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Rostro de Analía, El

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El Rostro de Analía telenovela Mariana Montiel is a young and beautiful executive at the head of ANGEL'S, the executive airline founded by her father. She has been skilled and very shrewd in business, though her personal life is a completely different story as she has not known how to protect the thing she most cares about: her own marriage.

The moment she met him, she fell hopelessly in love with the handsome and brilliant architect Daniel Montiel, and carried on a passionate romance with him that resulted in the lovely Adriana, a child that neither of the two expected and the reason for a hasty marriage that would safeguard the name of the Andrade family.

The first stage of her marriage was happy - Mariana gave her complete trust to her husband, helping him to grow in the company. But Daniel took advantage of his rising career to continue living the life of a sought-after bachelor. Sara, Mariana's lovely and sexy cousin, an envious woman by nature who always wanted to be the center of her family's attention, took advantage of this situation. Daniel became a delicious whim to show how she could take from her cousin what she most loved -- a temptation that little by little became an obsession, until she managed to get into his bed and become his lover.

For Sara, getting Daniel on her side is the perfect strategy to bring her to achieve her life's objective: Take Mariana's place as head of Angel's and thereby manage things however she pleases. Behind her sophisticated appearance hides an unscrupulous woman who, in her thirst for money and power, involves herself with the mafia and drug business of Ricky Montana, with whom she seeks to use the airline to launder money.

Since Sara's ambitions have no limits, she feels that Mariana is a roadblock and so, with the help of her dangerous associate, decides to get her out of the way.

Montana assigns the mission of removing Mariana from the world to Analía Moncada, the sexy exotic dancer who is his lover and who he now distrusts, as a way to prove her loyalty to him. The woman finds herself obliged to accept the mission as she needs to eliminate any tracks that might lead the gangster to the truth about the infiltration of his organization: He is unaware that she is an undercover cop who, to avenge the death of her ex-boyfriend at the hands of this mafioso, has become part of his business in order to turn him over to the authorities.

That day Mariana discovers her husband's infidelity and, in a fit of craziness and pain, leaves her anniversary party only to meet with her executioner and confront death. Analía gets into Mariana's car, supposedly to kill her, but Mariana's emotional state causes both to become victims of an accident in which Analía dies.

When all believe that Mariana no longer exists, it is the doctor Armando Rivera who finds her, burned, and decides to reconstruct her face using an experimental cloning procedure. However, the problem arrives when, unknowingly and guided by the things he found near the accident, the face and identity he gives her is not that of Mariana but Analía. It is then when Rivera, giving her a second chance at life under the identity of a different woman, condemns her to live with Analía's face.

As time passes, Mariana finds that her efforts to recover her memories are in vain and she decides to go out into the world to recover her life. There she is going to let herself be carried away by instinct and she risks her life to save a girl who is drowning in the sea, without knowing that Destiny has prepared a surprise for her, meeting her daughter and husband again.

It is here that a story of intensely-felt love, passion, and action begins, as the same love for Daniel that made her crazy in the past awakens in Analía, while he is hypnotized by the mystery in her eyes and little by little discovers in her a new opportunity to love... Two strangers who will begin to fall in love. Mariana returns to the Montiel house as her daughter's nanny but the criminal past of the real "Analía" will not let her be happy. She has to live in the shadow of the life and crimes of the woman who gave her her face as quietly she teeters between danger, death, and love... Discover the secrets that hide behind the face of a woman who will steal your heart and will awaken the passion in you in... The Face of Analía.


Gaby Espino as Mariana Andrade

Gaby Espino in her late 20s is a very eye-catching, smart and diligent woman. She is well educated and really experienced in business matter. For the latest time she has been seriously involved in Angel Airline, the business belonging to her family. She has good managerial skills to work with people and she actually benefits from it. She is fair enough and easy-going.

Mariana succeeds in her professional career but as a person she is proved to be too confident and practical. Her devotion to work brings to destroy her relations with Daniel, her husband, known as loving, decent and sensitive person. So, in his leisure time Daniel enjoys having affairs with other women passionate and affordable.

Nevertheless, Mariana is still much loved by most men surrounding her. She seems to be a woman of dream, so beautiful, sensible and stylish, which is rare for beauties. But, unfortunately her husband cannot perceive her the way the others see it. Since Adriana’s birthday she puts attempts to save her marriage and still have a strong family of the Andrade but alas, she fails. She is suppressed with the betrayal of her husband.

