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Prisionera telenovelaIt is about two great loves that will be separated by a terrible secret that they hide. A woman who will fight to be with the man she loves. A man who does not know anything about her past, has fallen in love with this woman. A woman who he should have not fallen in love with, but did. A young woman, Guadalupe, who grew up in the camp is accused of killing a man who raped her at the age of 13 years old. She goes to the juvenile prison for a crime she did not commit. In the juvenile prison Guadalupe finds out she is pregnant and has a beautiful daughter from her rapist. She names her daughter Libertad. Days later, Guadalupe, with a great pain in her heart, has to give her daughter to her older sister Milagros, to take care of Libertad, until she gets out of prison...


Gabriel Porras as Daniel Moncada

Daniel Moncada is a very handsome man, straightforward in his thoughts. He is independent. He is a man of word and is reasonable in actions. He loved his diseased brother and he still keeps some memory about him. He has never loved a woman so desperately and passionately until Guadalupe appears in his life. In spite of age discrepancy, he is the best friend to Pancho Salvatierra.

Gabriela Roel as Milagros Salvatierra

Milagros is a beautiful aged woman very ambitious and prudent for the sake of her plans. Manipulating and playing around people, she achieves some stable social status that she prefers to keep. She loves her husband or, at least, what he has achieved in life. Milagros feels a little bit guilty for her sister is in prison.

Gabriela Spanic as Guadalupe Santos

Guadalupe is a dreaming beautiful woman who is a little bit suspended in her social growth since she was put to jail for 15 years. She is still naïve and responsive as a young girl. She meets Daniel Moncada, and falls in love with him and she does not know that Daniel is the brother of the person she was accused of killing. Her dream is to win the love of her daughter Libertad who’s raised by her sister Milagros.

Daniel Lugo as Rodolfo Russian

Rodolfo is a very refined and well-educated lawyer. He is specialized in finance and law. He is too ambitious and lover abusing his authority. He is the lawyer for Rosalía for many years and is the lover to Lulú untill the death of Ernesto. Rodolfo has a dark past he is not eager to reveal and he is capable to kill anyone if and when necessary.

Zuly Montero as Rosalía Moncada

Rosalía is an arrogant, prudent and manipulative aged woman. She is cool-minded and commits to maintain the business empire created by her husband. She loves her two children, though she lost one of them. On the one hand, she fights for Daniel to inherit the family business, but on the other hand, she is willing to keep memory of  Ernesto. With the whole of her heart she hates a woman who supposedly murdered her son and does a lot to make her unhappy.

Prisionera - telenovela

(2004) - Mauricio Islas, Gabriela Spanic, Gabriel Porras


Mauricio Islas .... Daniel Moncada 1
Gabriela Spanic .... Guadalupe Santos
Gabriel Porras .... Daniel Moncad 2
Gabriela Roel .... Milagros Santos
Riccardo Dalmacci .... Pancho Salvatierra
Zully Montero .... Rosalia Moncada
Diana Quijano .... Lucero Riobueno
Juile Gilberty .... Nacha Guevara
Gina Velez .... Jennifer Robinson
Griselda Noguera .... Mate
Gerado Reveron .... El Padre Antonio
Cesar Roman .... Lucho Villa
Marisela Gonzalez .... Tuerta
Carlos Caballero .... Cobra
Liz Gallardo .... Monalisa
Roberto Leverman .... Gallardo
Alfonso Diluca .... Tito Cabello
Carla Rodriguez .... Adela
Génesis Rodríguez .... Guadalupe 13 y.o / Libertad 15 y.o
Alejandro Chabán .... Ronny
Daniel Lugo .... Rodolfo
Martha Mijares .... Mercedes Reyes
Wiliam Colmenares .... Tatan
Rebeca Montoya .... Paty Salvarrieta
Marcela Serna .... Berenice Reyes
Clemencia Velásquez .... Jimena
Alcira Gil .... Otilia
Nelson Díaz .... Inocencio Ramírez
Juan Rodríguez .... Andrés "El Monaguillo"
Roxana Bonilla .... La Gitana
Gwendy Rodríguez .... Carmela
Jana Martínez .... Madre Emilia
Luis Luna .... Gustavo
Jorge Martínez .... Ricardo
Félix Loreto .... Ernesto Moncada
Patty Alvarez .... Sandy
Yadhira Santana .... Caridad
Ricardo Chávez .... Santiago Mesa

Writing credits
Kiko Olivieri (original story)

Song: Prisionera
Singing: Pilar Montenegro

Directed by
Tony Rodrígues

Telemundo and RTI Colombia


"Prisionera" is a remake of :
1 version: telenovela "María Fernanda" (Venezuela 1981) with Flor Nuñez, Daniel Lugo and Alba Roversi
2 version: telenovela "Pasiones Secretas" (Colombia, 1993) with Rudy Rodriguez, Danilo Santos and Carolina Sabino

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Corina  - Cobra & Rodolfo son padrisimossss   |2012-07-21 01:31:32
El Doctor no es asi! Cobra y el son los personajes mas fueron al cielo, no?
Los quiero a los dos
son mas protagonistas que los protagonistas
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