antes pero al enamorarse de Alejandra, todo en su vida ha cambiado.
martha  - re: canciones   |2010-01-03 20:45:52
la dominicana wrote:
quisiera saber como se llama la cancion de guillermo y lucia en ninos ricos pobres padres . una que dice algo como ando buscando un amor...etc. Ahhhh,quien violo a Alejandra fue Matias, porque Esteban tiene problemas de ereccion. Me encanta la novela, y me gusta la pareja de Esteban y Alejandra. Esteban era bien malo antes pero al enamorarse de Alejandra, todo en su vida ha cambiado.
Anonymous  - re: re: canciones   |2010-04-23 18:21:48
martha wrote:
la dominicana wrote:
quisiera saber como se llama la cancion de guillermo y lucia en ninos ricos pobres padres . una que dice algo como ando buscando un amor...etc. Ahhhh,quien violo a Alejandra fue Matias, porque Esteban tiene problemas de ereccion. Me encanta la novela, y me gusta la pareja de Esteban y Alejandra. Esteban era bien malo antes pero al enamorarse de Alejandra, todo en su vida ha cambiado.
martha   |2010-01-03 20:48:23
yo tambien quiero saber el nombre de la cancion que que va asi "estoy buscando un amor que mu haga sonar que me eleve del piso y me haga vibrar
ERIC EL BORI  - quien lo viste...   |2009-11-10 13:46:50
El actor Javier Guilbidice a echo una pauta en buen vestir, alguien sabe quien es la persona que esta a cargo del mismo, si alguien sabe por favoe podrian decirme so yo poder contactar a esa persona.Mis gracias anticipadas.
morena  - la novela   |2009-11-18 20:00:45
Bryan: mira dejame te cuento que esteban no violo a alejandra,te recuerdo que el era impotente en ese momento y el ganon fue matias,a todas las chicas que han violado a sido matias,pero esteban se hacia pasar por machote por verguenza,y matias sabe de eso,
Anonymous   |2009-11-30 09:37:17
Es muy buena telenovela,tiene muy buena musica
leonor 22   |2009-12-01 00:09:51
hola atodos quiero desirle ala idiota esa de jackie que yo si bi la novela y que me referia a david que no tiene nada que ver con estevan que es un patan y saven que el si la violo porque eya el la disvistio y matias enojado undia lepregunto o dijo que como sabia que secentia estar con una virgen porque todas con las que estuvo estaban dormidas si quieren busquenla en tv novelas y chequen bien que santo estevan es un diablo que al final pagara por complisida con sus amigos aqui el unico gueno es el novio de rosio que hasufrido ni david porque esta con julianita asta que lesalga con su martes 4
sarah  - comentario   |2009-12-23 03:39:50
el contenido de la novela tiene muy poco que ver con el nombre porq en esta novela sufren mas los hijos con las cosas de los padres que los padres por los hijos, es mas que hay padres que no salen en la novela ' la verdad que no le veo mucho sentido
Johanna  - Es interesante   |2009-12-26 02:52:25
Creo que esta novela toca cada problema presente en nuestra sociedad. La prostitución, la pérdida de los valores morales, la drgadiccion, la destruccion de la familia... todos esos son males que nos arropan. En sí la telenovela es buena, pero tambien le veo sus cosas negativas, por ejemplo como es posible que una madre se acueste con tantos compañeros de colegio de sus hijos?, como es posible que no haya un personaje en la telenovela que imponga los valores morales? En esta novela solo se presenta el problema pero no como solucionarlo y tampoco veo como educa a la juventud para que puedan conducirse mejor en la vida. Creo que debería sacarse un mejor provecho de la historia.
mary chavez   |2009-12-30 01:50:15
me encanta la novela la musica todo mejusta nmo importa si violaron a alegandra ono lo k quiero es k encuentren la asesina de su mama de alegandra
nawal  - amorrrrrrrrrrrr   |2009-12-30 15:39:37
ola amigos ami me ancantan las vovelas pero esta me gusto mucho mas y mas megustaria que alegandra vuelve hacer novea de esteban
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