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RebecaRebeca is a young woman who lives in Miami with her mother Matilde, and her two sisters Niurka and Patty. To support her family, she works as a delivery person in a grocery store in Miami, during the morning and in the afternoon she works in an autoshop cleaning cars. Her best friend since childhood, is her next door neighbor Martin. Martin is deeply in love with Rebeca. Besides her two jobs, she also goes to night school, because her great dream is to become a teacher. One day, in a hurry to turn her delivery, Rebeca crashes with another car who happens to be the great millionaire Eduardo Montalban. The accident that occurred is that he snaps at Rebeca, Rebeca feels bad hitting his car, at first they do not like each other, and since that day a romance will occur between them.

When Eduardo became a widower, he has lived a life of resentment, because of family pressure he has accepted to marry Princesa, who is very selfish and snobbish, who thinks she is better than all. She will do anything to trap Eduardo Montalban. But his great love will be Rebeca. Through her friends, Rebeca will meet Sergio Montalban, a much older man who is attractive, and owner of a company of touring, also he will fall deeply in love with Rebeca. One night his son Eduardo will bring his new girlfriend to meet his family, Rebeca discovers that Sergio is the father of her boyfriend. Sergio will do anything to have Rebeca's love and does not want his own son robbing the woman he loves. He will fight for the love of Rebeca. Sergio and Princesa will do anything to separate Eduardo from Rebeca. Rebeca ignores one thing, Adalberto is the husband of Regina, her real father who abandoned her mother Matilde. Always near Rebeca will be her best friend Martin who will be her guardian angel and will never stop loving Rebeca. Even though Martin is loved by the generous Violeta, the daughter of his godmother.


Ricardo Álamo as Eduardo Montalbá

Eduardo studied engineering and he also is close to literature and reading. He likes spending time with friends making fun, being a young millionaire who lives his lonely life after the death of his wife. Suppressed by the family, he agrees to marry an elegant woman whom he does not love.

One day he meets Rebeca and falls in love with her. He is young and handsome, but he does not know what to do and what his aim in this life. His only aspiration is to live a life without tension and problems.

Mariana Seoane as Rebeca Linares

Rebeca Linares is a young beautiful woman, a born revolitionist. She is very humble and honest, living with her family in the poor area. She is used to protect herself and her folks. She works hard to support her mother and sister to survive. She does a lot of occu[pations to go forward. She works delivering things to supermarkets and workshops. She dreams of becoming a teacher and she attends an evening shool to study further. She meets three men in her fate who struggle for her love.

Katie Barberi as Regina Montalbán

Regina Montalbánis the Aunt of Eduardo who makes plans to make a wedding of her nephew and a young, powerful and beautiful princess Izaguirre. She is very manipulative. Pretending to be smart, elegant lady from high society, she is mean, aggressive, wicked and unscrupulous. She disdains her husbands and cheats on him with a younger man. She is disaapointed to have no children from her husband and gets furious to find out that her husband has a daughter with another woman. She makes every endevour to prevent Rebeca be happy with Eduardo.

Leonard Daniel as Adalberto Santander

Adalberto Santander is the person who lives under suppression of his wife Regina. He is the one with noble intentions but so weak-minded and he gets frustrated when faced with the ghosts of the past. He is the authorized person for his brother Sergio. He greatly suffers from non-fertility of his wife but he has a daughter in adultery. He finds his daughter soon being Rebeca.

Elaiza Gil as Arcoiris Ponce

Arcoiris Ponce is Rebeca’s friend and her ex-colleague. He is romantic in spite of too excess weight. He lives on diets or antidepressants to reduce appetite. He dreams of appearing as superman saving people.

Maité Embil as Carolina Montalbán

Carolina is Eduardo’s sister. She works as an artist in the company of her father. She is joyful and pleasant, as the only positive person in the Montalbán family. She lives with a big secret from her birthday. She will be shocked to know that Sarah, their housekeeper, is her real mother. She is really hurt and she parts from the family then.

Patty Alvarez as Leona Valverde

Leona Valverde is the enemy to Niurka and Rebeca. She is jealous and envious to both of them.

Ana Patrica Rojo as Niurka Linares

Niurka is the elder sister of Rebeca. Surviving from poverty, she becomes a landlady at the disorderly house. She works since she is 15 to support her family. In spite her body was used by many, her soul is pure and virgin regards to love. She is permanently harassed by anyone at work.

Gaby Espino as Princesa Izaguirre

She is beautiful,arrogant, and vicious and believes others are not worth to care about. She is proud of her family tree and disdains the poor. She wants to prevent Rebeca have Eduardo just for nothing. When she finds out that her rival is the daughter of the millionaire, she makes attempts to prevent Rebeca know the truth.

