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Pecadora telenovelaLuz María is a psychologist and she seems to succeed in her career to earn enough money to support her family and her younger sister who studies at the expensive boarding school. But actually all the profit Luz María makes is what she earns at the nightclub. She studied psychology earlier but she was forced to quit study for their father died and she was the onlyone to earn money for living and raise two brothers. That’s reasonable that she feels ashamed to confess that she earns money dancing for the joy and satisfaction of male men, so Luz María prefers telling lie to everyone, even to friends. One day her life is threatened to reveal the truth to everyone when she meets Bruno.

Bruno is deliberate and diligent manufacturer from the wealthy family. His is depressed with the loss of his twin brother who disappeared many years ago. He supposes that Luz María can help him live with it as a good psychologist for her qualification and reputation. Moreover, Bruno believes she is a perfect woman.

Samantha is ex-fiancée of Bruno. Being a jealous and ambitious woman, she has lost as compared with Luz María and she is left behind. Bruno's mother, Angela and Samantha make an alliance together with her father, Genaro, to prevent Bruno be happy with Luz María. They do everything to part Bruno and Luz María and they manage to do harm to her, humiliating and revealing her real job. They are too happy to tell the truth to Bruno making her a liar and a sinful woman.

Since then the part of Luz María’s life is broken as her heart is and she tries to make Bruno believe her that she does not want his fortune. On the top of it, Bruno’s twin brother appears as a regular at the nightclub where Luz María works to fall in love with her. Bernardo does not remember anything from his past and he believes he loves a club-dancer called Lucecita.


Litzy as Luz María

A night-club dancer, a beautiful, well-shaped and graceful young woman who has to lie to everyone in fear her real job will be revealed. Otherwise, she will not be able to earn good money to pay for her sister’s education. She is put to tough situation when she meets Bruno to fall in love with him and his twin-brother who also fall with her.

Eduardo Capetillo as Bruno/Bernie

Bruno comes from the wealthy family and he inherits his father’s fortune. He is pressed by his mother for the potential death of his twin-brother lost 12 to 13 years ago.

Marjorie de Sousa as Samantha Sabater

Samantha Sabater is about to marry Bruno when he meets Luz María and she is avoided. Taking a revenge, she unites with Bruno’s mother to have him back liquidating Luz María. She is beautiful; she looks elegant and stylish but her striving and jealous nature makes her nasty. She is a millionaire's daughter; spoilt and fickle. She is too selfish to care for others.

Maritza Bustamante as Barbie

Barbie works as a waitress at the night club where Luz María dances. She is harsh and offensive. She is aware of Luz María’s activity.

Pecadora - telenovela

(2009) - Litzy, Eduardo Capetillo


Litzy ... Luz Marina
Eduardo Capetillo
Roberto Vander
Marjorie de Sousa
Daniel Elbittar
Maritza Bustamante
Paulo César Quevedo
Lina Santos
Ariel López Padilla
Sergio Klainer
Susana Pérez
Héctor Soberón
Liannet Borrego
Adrián Attas
Brenda Riquer
Paloma Márquez
Julio Capote
Juan Troya
Carlos Yustes
Rafael Mercadante
Silvana Arias
Jessica Cerezo
Enrique Sapene
Paola Pedraza
Victoria Del Rosal
Marianne Lovera
Eduardo Antonio

Writing credits
Veronica Suarez

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Venevisión Productions


Filmed in Miami, Florida

Remake of mexican telenovela "Como en el cine" (2001) with Mauricio Ochmann and Lorena Rojas

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Anonymous   |2009-05-15 11:03:05
hola,hola gracias eduardo y litzy que bonito
sandra  - sandrabella   |2009-05-15 14:00:38
me encantan eduardo y litzy cuando va a empensar la novela
norma  - la novela pecadora   |2009-11-15 05:33:34
hola aqui en los angeles no se estrena todabia  pero sin dudas ba aser una telenovela muy bonita pork marjorie de sousa ase muy bonitas novelasy sobre todo es una actris que bale mucho y se  efuersa mucho cada dia mas sige adelante  marjorie
jenny   |2009-11-28 13:46:40
como se llama la actriz que hace dulce
andy  - pecadora   |2010-07-07 23:14:54
la actriz que hace dulce en la telenovela pecadora se llama en la vida real paloma marquez adios jenny
Alex   |2010-03-07 17:41:08
En colombia se estrena el 8 de marzo
preta  - Novela Caracteres   |2010-07-15 23:36:00
Alguien sabe el nombre del actor que interpreta al "guardaespaldas" (el es de piel oscuro con el pelo corto y rizado) en el club nocturno, donde Luz Maria y las otras mujeres de baile? He comprobado en todas partes por su nombre pero no lo encuentro. Gracias.
ana maria  - tema de la telenovela pecadora!   |2010-07-27 14:54:49
me encanta la cancion de esta novela alguien sabe el tema o el cantante?
mil gracis
johnny  - Pecadora   |2010-09-02 21:45:15
como se llama la actriz reyna en pecadora?
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