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Ojo Por Ojo

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Ojo Por Ojo telenovelaThe war between the two families was initiated when two guys, Monsalve and Barragán, fell in love with the same young girl. The one was killed as the result of a battle for the heart of this girl. The murder of one of the Monsalve by Nando Barragán unleashes the war with no peace and truce. The war turns two families into bitter enemies since here the principle “eye for eye, tooth for tooth” works better than ever. The thirst for revenge that arouses between the families is endless and the chain of murders blends the past and current life of opponents who are ready to die for revenge. Their hatred growth for they compete in illegal business of drug trafficking in the country where the justice is a point of honor.


Nando feels indifferent for the war between families until he finds out that the only woman he has loved becomes the Monsalve family member. He swears to take her back killing her husband, his enemy and rival in love. Many and Nando battle for the love of a woman with no guess that their revenge and hatred legate starts destroying when the youngest heirs fall in love with each other in spite of laws of families and inheritance.

Nadia and Arcangel Barragan enter into love world forbidden for these two by the blood and burden these families owe to each other. The families are parted though there is the idea to stop the revenge in the eternity. How far will they go to protect their love?


Miguel Varoni as Nando Barragán

Nando is very bigheaded, powerful, bossy and oppressive. He is only concerned in protection of the family and honor. The thirst to take revenge upon murder the other family members occurred thanks to endless war between two families, Monsalve and Barragán based on the murder of the cousin in the cold war for the heart of a woman. Nando is obsessive with the only idea to lead his family in the war against the Monsalve family and liquidate everyone from that clan. All the family members should follow his instructions and struggle in this war and even die as a winner.

Gaby Espino as Alina Jericó de Monsalve

Alina is a good-looking and charming young woman. She is adventurous and so responsive. She loves her husband and feels so tired of this war. She lives in total fear for herself, her family so she rushes to Dr. Mendes to help her escape in his house. Many discovers a lawyer in the house and he intends to kill him but she goes to protect her friend realizing she is not guilty at all. Alina is pregnant with a son but she is afraid to get a victim in this useless war that killed many people of two families.

Gregorio Pernía as Many Monsalve

Many is Adrian’s brother killed by Nando Barragán. He swears to take revenge upon anyone of the Barragán family furious for they are alive and Adrian is dead. As the bitter enemy to the Barragán family, he is strong, brave and obsessive enough to battle. His only goal is to take revenge for the death of his brother and he has been filled with the anger and offence caused by his enemies. Many is the head of the Monsalve family and he is responsible for his brothers. He is sure to win the war against the Barragán family. Alina’s husband dies from love. He cannot imagine his life without Alina but he is tired to live in constant fear and horror to be killed and the thought that Alina leaves him makes him exhausted to death. Many is concerned in interest and activities of his family members. His brother takes a decision to live his wife since he puts her to danger and risk to be killed. Yet, Arcángel ist he immediate victim of the tragic planst he family leaders makes and develops.

Carmen Villalobos as Nadia Monsalve

Nadia is very gentle, modest and diligent girl who can stand for her happiness when something threats it. She is in great love with Archangel but he is the part of the enemy family. So, they are like Romeo and Julieta though she is not going to die in this war. As a model for a model agency she arrives to one of ranchos to perform and there she finds Archange who is kept there. Yet, she saves him showing her courage to stand for her love.

Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco as Arcangel Barragan

The member of the family to be at war, Archangel is also ful of hopes to put an end to this stupid war where people are killed and die for nothing. He is tall and handsome with the charming smile. Very attractive to women. Loves Nadia and he is ready to protect his love till the end without blood wars.

Ojo por ojo - telenovela

(2010) - Gaby Espino, Miguel Varoni, Gregorio Pernía


Gaby Espino ... Alina Jericó de Monsalve
Miguel Varoni ... Nando Barragán
Gregorio Pernía ... Many Monsalve
Carmen Villalobos ... Nadia Monsalve
Gonzalo Garcia Vivanco ... Arcangel Barragan
Juan Carlos Vargas ... Frepe Monsalve
Marcelo Cézan ... Narciso Barragan
Manuel José Chávez ... Hugo Monsalve
Ana Soler ... La Mona Barragan
Oscar Borda ... Tin Puyua
Ramiro Meneses ... Fernely
Maritza Rodriguez ... Karina
Alberto Valdiri
Claudia Moreno ... Magdalena Barragan-La Muda
Ines Oviedo ... Milena
Hector Garcia ... Raca Barragan
Linda Baldrich ... Lorena
Herman Sanchez
Jhon Munera
Manuel Gomez
Edgar Steven Salcedo
Alexander Betancourt
Carlos Eulises Villa
Frank Beltran
Juan Felipe Barrientos
Orlando Vasquez
Carlos Fernando Medina
Lucy Colombia Arias
Ricardo Abarca
Emerson Yañez ... Simon
Karol De La Torre
Valeria Chagui
Natalia Bedoya
Julio del Mar
Fernando Perea

Writing credits
Gustavo Bolívar (original story)

Written by:
Singing: Salvatore Casandro

Original music
Nicolas Uribe
Oliver Camargo
Jose Carlos Maria

Cinematography by
Cesar Contreras
Alejandro Castro

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Mario Mitrotti
Ramiro Meneses

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

RTI Colombia


Filmed in Colombia

The story is based on Laura Restrepo's novel, "El Leopardo al Sol"


Ojo por ojo

David Bustamante

Ojo por ojo
Estaba escrito en mi piel
Tu pecado original
Mi corazón se quedó
Desterrado del edén
Por tu fruta prohibida
Fue tu cara media luna
Y tu cuerpo como duna
Se hizo veneno hoy tu castigo
Lo que ahora soy lo aprendí contigo.

Ojo por ojo diente por diente
Quien mata a hierro a hierro muere
Ojo por ojo tenlo presente
Todo en la vida tiene suplente
Ojo por ojo diente por diente
El alma crece cuando te hieren
Ojo por ojo que mala suerte
Como se gana también se pierde.

Noches de sal y de miel
Mezcla de rabia y de placer
Amarte y morir después
Como venderse al diablo
De tus manos vi el infierno
Con tus ojos toqué el cielo
Se hizo veneno hoy tu castigo
Lo que ahora soy lo aprendí contigo.

Ojo por ojo diente por diente
Quien mata a hierro a hierro muere
Ojo por ojo tenlo presente
Todo en la vida tiene suplente
Ojo por ojo diente por diente
El alma crece cuando te hieren
Ojo por ojo que mala suerte
Como se gana también se pierde
Ojo por ojo diente por diente.

Fue tu cara media luna
Se hizo veneno hoy tu castigo.

Ojo por ojo diente por diente
Quien mata a hierro a hierro muere
Ojo por ojo tenlo presente
Todo en la vida tiene suplente
Ojo por ojo diente por diente
El alma crece cuando te hieren
Ojo por ojo que mala suerte
Como se gana también se pierde.

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