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Revancha, La

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La Revancha telenovelaAfter their father's murder, young sisters Isabela and Soledad are separated. Isabela grows up in a world of luxury, provided for by her godfather, who adopted her; Soledad is raised by a woman she wrongly believes to be her mother, and who was actually a witness to the girl's father's murder. To protect her, she ran away with the child and has brought her up in a humble but loving home. Both sisters grow up to become beautiful women, never suspecting that destiny will one day reunite them to fight for the love of the same man. He is the distinguished cardiologist Alejandro Arciniegas, whom Soledad meets on the cruise ship where she works. From the very beginning, Alejandro and Soledad fall madly in love with each other, without giving a thought to their social differences. For Soledad, he is the love of her life, but she will painfully discover that Alejandro is the son of the man who murdered her father. And furthermore, that she has a very strong rival: her unknown sister Isabela, who also happens to be in love with Alejandro. At the same time, Jose Luis Hernandez, a humble and hard-working young man becomes obsessed with the idea of winning Soledad's heart. Unfortunately for him, Soledad's love for Alejandro only grows, as does Isabela's jealousy - an uncontrollable jealousy that will ultimately unleash a terrible force of hate and passion.


Danna Garcia as Soledad Santander/Mariana Ruiz

Soledad is the elder sister to Isabela. When they eventually meet, Isabela feels she wants to take revenge only and she is jealous for Alejandro they both love. Soledad grows to be a humble and beautiful woman thinking that Providencia Santander is her true mother. Providencia escaped with little Soledad when she witnessed her father was murdered. Soledad lives in the atmosphere of love and care.

Jorge Reyes as Alejandro Arciniegas

Alejandro Arciniegas is a young well-known doctor who appears to be the son to Rodrigo Arciniegas, a millionaire and the person who killed the father of the two sisters. Alejandro falls in love with Soledad at once and she seems to respond positively in spite of evil relations between the families. But Soledad’s mother, Providencia is aware of the truth and she is strictly against any relations between these two.

Marcela Pezet as Isabela Ruiz

Isabela is the one of sisters who lives a lavish life in the house of her Godfather. She is aware of what happened to her father and she dreams of meeting her sister again. But least of all she could suppose that she will find her sister who becomes her competitor in love that comes to be prohibited for both sisters. However, Isabela develops her plan of revenge where Soledad should suffer and take losses.

Jorge Martines as Rodrigo Arciniegas

Rodrigo Arciniegas is a multimillionaire who earned his assets due to fraud and lie. He runs illegal business. He is mean and malicious and he never hesitates to achieve his goals doing wrong things, even murder. Reinaldo takes the spit of his father. He is arrogant, hard-hearted. He never gives a hand to people but when he needs he requires everyone to be involved in his troubles. He behaves independently and he dreams of becoming a famous musician.

Elluz Peraza as Emperatriz Azcarraga

Emperatriz Azcarraga is concerned to build stable relations with Leonardo, Alejandro’s friend. Emperatriz is too senseless and cruel. She knows no reason to stop in achiving her objectives in life. She is a villain, bitchy and prudent.

La Revancha - telenovela

(2000) - Jorge Reyes, Danna García, Jorge Aravena


Danna García .... Soledad Santander/Mariana Ruiz
Jorge Reyes .... Alejandro Arciniegas
Marcela Pezet .... Isabela Ruiz
Jorge Aravena .... Reinaldo Arciniegas
Elluz Peraza .... Emperatriz Azcárraga
Henry Zakka .... Oscar Riverol
Patricia Álvarez .... Lola Cienfuegos
Alberto Mayagoitia .... Leonardo Manrique
Maritza Rodríguez .... Mercedes Riverol
Vicente Tepedino .... Jose Luis Hernández
Jorge Martínez .... Rodrigo Arciniegas
Raquel Bustos .... Rosarito
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez .... Sabas
Norma Zúñiga .... Providencia Santander
Ninel Conde .... Reina Azcárraga
Orlando Casín .... Santiago
Claudia Reyes .... Brenda
Yadira Santana .... Bernarda Rondón
Diana Quijano .... Lucia Arciniegas
Felix Manrique .... Kike Arciniegas
Lino Martoni .... Guillermo Arciniegas
Olimpia Maldonado .... Lupe
Rosa Felipe .... Doña Rosa
Martha Mijares .... Romelia Hernández
Rosalinda Rodríguez .... Tula
Omar Moynelo .... Alvaro Del Rosal
Juan David Ferrer .... Arturo Bustillos
Yoly Dominguez .... Fanny
Tatiana Capote .... Sandra Castillos

