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La Reina del Sur

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La Reina del Sur telenovelaTeresa Mendosa was born in Sinaloa state, known in Mexico as one of the drug trading centers. Her husband Raimundo being a member of criminal group works as a pilot at the plane to transport drugs. In the result of inner shoot-out Raimundo is murdered by hired killer, and the people, who organized this murder, are going to kill Teresa as well. But she was warned about this and had time to run out the house in a hurry and hide in her husband’s secret place.

She finds a special notebook there Raimundo told her about before. Her husband asked her to give this notebook to his chief Epifanio Vargas’ hands after his death. Teresa is going to perform his last will, but two armed gangsters suddenly burst into her shelter and are going to kill her. One of gangsters rapes Teresa what gives her time to use the possibility and reach to the gun she has in her bag and shoot. She wounds both bad guys, nevertheless they are managed to disappear.

She finds Epifanio Vergas and asks for a meeting with him. Epifanio always felt sympathy with Teresa, so he advises her to escape to Spain and promises his help. He gives her the name of the person to contact in Spain for work and live. Teresa starts her new life at Spanish colony Melillia in Morocco due to Epifanio help. She is a waitress in the night club. She meets Santiago there who is involved in the local drug trade. He is the owner of the boat and he uses it for drug transportation. Teresa starts to assist him at the boat during his sea trips. After a while she is appeared to be involved into criminal underworld. One day during a skirmish to coast guard Santiago is killed while Teresa is arrested and got to prison. She meets a girl named Patricia there, their relations are gradually transforming into love.

Patricia tells Teresa her husband was killed by Russian mafia some years ago after he hid 500 kilos of mafia’s cocaine. When Teresa and Patricia are free from prison they are going to realize their idea to find the hidden cocaine, sell it back to Russian mafia and offer Russians the new sea transporting facilities for girls lives. Teresa meets Oleg Yasykov in this way. Yasykov is the leader of local smugglers and has relations to Solntsevo criminal group. Relations between Teresa and Oleg are partnership that comes into friendship. Teresa spends most time in Spanish city Malaga located in the south of Spain. She turns into a smuggler, or even the local smuggling mafia leader.

Teresa notices soon she is followed by two men. It wasn’t difficult for her to recognize them. They are those two gangsters who tried to kill her in her secret place in Sinaloa just before her escaping to Spain. She tells Yasykov about it. Russian guys catch those fellows in some days and question them cruelly in some basement. Then those gangsters are shown to Teresa. She decides to kill the one who raped her many years ago. But she is not angry with the second guy so she lets another one go. The graceful saved guy (named Pote Galves) proposes Teresa to be her bodyguard. She agrees. Day after a day they livу and work together, and gradully their relations are changed into a friendship. Pote is her only memory about Mexico, so he is valuable for her. After a while Teresa meets Spanish lawyer Theo Alcharafe who helps her to legalize a part of her drug dealing. At this time Patricia is turned into alcoholic and dies in the traffic accident. the free Teresa starts love relations with Theo. But she suspected to have a snitcher in her group. Oleg Yasykov during one of talks to Teresa is hinting Theo to be the snitcher. It is logical to kill Theo, but Teresa has just found out she is pregnant from Theo. She doesn’t know what to do.

Meanwhile an officer of Mexico Embassy in Madrid is asking for a meeting with Teresa. He comes to the meeting together with the agent of USA drug fighting Agency named Billy. The latest tells Teresa that Raimundo, her first husband and the big love of her life, used to be the informer of this Agency and worked for Americans. He was going to arrest his boss Epifanio Vergas. Teresa found out that was not an unknown big mafia boss who ordered to kill him, but the man she has trusted and sympathize – her husband was killed after the order of Epifanio Vergas. Teresa is shocked she used to trust the killer of her husband. And now Epifanio prospers and has a successful politic career in Mexico. He is even going to be voted for Sinaloa state senator. Teresa makes the decision to come back to Mexico and meet Epifanio personally for getting square with him. She desires for revenge.


Kate del Castillo as Teresa Mendoza

Teresa is 23 in the beginning of the whole story and she turns 35 at the final. She is well-tanned, has great shapes and big beautiful eyes. Actually she is cold-minded and orderly otherwise she will not be able to hold and control drug trafficking business.