Her cousin, Sara, a flourishing, smart and nice-looking woman, does everything to get rid of Mariana and be next to her husband, still being his lover. She has always been envious with Mariana’s achievements and competed with her all the way long. She has always been looking for the approach to hurt her to the worst extent and seducing Mariana’s husband seems to be the appropriate way to Sara.

When Mariana finds out her husband betrays her with her cousin, she is completely destroyed and escapes from the reality. Soon she gets in a car accident. Her memory is completely deleted and she is forced to live behind the shadows of Analia's life. As an injured, she needs to come to decision to live a life of another woman and take revenge upon those who hurt her and forgive them. This is a real fight with her conscious. She is granted the second chance to live.

Elizabeth Gutiérrez as Ana Lucía Moncada (Analía)

Ana Lucía Moncada aka Analía is a young girl in her late 20s, shrewd and eye-catching. She likely works as an exotic dancer or she is a prostitute. Actually Analía is completely different from what she seems. She is a simple and modest girl who works as a secret agent of the Anti-Narcotic Agency and she performs her mission to capture Montana for the death of her friend Johnny Lobo. Since then Ana acts as Analía when the police strategy is the only reasonable approach to achieve the aim.

Analía penetrates Mara 13 band of Montana and becomes her lover. The problem is Montana suspects she knows more than she reveals.

Having seemed in a tight spot, Analia goes to kill Mariana but she is killed herself in a terrible car accident in Mariana’s car. By mistake is recovered and revived instead of Analia.

Gabriel Porras as Ricardo Rivera (Ricky Montana)

Ricky Montana, in his late 30s, is rather sexual, stunning and mysterious man. He is well-built and he has a very cynic look. He is one of leaders of mafia group since he proves to be strong-minded, determined and cool. He has a domineering character and though he seems to be kind and easy-going, he is a criminal and the person who can be a threat.

Montana is aware that he needs to study weak points of those who address to him and strong points of those who confront to him, to use for his own sake. He makes friends with Sara to become partners using her weak points to abuse and persuade to partner with him. He also sponsors two risky gangster bands in the Latin Quarter of the city. He causes a clash between these bands for his own benefit and for the sake of the mafia business, drug trafficking and prostitution business he runs, either.

Unfortunaletely, he is captivated with Analia’s beauty. He gets oppressed with her and he has no idea that a young and beautiful woman just takes revenge.

Montana is suspicious about betrayal by Analia and, thus, he requires to prove her loyalty and faithfulness.

Martín Karpan as Daniel Montiel

Daniel Montiel is a young and good-looking promising architect in his 30s. He is the one who easily gets fascinated. He is attention-grabbing to women who love to face conquerors. In spite of his nature of a womanizer, he is openhanded, outgoing and open to others.

His first problem he faces is Mariana’s pregnancy not intended and planned. He has to marry her to keep the status of the Andrade family. And several months later his daughter is born, Adriana. He is happy in marriage for the first months of marriage but soon his wife devotes herself to Angel´s Company while he is fully engaged in career growth. Besides, he spends lovely time with young and seducing lovers until he does a mistake and gets into love affair with Sara, his wife’s cousin.

Daniel feels guilty in Mariana’s death in a car accident and a little bit later he is announced as the only tutor for his only little daughter. When he meets Analia, the life grants the second chance to love his wife and Daniel fall in an incredible love with her, knowing it’s Mariana with a stranger’s face.

Daniela Nieves as Adriana Montiel Andrade   

Adriana Montiel is the daughter to Mariana and Daniel. She is a really beautiful girl, very gentle and cheerful. Thanks to her mother, she heirs naivety, tenderness and a little bit naughty temper. In spite of her younger age, she perceives how strange relations are there between Sara and her father. She feels how Sara steals the attention assigned for her. She is living with this strange feeling for 5 years since the love affair occurred between her father and Sara. Adriana is the key to unite Mariana and Daniel though Analia’s face somehow disturbs and confuses Daniel not Adriana since deeply inside she understands it’s her mother.

