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Pecados ajenos

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Pecados ajenos telenovelaThis is the story when everyone is sunk in sins in West Palm Beach, Florida. Natalia comes to decision to leave her spouse, Rogelio after twenty years of marriage. As a young woman, Natalia could skillfully manipulate her husband and she claims to get the fortune of her husband that he inherited from his parents. Rogelio is unstable alcoholic, emotionally weak and intolerable. Natalia hates when her children are exposed to what happens in their house. Luis is on her part but Gloria yields to moral suasion from her grandmother and confronts Natalia. In the meantime, in Fort Beach, Florida, Adrian Torres, General Director of the large electric appliances store is caught in life trap. He is also married with Elena for twenty years believing they will love each other to the end. When Elena faces with sick jealousy from Elena, he is fed up with her chasing and watching that compromise him at work. This is like living in hell and only memory of love and two children keep Adrian from leaving her. When Natalia and Adrian meet each other they are strongly attracted but they face too many problems to have a love affair. Finally they come to be together feeling they have found their fate in the end. However, they have to solve their children’s problems, cope with Elena’s scandals who is not ready to lose Adrian, intrigues from Ines and Agata and fury from Rogelio what wants Natalia back.


Mauricio Islas as Adrián Torres

Adrián is a handsome and chherful person, plesant to talk to. He has a generous heart rendering assistance to anyone who is in need. He is the manager at the electrical appliances store in Florida. His open heart and communication abilities help him work with clients and get promoted. However, his wife Elena is always jealous with his sympathy and good looks to be attracted by other women which causes conflicts and scandals in the family. She cannot help watching him trying to find evidence of cheating, causing embarrassing and ridiculous situations seen by colleagues. By the way, Adrián is the example of the faithful husband and a perfect father for their children Denisse and Alfredo. His only worry is that his children witness to permanent disagreements and scandals between them to feel unhappy. He makes every step to protect and save the marriage but Elena is the one who ruins it. Finally, he divorces with Elena when he realizes she is the one to spoil his life to the end. Soon he falls in love with Natalia who appears to be a good support to raise his children. He finds out that Natalia is the very person who needs and can be next to him.

Sonya Smith as Elena Sandoval

In spite that Elena is a very sensual and eye-catching woman, she cannot resist showing her fussy temper. Her jealousy and incapability to control her emotions make her marriage go to rack and ruin. Her permanent jealousy make Adrián feel he is in the jail not at home. Her burst of fury, anger and jaundice in front of everyone served badly for her creating a reputation of a quarrelsome and self-destructive woman, a real pain in the neck.

Elena loves her husband and their children, though she has no time to look after them, care of them and worry about them since she is only engaged in finding the cheat of her husband. Raquel, her mother, is the only person who protects her though she does not approve her actions at all. Elena is not ready to divorce with Adrián but she cannot stop. She makes enemies with Natalia and she makes schemes to ruin the happy marriage of Natalia and her ex-husband to hurt them. 

Katherine Siachoque as Inés Vallejo

Inés Vallejo is an extremely interesting-looking, elegant and somewhat vulgar woman. She always dreams of being the wife to Rogelio, in her hypocritical and perceptive vision of future life since the wealth and advantages of a woman from high class society do not make her sleep well.

She is perfect in simulating things to do what she wants them to do and she convinced Natalia she is her friend. The only reason is to control Rogelio and his relations and fortune. Inés had a love affair with Rogelio in the past and she has a son from another boyfriend, Manuel. Inés is willing to do everything to achieve the simplest aims to get wealthy that she cannot even estimate consequences of her actions and especially how this affect her son Charlie.

Lupita Ferrer as Ágata Mercenario

Ágata Mercenario was and still is a very attractive and elegant woman, though she looks exhausted and too dry due to her permanent ability to dominate and rule by everyone. Her personality is too violent and dominative to hurt others. Judicious and scheming, she acts as the number one in the Mercenario family. She cannot resist from showing her temper to Natalia either. However, she loves her granddaughter, Gloria, who is the real example of her herself. So, Ágata makes attempts to turn Gloria a real copy of her with her ambitions and intentions. Natalia does not like such frames and when she tries to get free from such embracement, Ágata and Inés make a scheme to get rid of her. Ágata Mercenario loves her son Rogeio, her son, but she realizes he is week, obeying, though she is eager to manipulate with him for her own sake. Ágata is not willing to stop and regret of her actions if they serve her purposes.

Sofía Stamatiades as Gloria Mercenario 

Gloria Mercenario is a beautiful young girl who simply reflects the beauty features of her mother and strict and ambitious personality of her grandmother. Natalia wants Gloria step aside from Ágata's influence since she is her favorite granddaughter. Gloria falls in love with Charlie though later she understands that love should bring joy and happiness, not suffer.