Writing credits
Mariela Romero

Song: Vuelve junto a mi
Singing: Pablo Montero

Directed by
Pepe Sánchez

Produced by
Alfredo Schwarz

Venevision and Univision


"La Revancha" is a remake of telenovela "La Revancha" (Venezuela, 1989) with Rosalinda Serfaty and Jean-Carlos Simancas

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Anne Bolokor  - La Revancha   |2009-03-19 22:53:02
Is there any where to watch La Revancha or download it free? Although it is shown as series in Nigeria, but at times I miss some. Really, I want to watch everything. It is a very interesting soap.
tinuke  - La revencha   |2009-06-01 11:44:59
Honestly,this is my best soapopra so far,and i wish i can watch or download it or better still get the DVD even if it will cost me much money.
Pls do something i realy want to see its ending.
esther kibunja   |2009-09-03 13:04:53
i watched it a long time ago but cant get it off my mind.lykd soledad and alejandro,what a cute couple!
Debby  - Love   |2009-10-14 14:39:16
This is my best soapopera ive watched. love soledad and alejandro. perfect 4each other.
aaron2010  - Possible DVD in the future?   |2010-02-01 05:14:33
I've been a fan of Danna Garcia since "Pasion de Gavilanes" and I also get to watch her in her current novela,
"Un Gancho al Corazon". The question I have for this telenovela is if there is ever going to be a DVD release because I would like to see it and I also like the Venevision telenovelas that take place in Miami as well.

Saludos, Aaron A.
Aly Nicolasa  - La Revancha (2000)   |2010-05-18 19:18:28
Will Univision or Telefutura ever show La Revancha again? Will the novela ever be on DVD? I love this version and the actors. Ten years later and I can't get it out of my mind either.
relindis  - obtain a copy of 'la revancha'   |2010-06-14 17:33:58
I will like a purchase a complete english version of the telenovelas 'la revancha' starring dana garicia. is that possible.
symply  - la revancha   |2010-10-07 23:17:35
will the original LA REVANCHA be played again ? it played back in 1989 Rosa Linda Serfati, Jean Carlo Simancas . That was a good one.....
KALONDA ANNIE   |2010-11-27 14:45:30
hi guyz, am watching this telenovela. am anxious, pliz can somebody tell me, will alejandro and soledad get married? and if so, what wil happen to isabela?
Taiwo  - I want to watch "La Revancha" over and over agai   |2011-01-17 22:35:27
pls, can I download it free on the net or better still where can I buy a copy of this TV-Series. I want to see Soledad and Alejandro again, they are just too cute.
ifunanya  - obtain a copy of la revancha   |2011-01-25 07:22:36
this is my best telenovela...simply wonderful solita and alejandro..please where can i buy the full english version of la revancha with danna garcia and jorge reyes?
Daphney Pool  - La Revencha telenovelas   |2011-11-01 20:52:53
I want the full story of La Revencha telenovelas
Linda  - Full episodes   |2011-11-16 06:52:41
I have been watching to this telenovela for almost a year now and iam so excited to know what will happen. Can you send me the full episode/story please.
Dave  - one of the Greatest telenovelas!   |2011-11-23 20:18:33
i love la revancha coz it,s full of romance and action too! i think alejandro and soledad are a very nice couple! for real!
fatima  - Full Story   |2011-11-28 10:46:14
i would like the full story of the telenovela in english. where can i find it, please?
Angela Lucero  - La Revancha   |2012-01-31 02:09:51
Is there any way to purchase the 2000 version of this telenovela. I have never watched it, but I know someone who really really loves it. From all this great talk about it I am pretty interested. :) If anyone has any information please let me know here or at
John Mshengezi  - Mr.   |2012-02-28 19:01:45
My opinion will be quite different and independent because I really appreciate Rodrigo Arciniegas' massive contribution in this soap.Through his eroded character,the audience gets to know lot of heinous deeds that irresponsible fathers are made of-sympathy fills my heart when he is being haunted by his sinful past and present.Well done! To the whole group.
Wesley Maoncha  - La Revancha   |2012-04-16 19:36:56
Hi, i solely miss soledad & i wanna know where i can find & buy a Telenovela DVD please.
anthonia  - larevancha   |2012-05-28 09:33:53
hello.i real love Mercedes and Giacomo i wonder how i can get in touch wth them
adrian  - fantastic film   |2012-08-22 00:27:36
hi every one to be realistic i admire soledad santander and alejandro. it is a nice couple i guess! the last episode to see was the tragedy death of ronaldo the young brother of dr alejandro. what was all about after that!!!
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