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Perro Amor

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Perro Amor telenovelaThis is the story of two cousins and lovers: Antonio and Camila, who have grown together, playing with each other’s life and love. They find passion and love, two feelings that can provide them with lots of adventures and bets, never to be taken seriously. However, Camila goes too far when she challenges Antonio to sleep with Sofía, a beautiful, young woman, who immediately falls in love with him. Disregarding any respect for her feelings, Antonio then decides that he must also marry her and control her but never admitting to Camila his true feelings for Sofía.


Carlos Ponce as Antonio Brando "El perro Brando"

Antonio is a rather audacious person with a big generous heart to love and seduce. He is an in-born womanizer skilled in the technique to tempt and seduce women just for nothing. And this is his nature. He is attractive, with a crazy sense of humor and he has all features to win. Antonio is very flexible on the mental capacity and the slight arrogance that he inherits from his family makes him look down on others. All he has, from the social status and belonging, is achieved behind his parents’ merits and privileges and he has nothing to prove that he is worth everything he possess.

When he meets Sofia, the only intention of his is to seduce her but she starts playing her own game and finally Antonio falls in love with her.

Antonio has the love affair with his cousin Camila who is experienced better in sexual life to share with him some lessons.
El perro Brando lives on what is driven by adrenalin and all his life he is sure to live for the sake of enjoy, sex, gambling, danger and love affairs. He realizes everything is nothing but the love when he meets Sofia.

Ana-Lucia Dominguez as Sofia Santana

Sofia is the whole sensitive soul expecting for romantic life with the spouse who comes to win her heart. She is one of those women in this little town who is ready to wait for the one she loves once and till the end of her life. She is sure to stay virgin until she meets the one to devote herself. For some people she is an ideal woman, fragile but purposeful and very diligent to support her family in crisis situations.

Sofia is a day-dreamer and she believes in love as such, as the most valuable thing in this life. She takes endeavors to promote her architectural surveys with her mother who works in the restoration business. Sofia is strong enough to contradict people in what does not match with her principles.

She looks so beautiful and sweet though she is not in love, yet. When her life path crosses with that of Antonio’s, the well-known womanizer in the place, she becomes the victim of his play.

Her romantic nature tries to match Antonio’s good intentions but life throws a good lesson to her. However, everything gets in the way she likes and all her attempts are satisfied and she wins Antonio’s heart as anyone ever.

Maritza Bustamante as Daniela Valdiri

Daniela is a rich, beautiful and fickle woman who thinks she is worhth Antonio’s love. She supposes she can catch him to have a finger in their business though she can never realize she is just one of women to be seduced to enjoy and that’s all for Antonio. She fails here.

Daniela has been in long affair with Antonio to be ready to marry him. She is known for her bitter sense of humor. Moreover, she is a very cinic woman who can manipulate others for her goals.

Khotan Fernández as Rocky París

Rocky is a day-dreamer. He loves music and believes he can reach the peak of his music career. He is from low-class family but he grows to be modest and hones. His pure soul and love to high art makes him differ from others. He is passionate about music and singing and his dream is to arrange his own orchestra but the family needs prevent from reaching his goals.

Rocky adores his father for he is the most reputed and influential person in his life but his father dies because of Brando’s fraud. Since then Rocky feels some feeling of revenge that makes his heart cry for pain. Insofar he manages to hold his instinct deeply inside him.

Rocky loves Sofia for her sweet and gentle nature but when he fids out she is obsessed with the feeling of love to one of his bitter enemies, he puts everything to struggle for her heart and against Brando authority.

Together with his best friend Benny, Rocky forms an artistic career to lead the orchestra on the local level. Gradually his fame grows and his talent is acknowledged widely. There is the risk to lose the life principles and values when the recognition goes after you and you do not even have time to be with people you love and Rocky has to deal with that.

Perro Amor - telenovela

(2009) - Ana Lucía Domínguez, Carlos Ponce


Ana Lucía Domínguez .... Sofía Santana
Carlos Ponce .... Antonio Brando "El perro Brando"
Maritza Rodríguez .... Camila Brando
Khotan ... Rocky Pérez
María Fernanda Yepez
Maritza Bustamante
Zully Montero
Elluz Peraza
Víctor Cámara
Rodrigo De la Rosa
Natalia Ramírez
Raúl Arrieta
Martha Picanes
Rosalinda Rodríguez
Carlos Ferro
Dayana Garroz
Silvana Arias
Manolo Coego Jr
Fred Valle
Roberto Huicochea
Freddy Viquez
Roberto Levermman
Frank Falcon
Carlos Garín
Adrián Carbajal
Marko Figueroa
Verónica Montes
Patricia León
Paola Campodonico