Karla Monroig as Isabel Martínez

Isabel Martínez is the assistant and the best friend to Mariana. She is in her mid 20s. She is happy, cheerful, chaotic and unsettled. A friendship is one of the key moments if her life so you are happy to be her friend. She is faithful and she gives a hand to her friends whenever is possible.

Since the time they have met each other, Isabel supports Mariana in her tight spots, shares her joy and sorrow and encourages when Mariana is upset. Isabel adores the Andrade family and she is the Godmother to Adriana.

She is known for humanity and sympathy to people. She is straight-minded and open and she has her own reasons not to trust in Sara.

Isabel thoroughly hides all hints of her past love and she really suffers from the person she has lost. Life puts on trial and she is a friend withstood with the time test.

Germán Barrios as Ernesto Andrade

Ernesto Andrade is a family person in his late 50s and the exemplary husband to Carmen who can never regret a minute spent with him. Ernesto is a loving grandfather and a father. He is too close to family, the docile well-behaved model husband to Carmen who cannot even complain about him. He shared the secret of Carmen, namely the child born not in marriage. Carmen has never been able to confess since she is afraid to lose the child but now she feels sick and needs to lull the conscience. Ernesto confesses to his daughter that she has a stepbrother.

Ernest leaves his business with his daughter and is involved in golf as prescribed by the doctor since it is the only sports activity that is not traumatic for his health. His relations with Daniel are silent and friendly as if he is his own son but he is far away from Sara, his niece and yet, he is quite anxious about her.

El Rostro de Analía - telenovela

(2008) - Martín Karpan, Elizabeth Gutierrez


Elizabeth Gutierrez .... Ana Lucía Moncada 'Analia'/Mariana Andrade
Martín Karpan .... Daniel Montiel
Gaby Espino .... Mariana Andrade
Gabriel Porras .... Ricardo Rivera 'Ricky Montana'
Maritza Rodríguez .... Sara Andrade
Elluz Peraza .... Olga Palacios
Zully Montero ... Carmen Reyes de Andrade
Karla Monroig ....Isabel Martínez
Alejandro Chabán .... Miguel Andrade
Pedro Moreno....detective
Germán Barrios...Ernesto Andrade
Daniel Lugo....Dr. Armando Rivera
Daniela Nieves...Adriana Montiel
Michelle Jones...Lupe
Flor Núñez
Flavio Caballero
Ximena Duque
Ana Gabriela Barboza
Jacqueline Marquez
Angie Russian
Jorge Consejo - Roberto
Andrés García Jr
José Guillermo Cortines
Chela Arias
Alvaro Ruiz
Víctor Corona
Gustavo Franco

Writing credits
Humberto “Kiko” Olivieri

Song: Doble Vida
Written by: Juan Carlos Rodriguez
Singing: Valerie Morales and Wahero

Language : Spanish
Country: Miami, USA

Directed by
David Posada
Danny Gaviria

Produced by
Jairo Arcila
Aurelio Valcarcel Carroll



The serial is filmed in Miami

Remake of the venezuelan telenovela "Maria Maria"