She spends lots of time with her beloved El Guero. He teaches her to shoot properly, whom and what to be afraid of, and what to do when she receives a message he is killed.

The life Teresa lived previously was not sweet either, as she tells him in one of episodes. All men she dates abuse her dominating over her. And thus, she is ready to get involved in drug traffic since only he, El Guero, treats her as a Queen. Despite of risky business, she does not take in the threat of such illegal business to her life until she finds out El Guero is dead and she is watched out to be killed either. She is not the Queen of the South when she escapes from her place away from killers, though her beauty is conquering and we see how she achieves her goals to really become a Queen, even in the wrong way.

Kate del Castillo’s is really excellent as Teresa Mendoza, showing her emotions from being sweet and naïve to getting daring and cruel to some extent. She perfectly matches Rafael Amaya in appearance and temper and perhaps this is their accent (they are both Mexican) or love to soccer, but they really stir the public with their attraction to each other, which is really obvious.

Humberto Zurita as Epifanio Vargas

Epifanio Vargas is rather ambitious person. He is obsessed by power and money. He is involved in illegal business of smuggling though he takes part in such serious social events as politics. More over, he makes every attempt to rule his country.

He is known for charisma to seize people’s attention and he is able to find a way to talk to people which is really appreciated for a public person. Within many years he has held offices in governmental structures though the political adherence and adequate behavior has been the shield to hide more horrible things as drug traffic business.

Epifanio Vargas is a theft, though always neat as a bandbox. He is corrupt to his fingertips. He is a Mafioso who controls illegal cocaine traffic between USA, Columbia and Mexico. He looks good-natured and responsive, and no one guesses what is there deeply inside him. Epifanio is ready to walk over dead bodies to achieve his goal to be elected President of his country.

He always gives a hand to Güero Dávila and his wife, Teresa, who refer for his support when they are in trouble.

Rafael Amaya as Raimundo "El Guero" Dávila Parra

Rafael Amaya featuring as Raimundo «El Guero» Dávila Parra is a great womanizer. He is always willing to conquer a woman irrespective of her social status since he is a good gamer in the female heart. Women adore him for the charisma and blue eyes. Originating from Chicano, blonde Raimundo is responsive, frolicsome and he is ardent to live a life full of joy and love…and no serious problems. He is too outspoken and he is of too much for a woman they leave him believing he is crazy.He is affectionate with a permanent grin on his face.

He is an airplane pilot which sounds nice and adventurous for many women. He gets involved in cocaine business trying to achieve his ambitions, thus putting his life to its end as well as letting down his beloved woman. He is perfectly aware that one day he will be finished and the business either.

He skips the time when he is lost in his game and Teresa is left alone finally. The revenge she is suppressed with is the consequence of murder of her husband.

Cristina Urgel as Patty O' Farrel

Cristina Urgel is a beautiful blonde, educated and elegant at her age: she is 38. She’s bisexual aristocratic lady, addicted to cocaine, though she is too charismatic to be a good friend and a partner. She is of dual origin, Irish and Spanish which make her look incredibly beautiful. She falls in love with Teresa since she first appeared in the prison and she takes attempts to hide it till some time when she is allowed to reveal her emotions. Throughout the story she degrades on the contrast with Teresa who really prospers and becomes the “Queen of the South.”

She admits in her latest interview that she loves her character a lot. Her theater supervisor has always told her she has all looks and capacity to feature a lesbian woman since she can do with it and Cristina is sure she manages to expose all her character capacities.

Alberto Jiménez as Oleg Yasikov

A handsome and well-dressed man of 45. Strong, and tall blonde to attract attention of women around. He leads the Russian mafia group in Spain. He has a military-type look that makes him easily manage the band. Sometimes expresses philosophical thoughts. In the course of drug traffic he makes friends with Teresa based on respect and collaboration. He is willing to support her in her risky business.

Gabriel Porras as Gato Fierros

Gabriel Porras is a mature man in his 40s. He is specialized in killing of Mexican drug lords for good money. He caused Batman chase Teresa and kill her.

He is cold, sharp and seems to have a heart from iron. He finds out Teresa’s shelter with his co-killer and rapes her. Thus, he gives her time to take her gun and escape again. He is impressed by Teresa who manages to give a challenge to him.

