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Olvidarte Jamás

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Olvidarte Jamas telenovelaBeautiful Victoria has spent 20 years carrying the weight of an unforgivable wrong done to her… and waiting for the perfect moment to get even. When she was just a teenager, poor and naive, she was deceived and seduced by Gonzalo Montero, son of Don Gregorio, the ruthless owner of the ranch where she worked as a peasant, and became pregnant. But her baby never had a chance at life, thanks to Gonzalo’s infuriated wife, Gladis, who gave Victoria a violent beating. Since then, Victoria, who at the time was known by her real name, Luisa, is obsessed with making the Monteros pay for her pain.

Now a stunning, rich and mature woman, Luisa/Victoria returns to Florida with her lovely adopted daughter, in search of revenge. She begins by getting a job at the Montero ranch, where Gonzalo, Gladis and Don Gregorio are all immediately intrigued by her, as she uncannily reminds them of someone they would rather forget.

However, vengeance doesn’t come as easily as Victoria thought, since she never expected love to interfere with her plans. When she meets Diego, a landowner neighbor of the Monteros, its love at first sight for both. While tough and inflexible on the surface, Diego is really just a bitter man, a victim of a great injustice, in desperate need of affection—which Victoria is willing to give him without bounds. To complicate matters even more, Victoria’s daughter, Carolina, finds true love in Alejandro, Gonzalo Montero’s son.

Victoria realizes that if she wants lasting happiness for herself and her daughter, she must finally let go of the hatred she feels for the Monteros, in spite of the fact that they continue hounding her even today. Will she be able to? What will win out in the end: her unflinching desire for revenge, or the power of love?


Gabriel Porras as Diego Ibarra

Diego Ibarra is very handsome, athletic and brave person. He is the one that is and looks responsible and reliable to be supported. He is the man of the word to keep the secret. At a glance he looks rough, cruel and uncompromising but deeply inside he is the right man to lean on. He falls in love with Victoria but preliminary he treats her badly to manage his emotions. Diego becomes the one to protect Victoria and it’s high time to reveal her past.

Sonya Smith as Luisa/Victoria

A beautiful woman, slim and tender, with gentle complexion and good shapes. She swears to take revenge of Gonzalo Montero who seduced and raped her when she was 15 leaving pregnant. At a glance, she looks gentle and tender, the one who obeys a man. But she is strong-minded, tough and resolute. She has to hide her feelings which is too difficult to dissemble and play a role. She falls in love with Diego but tries to get away from this feeling for she believes all people are spoilt and are not worth her love.

Sebastián Ligarde as Gonzalo Montero

Gonzalo Montero is Gregory’s son and brother of Constanza, Lucrecia and Florencia. He is a good womanizer and being a young man full of vigor and passion he easily seduces a young teenager-girl, and leaves her pregnant.

When he meets Luisa/Victoria he falls in love with her and he feels miserable and lost when he finds out who she is and why she is here. However, he believes Carolina is his daughter, no guessing Victoria lost their baby. He is married to Gladys and thinks Alejandro is his son, though his wife betrayed him with Renato.

Mariana Torres as Carolina

Carolina is a very beautiful and gentle young woman. She has no idea whose daughter she is. She is adopted by Victoria but she is not sure of her origin. She falls in love with Alejandro who she believes is the grandson of Gregory Montero.

Olvidarte Jamás - telenovela

(2006) - Sonya Smith, Gabriel Porras


Sonya Smith ... Luisa/Victoria
Gabriel Porras ... Diego Ibarra
Mariana Torres ...Carolina
Daniel Elbitar ... Alejandro
Sebastián Ligarde... Gonzalo Montero
Guillermo Murray ... Gregorio Montero
Martha Julia... Lucrecia
Héctor Soberón ... Renato
Karen Sentíes - Gladys Montero
Maité Embil ...Florencia Montero
Rodrigo Vidal ...Miguel
Brenda Bezares - Constanza Montero
Félix Loreto - Rubén Terán
Fernando Carrera ... Martín de la Nuéz
Paulo César Quevedo ... Patricio de la Nuéz
Carmen D. Rodríguez ... Crista
Julio Capote ... Chema
Gloria Zapata ... Flora Ibarra
Yaskin Santalucía ... Claudio
Carlos Miguel Caballero ... Macario
William Levy ... Germán
Javier Armenteros ... Gerardo
Marisela Buitriago ... María
Adela Romero ...Martina
Elizabeth Gutierrez ... Isabella
Roberto Levermann ... Edelmiro
Hilda Luna ... Rocío
Carla Rodríguez ... Amalia
Taniusha Capote ... Bianca
Ernesto Rivas ... Valentín

Writing credits
Veronica Suarez
Omaira Rivero

Song: Olvidarte Jamás
Written by: Carlos Macías
Singing: Pablo Montero

Original music
Alejandro Campos

Directed by
Arquímedes Rivero

Produced by
Peter Tinoco
Ana Teresa Arizmendi

Venevisión International


This telenovela lasted 118 episodes.

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Joel Paez  - Where is Javier Armenteros?   |2009-10-30 02:06:34
If someone knows please write to me. Thanks!
Abigael  - I love   |2010-12-03 18:25:29
I really love this movie wow! William levy you are my number one fun
faith nkirote  - olvidarte jamas   |2010-12-30 12:53:37
i love this movie very much that ican't miss seeing it any day that it is being shown.Mariana Torres,william levy,daniel elbitar en martha julia are my great actors.cheers guys en keep it up.
alicia alaine  - meaning of olvidarte jamas   |2011-02-11 08:17:41
the movie is extremely amazing,ican't miss
watching it
isabel oddone lopina  - hola   |2011-05-25 01:46:46
esa novela me encanto y me fasino con completo es increible fue extupendo inpresionante
mylene agbayani  - olvidarte jamas   |2011-07-18 20:04:35
i love watching this movie,,,,
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