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Lina  - What you think?   |2008-10-09 06:46:01
So, what you think about this serial? Is it good to watch?
jessica lopez   |2008-11-16 06:21:53
yes, this serial is good to watch! I am watching it and I just can't stop. I reccommned it to you.
analia montiel  - writing   |2010-05-08 21:19:14
i think that, this was a great show ,can you please give it again.
Sonia   |2009-08-05 10:12:38
The face of Analia is the most fascinating i have ever whatch. And the actors are great :)
If you dont',you should whatch tha film... belive me!!
gretchen  - str8   |2008-10-23 10:25:41
esta muy
viviana  - Injusto   |2008-10-25 13:51:35
Quiero que telemundo sepa que estuvo muy mal hecho que quitacen la novela el juramento y eso no quiere decir que analia no me gusta pues esta buenisima pero como es posible que quiten la novela cuando uno se encuentra envuelto en el trama Pienso que deberian de quitar mas bien 12 CORAZONES ese si que es un PESIMO PROGRAMA y la verdad los veo mal con ese show que es solo basura.......QUEREMOS DE NUEVO EL JURAMENTO CON ALGUNAS MEJORAS DEL TEMA
esmeralda  - hola   |2008-10-27 23:57:12
me encanta esta novela espero que sigan asiendo novelas besos/
nahomi   |2008-11-03 22:56:14
mencanta esta novela pero kiero ver lo prosimo capitulo pok vivo en gresia n lo puedo vel so lo poer intene grasia
tally  - mencanta   |2008-11-07 06:03:05
i don't speak spanish but i love it that show it good that sad i was looking everywhere to see the person who singing the song i could't find it
BarBara-Ann Amador  - Did you find out who the singer for the theme song   |2009-03-10 10:18:37
And do you know where I can find the lyrics. I also love the song but cannot find the lyrics so I can sing along. Thanks if you can send them to me or advise me where to get them. Have a great life. "BarBara-Ann"
tally   |2008-11-07 06:03:18
i don't speak spanish but i love it that show it good that sad i was looking everywhere to see the person who singing the song i could't find it
Anonymous   |2008-11-07 10:27:01
me encanta esta novela esta bien brutal
Anonymous   |2008-11-07 10:28:44
esta es la mejor novela que e visto es el numero uno
Israel  - Analia   |2008-11-07 12:14:13
Si Que Quiten 12 CORAZONES Ese Programa no sirve es de lo mas estupido...Pero Analia esta muy buena...Quien sabe quien Canta el Tema de Analia?...
Anonymous   |2008-11-10 23:05:56
el rostro de analia esta bien brutal es mi novela favorita de todas!
milagros velasquez  - repetir los primeros capitulos   |2008-11-11 00:37:59
les suplicaria que repitan los primeros capitulos que los he visto la novela esta buenisima
julia marroquin  - california   |2008-11-14 03:27:58
this is the novela that has all the thing that a novela should have.
leunora celiku  - my best movie ever ..... greade..   |2008-11-19 08:36:44
sory but i don't speak spanish i love this movie and the music is so nice is a gread movie ..... nice....the music is the best for me ever.....
Anonymous   |2008-11-20 08:48:55
Hola esta novela me encanta!! pero necesito saber quien canta la cancion porque no la puedo encontrar. Porfavor diganme.
O.V.   |2008-11-29 17:14:33
Creo q la interprete se llama Marger Sealey y la cancion se llama "doble vida"
joanly  - quiero saber el nombre de la cancion   |2008-12-18 13:51:56
quiero saber como se llama la canción cuando salen camila y cristobal me en canta si sabes por favor me o puedes decir de verdad la quiero gracias.....
Mee   |2009-11-28 18:39:16
Se llama Casi indespensable de Paulina la Ponte.
Anonima   |2008-12-19 00:18:08
Se llama Valerie Morales y es Purtoriqueña
Mee  - Los que cantan la cancion es   |2009-11-28 18:38:06
Kien canta esta cancion es Valerie Morales ft. Wahero.
Es mi favorita Novela!!!
Jose  - la novela el rostro de analia   |2008-11-22 05:21:23
la mejor novela que he podido gozar, wow, botaron la pelota, la bomba....y lo mejor esta por venir....yo tambien quiero bajar la cancion pero no se por quien es....favor de alguien dejarmelo saber.....gozenla....y analia es una bomba.....
Tiffany - Estefani  - la novela el rostro de analia   |2008-11-26 09:46:54

este novela esta muy buena.. i love this novela i watch it every night..
eliane herrera   |2008-12-01 07:22:15
A mi me encanta esta telenovela.Es bien
romantica, y me encantan las canciones que escojieron para diferentes escenarios.
Y daniel montiel esta bien buen jjejejeje
Claudia   |2008-12-02 03:11:58
EL ROSTRO DE ANALIA esta novela esta super!!! felicidades a todo el equipo y espero que todo mundo la vea porque la trama esta original no se la pueden perder
Anonymous   |2008-12-02 07:48:59
what is the song called?
valdi   |2008-12-05 08:41:48
esta novela es un exito,tanto en actuaciones,trama,y fotos es padrisima,es importante que sigan haciendo novelas aqui en miami,pues todas han sido un exito como el cuerpo del deceo etc.
yoman123456  - SONG TITLE   |2009-03-24 05:42:35
"Doble Vida" is the name of the theme song.
The original is a ballad sang by a chick named Mager? something of that nature. I'm not sure who the guy is in the remix tho.
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