She constantly changes her mind about Natalia and she comes to believe her mother loves her eagerly and desperately. Charlie is the one to help Gloria go through this transformation of thoughts and values in her life affecting her real temper and actions. Though he suffers a lot because Gloria decides that relationship between them can bring to nowhere and they have to part.

Pecados ajenos - telenovela

(2007) - Lorena Rojas, Mauricio Islas


Lorena Rojas .... Natalia Ruiz
Mauricio Islas .... Adrián Torres
Katherine Siachoque .... Inés Vallejo
Sonya Smith .... Elena Sandoval
Ariel López Padilla .... Rogelio Mercenario
Lupita Ferrer .... Ágata Mercenario
Daniel Lugo .... Marcelo Mercenario
Maritza Rodríguez .... Karen Vallejo
Alicia Plaza .... Mónica Rojas
Carlos Camacho .... Saúl Farrera
Chela Arias .... Raquel
Evelyn Santos .... Gasparina Godoy
Hannah Zea .... Rossy
Andrés García Jr .... Javier Alfaro
Mariana Torres .... Denisse Torres
Sofía Stamatiades .... Gloria Mercenario
Jencarlos Canela .... Alfredo Torres
Alonso Espeleta .... Luís Mercenario
Pablo Portillo .... Héctor Acecas
Roberto Plantier .... Charlie Vallejo
Eduardo Cuervo .... Ricardo Larios
Julio Ocampo .... Ramón
Tali Dulcó
Sebastián Ligarde .... Manuel
Ximena Duque .... María Aguilar
Héctor Soberón .... Gary Mendoza
Raúl Izaguirre .... Eduardo Larios
Mildred Quiroz .... Laura Aguilar
Roberto Huicochea .... Anselmo Aguilar
Arianna Coltellacci .... Chabela
Mayte Vilán .... Marisela Bracamontes
Adela Romero .... Melinda
Nury Flores .... Lolita
Raúl Durán .... Benito Alejo Gamboa Moctesuma
Giovanna del Portillo .... Daniela
Estella Maris Ortiz
Rudy Pavón
Verónica Doza
Daniela Vildosola .... Angelica Acecas
Ramiro Terán .... Fernando Acecas
Claudia Arroyave .... Nidia
Carlos Farach .... Roberto
Natalie Correa .... Elsa Alfaro
Andrés Mejia .... Jaime
Julio Arredondo .... Dr. Martínez
Eric Santa
Lorenzo Gómez
Fabio Melanito
Daniel Rene .... Tony
Enrique Herrera
Rafael Caraballo
Urania Ganas
Ivi Colón .... Teresa
Lorenzo Duarte
Carlos Garín .... Norberto
Isaniel Rojas
Duvier Puviones
Iván Hernández .... Mr. Beltrán
Luís Rivas .... Diego
Carlos Pítela .... Padre Julián
Oscar Jaramillo
Xavier Coronel .... Marcos Reyes
Eduardo Prado
José Segmini
Diego Andaluza
Giselle Duque .... Doris
Carlos Hernández .... Anselmo's lawyer
Carlos Xavier Bello
Ramón Morel
Catterine Fuentemayor
Christian Carávias .... Tito
José del Río .... Mr. Moore
Claudia González
Jorge Cárdenas .... Dr. Beltrán
José Luís Tovar .... Adrián's lawyer
Alejandra Ochoa
Guadalupe Hernández
Jorge Laraburre
Steve Roth .... Antonio
Alejandro Orendain .... Gary's lawyer
Carlos Tinoco
Salim Rubiales .... Alejandro
Frank Guzmán
Guillermo Clepch
Fernando Pelegrín
Liliana Dodge
Oswaldo Strongoli
Alexandro Danko
Nelson Tallaferro .... Pedro
Luís Sosa
Esteban Villareal
Sandra Eichler .... Tina
Tessy Castilla
Diana López
Gerardo Mendicoa
David Hass
Riczabeth Sobalbarro .... Dora
Diana Franco
Gabriel Traversari .... Rolando Ortega
Jaime Pavón .... Luciano Melendez
Nelsón Díaz .... Eleazar Aguilar
Juán Carlos Jímenez .... Maximiliano Aranda
Alcira Gil .... Amanda
Leandro Fernández

Writing credits
Eric Vonn

Song Dibujemos un Mundo
Singing: Jencarlos Canela and Cristal Marie

Original music
Alberto Slezynger
Pablo Cáceres
Lalo Paredes Bolarte

Cinematography by
Rafael Puentes

Directed by
Danny Gavidia
David Posada

Produced by
Martha Godoy
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol

Telemundo Studios


When Telemundo announced this project in its 2007 upfront presentation, it was titled "El Otro Lado del Amor" ("The Other Side of Love")

Susana Dosamantes was considered for the role of Lupita Ferrer

Aylín Mújica was considered for the role of Ines

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