La Reina del Sur - telenovela

(2009) - Kate del Castillo, Rafael Amaya


Kate del Castillo ... Teresa Mendoza
Rafael Amaya ... Raimundo "El Guero" Dávila Parra
Humberto Zurita ... Epifanio Vargas
Iván Sanchez ... Santiago Fisterra
Cristina Urgel ... Patricia O' Farrell
Alberto Jiménez ... Oleg Yasikov
Miguel de Miguel ... Teo Aljarafe
Gabriel Porras ... El Gato Fierros
Salvador Zerboni ... Ramiro "El Ratas"
Nacho Fresneda ... Dris Larby
Mónica Estarreado ... Fátima Mansur
Alejandro Calva ... Batman
Cuca Escribano ... Sheila
Dagoberto Gama ... Pote Galves
Cristian Tappan ... Antonio Smith "Willy Rangel"
Eduardo Velasco ... Abdelkader Chaib
Alfonso Vallejo ... Manolo Céspedes
Pablo Castañón ... Lalo Veiga
Mighello Blanco ... Siso Pernas
Lorena Santos ... Soraya
Monica Layton
Josue Bernal
Rodolfo Ordoñez
Ruben Arciniegas
Julio Ramirez
Martha Liliana Calderon ... Margarita Davila Parra
Kariné Amaya ... Claudia
Camila Sodi ... Sandra Mendoza
Enoc Leaño ... Gato Fierros
Sara Maldonado ... La Veronica
Carmen Navarro ... Marcela, La Conejo
Santiago Meléndez ... Nino Juárez
Guiuseppe Romano ... Alí
Eddi Álvarez ... Klauss
Juan José Arjona ... Detective Flores
Ilja Rosendahl ... Alexej
Alejandro Tapa
Juan Pablo Raba ... Pedro
Kerly Ruiz
Sandra Echeverría
Santiago Caicedo ... Cesar Mendez
Val Koff

Writing credits
Arturo Pérez-Reverte (original novel)
Roberto Stopello (adaptation)

Valentina Párraga
Juan Marcos Blanco
Roberto Stopello

Original music
Nicolas Uribe

Cinematography by
Alejandro Garcia W.
Carlos Arango

Song: La reina del sur
Written by: Bello Jaimes Teodoro
Singing: Los cuates de Sinaloa

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Walter Doehner
Martha Godoy

Produced by
Patricio Wills
Hugo Leon Ferrer
Martha Godoy
Aurelio Valcarcel Carrol

RTI Producciones
Telemundo Studios


Adaptation of famous novel of Arturo Pérez-Reverte "La reina del sur"

A feature film based on the book has been in development with Eva Mendes, Josh Hartnett and Ben Kingsley attached

The telenovela is to be shot in USA, Colombia, Spain and Mexico

One of changes will be character of Sandra Mendoza, daughter of Teresa, which doesn't exist in book. Also there will be character of journalist who risks her life for true about Reina del Sur.

Consists of 70 episodes


Yo que pense
que todo lla habia acabado para mi
y que mi corazon no iva a sentir
el amor asi

yo que jure
que nunca mas iva entregar mi alma
y ahora si te miro se me escapa
y vuela hacia ti

porque te has combertido en parte de mi ser
porque si tu estas aqui
empieso a querer

