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Plateados, Los

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Los Plateados telenovelaThis is the historical novela which takes place in the states of Guanajuato and Taxco in Mexico during the late 1800s to the early 1900. Los Plateados is about the bandits who call themselves Los Plateados, which means the silver plated ones. The band consists of three brothers and a sister. The head of the band is Gabriel. He is also the oldest of his brothers. He falls in love with Camila, the wife of Emilio Gallardo, a strong willed man who also sleeps around with many women, including Camila's older sister Luciana. Camila is also in love with Gabriel, although she is married to Emilio. Camila is forced to marry Emilio because her family needs financial support that Emilio can provide. On the day of Camila's wedding she is kidnapped by Gabriel and taken to the woods. Although nothing happens between them, Gabriel sets Camila free. After that encounter Camila and Gabriel begin falling for each other. The purpose of Los Plateados is to bring justice to the ones who are opposed. Los Plateados is like a group of Robin Hood. The other purpose of Los Plateados is to revenge for Ximena's father, who died many years ago.


Tamara Montserrat as Camila Castañeda de Gallardo Rivas

Camila marries Emilio for the sake of her mother only. She is a dreamy and timid girl, but an experienced horsewoman. She is keen on literature and she shares her thoughts with her companion Xóchitl. She is well educated. When she falls in love with Gabriel Campuzano, she starts glowing from inside with beauty and delight. She writes love letters to him, as a leader of a gang band delivered to him by Xóchitl. When Emilio finds her letters, he causes to humiliate her in merciless manner. Gabriel is the one who saves her pretending he is a wealthy landowner who is looking for a land to build a farm to be close to his beloved.

Humberto Zurita as Emilio Gallardo

Emilio  is the grand lord to its highest extent, powerful, manipulative,  severe and merciless. He is too affectionate with Camila, his wife. Though she is a young and beautiful woman, he decides to sleep separately from her to freely keeepn on leading the style of life he is used yo. In particular, he is pleased to go for keeping secret relations with Luciana, Camila’s elder sister.

Camila was selected among other girls as the future mother for his children and especially the son, the heir. He thinks he has the only son Toñito, born by Dolores, his loyal servant but he was a legitimized relations with his children.

Mauricio Islas as Gabriel Campuzano

Gabriel Campuzano is the head of the gang. The gang consists of Gabriel, his siblings later joined by Leonardo Villegas. They are local landowners. Gabriel and Tomás, his sibling, served in the army. They decided to carry off their younger brothers and sisters and make a gang to protect themselves to keep the honor of their family.

Gabriel Campuzano is a coarse and pitiless person who takes revenge of unjustice to him and his family. Being an adventurous and romantic person, though, Gabriel masters horse riding and shoots perfectly as none in the place. He is in love with Camila, the wife to a wealthy person.

Dominika Paleta as Luciana Castañeda

Luciana Castañeda, Camila’s sistern is a secret lover of Emilio, her husband. She always competes with her sister, She is rough, scheming and smart, to constantly play a double role in the family and smiling to her sister in face, sleeping with her husband. She is so mean to destroy the marriage of her sister and her lover, revealing the truth about Camila and Gabriel and arousing the conflict of the wealth and power. Emilio acts differently than she intended since then only he decides to be the only man in Camila’s life after revealing she loves Gabriel.

Rodrigo Oviedo as Tomás Campuzano

Tomás Campuzano is too prudent, treacherous and ambitious man. His intentions are dark. He feels affection along with envy to his elder brother, since his ambitions force him be the first and lead the gang. Tomás is very impulsive to lead people though he has a vision of how things to be done and thus, he causes people ignore orders made by Gabriel. The way he competes with Gabriel can bring problems both to him and his brother, though they do everything as a family. He does not recognize Leonardo as part of the gang and he makes the relations between him and his sister destroyed for his feelings’ sake. He has a love affair with Eva though he is afraid to love her openly.

Angélica Celayo as Ximena Campuzano

Ximena is a real amazon woman, incisive and decisive. She is strong and well prepared to physical loads, though she is beautiful and very attractive. She is proud of her brothers to be manly and audacious. With the lapse of time she is expert in facial expressions and she can easily manipulate people and win situations due to her skills, especially when she needs to conceal her feelings to a certain guy to her brothers. She can handle rifles and other weapons easily. She is in relations with Leonardo and she gradually comes to the decision to change the mode of her life for another society and rules.

Los Plateados - telenovela

(2005) - Mauricio Islas, Tamara Monserrat


Mauricio Islas .... Gabriel
Tamara Monserrat .... Camila
Dominika Paleta .... Luciana
Humberto Zurita .... Emilio
Rodrigo Oviedo .... Tomas
Angélica Celaya .... Ximena
Marta Aura .... Augusta
Claudia Lobo .... Irene
Gloria Peralta .... Samia
Teresa Tuccio .... Isabel
Eduardo Victoria .... Andres
Alvaro Guerrero
Wendy de los Cobos
Juan Carlos Martin del Campo
Guillermo Quintanilla
Héctor Arredondo .... Leonardo Villegas
Rocio Verdejo
Alberto Guerra
Michelle Vargas

Writing credits
Leticia López

Directed by
Epigmenio Ibarra

Produced by
Walter Doehner

Telemundo, Argos Producciones


"Los Plateados" is a remake of telenovela "Los Pincheira" (Chile, 2004) with Francisco Reyes and Paz Bascuñán.

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Natalie  - Los Plateados me fascino!!!   |2011-01-18 06:02:04
Ame a Mauricio Islas en esta novela, super actuacion, Tamara Montserrat inigualable, Zurita como siempre, con una actuacion impecable. Esta es de mis novelas favoritas, la he visto como 5 veces y pienso repetir.
Llanos  - me gustó   |2011-06-01 14:27:24
a pesar de que es un remake, creo ke esta versión es muy buena, aunque con un final previsible.La original el final es super diferente a lo ke estamos acostumbrados.
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