Writing credits
Juana Uribe (original story)
Andrés Salgado (original story)
Juana Uribe (adaptation)
Maria Clara López (adaptation)
Ana María Parra (adaptation)
Sebastián Sánchez (adaptation)

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
David Posada
Danny Gavidia

Produced by
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol
Alicia Avila



Remake of colombian telenovella Perro Amor (1998) with Danna García, Julián Arango, Isabella Santodomingo

Based on the novel of Venezuelan writer Natalia Ospina

Filmed in Miami

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leti garcia   |2010-01-15 16:28:29
hola saben la novela es muy interesante y el cuerazo de carlos ponce
rous  - es genial   |2010-01-23 19:32:04
la novela es muy interesante no me la pierdo por nada
lola  - muy buena la novela   |2010-02-05 15:23:36
hola soy lola la loca , y quiero decirles que estoy muy orgullosa de ustedes y verdaderamente es tan haciendo la novela'' PERRO AMOR '' excelente   ''FELICIDADES''
carina  - Perro Amor   |2010-02-17 06:50:19
es una historia unica, sensacional no
me la pirdo por nada tan adicta estoy a la historia que la grabo encuanto me desocupo la puecdo ver con tanta tranquilidad.
susan   |2010-03-04 03:20:57
estas locas? otra novelita barata donde a la mala todo le sale perfecto, y la protagonista siempre de boba, eso ya no se ve en este siglo, por favor quiten esta porqueria
martin corona  - perro-amor   |2010-03-05 10:22:09
esta telenovela es de mucho agrado para mi abuelita que diario labe les manda saludos y muchas felisitasiones por su talento adios que dios los cuide
pablo   |2010-03-11 01:26:46
Perro Amor, jajaja, que cosa mas horrible, esa novelucha esta siguiendo los mismos patrones de las noveluchas de univision, "la pobre nina que sufre por un amor no correspondido y que tambien hay un tercero que sufre por esa pobre nina"
Penelope  - Es triste que esto pasa en la vida real.   |2010-03-12 21:26:21
Wow, cuando empese a ver esta telenovela, me sorprendi de que real hacen el papel los protaganistas. Claro que son modelos y muy guapos, pero la historia de la novela no es nada nuevo aqui. Si pudieran cambiar los nombres, mucha gente se puede identificar con esta novela. Tal vez los directores pueden dar una solucion para las mujeres que sufren como Sofia que tiene un esposo que lo le corresponde y una tal 'prima' que es una vil 'PUTA', como todas que se comportan iqual.
Daze  - AWESOME!   |2010-03-16 19:12:23
I stopped watching soaps on Univision because they were so Boring! Not this one! Eventhough it seems that Camila gets away with it all.. she really doesn't because her plans seem to backfire! And Sofia, she stands her ground and defends herself from their backstabs!
adriana martinez  - perro amor   |2010-04-03 06:27:49
me encanta la novela sobre todo con antonio y sofia hacen una padre pareja y me cae mal camila como siempre la bruja del cuento a y me encanta don pedro enamorado de veronica felicidades esta chebereeeeeeeeeee la novela no me la pierdo
oshual  - perro amor   |2010-04-19 19:57:03
nuca me pierdo la novela por nada del el mundo
maria la chica mas sexi  - perro amor   |2010-04-21 19:30:38
jaja me encan su novela perro amor esta chevera no me la pierdo por nada sofia y antonio asen una linda pareja muy padre camila la bruja del chavo del 8 como siempre de paso
eduardo  - Buena la novela   |2010-04-30 19:38:33
hola a todos solo les quiero desir que la novela me encanta y que me recuerda como yo era antes pero conosi a una hermosa mujer y me enamore y tengo 3 anos con ella. ella se llama elizabeth garza ella es mi vida. ella me cambio la vida te amo.
gatis   |2010-05-09 06:51:54
PERRO AMOR la novela mas bacana que he visto aunque hace poco la empece he ver, porque estava mirando la pendejada de "rubi" jajaja.............
La Dominicana   |2010-06-21 21:49:39
Muchisimas felicidades por tan maravillosa telenovela, pero ahora quiero ver los capitulos finales por favor del 109 en adelante
Anonymous   |2010-09-14 20:05:02
una telenovela stupenda meravigliosa si avvicina alla realtà in qualche modo.. baci da Julia Italia
Anonymous   |2011-01-04 19:56:37
Me encanta perro amor no me la pierdo la mejor comedia lejos la mejor....
delkis   |2011-07-13 08:33:37
es muy buena la novela me encanto
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