Elluz Peraza as Sara Santos

Sara Santos works as a maiden in the Montalban family and she knows all secrets in there to keep. She was in love with her boss and being seduced by him, she delivered a daughter born the same day, when his wife delivered a dead daughter. Her daughter was accepted as Carolina, Sergio’s official daughter.

Víctor Cámara as Sergio Montalbán

Sergio Montalbán is a millionaire, a strong and handsome person. He is influential and powerful, possessing estate and cruise companies.He owns the shipping company. He widowed fifteen years ago and lives with his children. He is charmed with Rebeca and will do anything to have her close to him.

Rebeca - telenovela

(2003) - Mariana Seoane, Ricardo Álamo


Mariana Seoane .... Rebeca Linares
Ricardo Álamo .... Eduardo Montalbán
Gaby Espino ..... Princesa Izaguirre
Pablo Montero .... Martín García
Susana Dosamantes .... Matilde Linares
Víctor Cámara .... Sergio Montalbán
Ana Patrica Rojo .... Niurka Linares
Jorge Luis Pila .... Nicolás Izaguirre
Katie Barberi .... Regina Montalbán
Adrian Delgado .... Liborio Sánchez
Elluz Peraza .... Sara Santos
Pablo Martín .... Tony Izaguirre
Anna Silvetti .... Dionisa Pérez
Leonard Daniel .... Adalberto Santander
Patty Alvarez .... Leona Valverde
Adolfo Cubas .... Natalio Gil
Griselda Noguera .... Petra Gómez
Eduardo Rodríguez .... León Valverde
Maité Embil .... Carolina Montalbán
Franklin Vírgüez
Elaiza Gil .... Arcoiris Ponce
Yina Velez .... Estefanía Dorgia
Marian Valero .... Zaida Diaz
Cherrylin Silva .... Zafiro
Zhandra de Abreu .... Patty Linares
Jacqueline García .... Violeta
Majorie De Sousa .... Gissela
Ana Karina Casanova .... Veronica
César Roman .... Beto Garcia
Tatiana Capote .... Amanda
Gustavo Franco
Adriana Coltellacci

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez (original story)

Song: Rebeca

Written by: Rudy Pérez

Singing: Mijares

Director of photography
Eduardo Dávila
Reinaldo Figueirari

Lisset Sánchez

Directed by
Arquímedes Rivero
Yaki Ortega
Freddi Trujillo

Produced by
Gemma Lombardi (general producer)
Alfredo Schwarz (executive producer)

Venevision and Fonovideo


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aaron2010  - Is there a DVD for "Rebeca"?   |2010-02-01 04:31:43
Although I started to watch "Rebeca" half way through, I still think it was a good novela. This was the first telenovela from Venevision that I watched that took place in Miami. I've been wondering if a DVD version of "Rebeca" is ever going to be released because I would like to see the novela from start to finish. Also this novela made me fans of Mariana Seoane,Gaby Espino, and Marjorie de Sousa.
And although they're male actors, I also became a fan of both Pablo Montero and Victor Camara as well.
atiabet christabel  - to know the serie the start and the end.   |2010-06-24 13:32:56
please i will like that u people should send me more information about the it started and how it ended.
Rachel sanchez  - Rebeca   |2010-11-01 06:02:09
I was also wanting to find out when are you going to make Rebeca into a dvd? I also watched it in the middle, and would love to watch all of it. Since then I don't watch no Soap movies. I watch only novelas she's in a new novela mar de something but I watch it every day as well as others. I'm a big fan of all the stars of Rebeca Please e-mail me so I can find it or you can release it. Thank you. Rachel
lleris florita   |2010-11-21 19:46:43
hola chicos muchas fekklicitaciones por l novela rebeca
morris jaheim  - orvidarte jamas   |2011-01-18 07:19:36
I liked the film.Where can i get a copy of it?
Ruth McDonagh  - Rebeca   |2011-09-23 21:03:22
Is there a DVD of Telenovella Rebeca for sale?
betty mwanza njunju   |2013-01-20 21:11:12
im a fun of telenovella Rebeca please how can i obtain a DVD. Bravo to all the actors
victoiremado  - tell to rebecca to send me her detail   |2014-03-11 19:13:57
please someone help me to get rebeca(maria seone) detail: phone number, facebook or email
kiara  - ms   |2014-07-11 00:25:11
Oh how I love rebeca and eduardo.rebeca started a few months back here in south africa so I have no clue how it will end,I hope rebeca n eduardo endup together and niurka and nicholas too.please tell me what happened in the end??
vuyiswa  - miss   |2014-07-31 19:16:18
rebeca is best soap ever, and i love it very much can u please send me some update
Anonymous   |2014-09-01 13:17:16
Can I have mariana seoane cell number please so that I can tell her how much I love her and her acting on rebeca.
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