quedate junto a mi
que no puede vivir sin tu amor

quedate di que si
esta noche solo de los dos

pero solo

quedate di que si
esta noche solo de los dos

pero solo

solo tu y yo

tu y yo…………

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Anonymous   |2009-12-07 21:35:06
Edith Gonzalez sera la Reyna del sur,segun informacion que me llego,pues que bueno porque,despues de dona barbara,ya la queremos ver en otra produccion de telemundo,perfecta actris para protagonizar este papel,solo ella lo puede interpretar.
Anonymous   |2011-04-20 16:22:15
Sorry, pero el papel le quedo perfecto a kate.
Gladys  - Protagonistas   |2009-12-30 22:47:37
Me gustaria saber quienes son los protagonistas de la nueva telenovela por telemundo la reina del sur.
luli   |2010-02-05 17:48:28
pues lamento desilucionarlos amigos porke la ultima informacion ke se dio fue ke Caemen villalobos de Sin senos no hay paraiso sera la protagonista y si no me creen revisen en carmen villobos enciclopedya.... ella sera la reina del sur!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sandra  - que quien va a ser la reina del sur tiene que ser   |2010-04-01 21:54:36
que quien va a ser la reina del sur tiene que ser una mexicana pero por supuesto bien perrona o si no una colombiana pero la mejor no una perrita perrona please.
Anonymous   |2010-04-07 03:27:35
la reina sera Kate del Castillo
aspas  - "Spanish Colony"????   |2010-09-20 12:31:29
Onlay one quote for the reseume:

Melilla is not a "spanish colony" in Morocco. The city have been spaniard since 1493 uninterrumply.
DeeNOra  - Pregunta   |2010-12-20 03:56:22
Lo que yo quiero saber es cuando empieza la novela??
Anonymous  - re: Pregunta   |2011-01-29 04:58:37
DeeNOra wrote:
Lo que yo quiero saber es cuando empieza la novela??
Roro   |2011-01-21 03:40:58
No podria ver mejor mexicana para el personaje de la Reina del sur que Kate del castillo! Un bien trabajo en weeds!
maribel  - Pregunta   |2011-01-26 15:46:59
Me gustaria saber cuando empieza la telenovela y a k hora va salir.
nena   |2011-01-26 17:20:15
esta novela esta basada en la vida real?
Areli  - pregunta   |2011-01-30 18:26:02
Me gustaria saber cuando empieza la telenovela y a k hora va salir.
reni  - pregunta   |2011-02-01 23:14:07
Is Camila Sodi actually play in this novela?????
Anonymous  - re: re: Pregunta   |2011-02-03 03:38:50
Anonymous wrote:
DeeNOra wrote:
Lo que yo quiero saber es cuando empieza la novela??
Anonymous   |2011-02-10 00:15:30
Nadie se acuerda cuando Kate del Castillo vivia en Mexico y criticaba por los artistas extranjeros que venian a su pais, por favor, ella que se regrese a Mexico, ella no puede ser bienvenida en la comundidad hispana, todos habran los ojos estos artistan viven de ustedes
Anonymous   |2011-06-02 15:39:33
KATE tenia o tiene la razon en criticar a quien se le de su gana,pero hay personas que hablan por ardidos como tu sorry que no pusieron a la actriz que tu kerias esque no dio la talla pero Kate si,lo siento por ti,y todos los artistas viven de nosotros no solo Kate mientran nos sigan entreteniendo y hagan novelas buenas como la reina del sur interpretada por Kate que sigan viviendo de nosotros FELICIDADEZ KATE POR LA REINA DEL SUR....
hila parra  - megusta dos esos tipos de novelas o series   |2011-02-25 18:13:11
pues yo pienso que key seve muy bonita y fuerte en ese papel y megustaria que me dijera cuando sale en usa para poder verla saludos atodos es un buen trabajo duerte co todo
anonimo  - pregunta   |2011-03-01 00:37:33
mi estimado vivo en canada . Alguien podria decirme como ver la serie ?..a que sitio tengo que entrar .

Anonymous  - re: Protagonistas   |2011-03-03 21:38:23
Gladys wrote:
Me gustaria saber quienes son los protagonistas de la nueva telenovela por telemundo la reina del sur.
esta en telemundo es el 39 en estados unidos
nana  - muy buena telenovela   |2011-03-01 20:56:56
Ya mire el comienzo de esta telenovela, y esta muy buena. Kate de castillo hace muy buen papel.
mary  - esta muy bien la telenovela   |2011-03-03 18:04:04
kate del castillo mejor actris para esta telenovela!
mm  - sooo..   |2011-03-08 04:11:39
la reina del sur es real?
y asi pasaron las cosas? como lo cuenta la serie?
Anonymous   |2011-03-09 02:06:34
por fabor quien me puede ddesir dondo puedo ber un capitulo mas abansado porque en telemundo sale demasiado tardey yo tengo que trabajar
babie  - re:   |2011-05-05 09:16:14
Kate esta espectacular en esta novela. Nonguna lo hubiera hecho mejor.
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