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Sacrificio de Mujer

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Sacrificio de mujer telenovela “Sacrifce of a woman” is a story of love, hope, disappointment and betrayal. In the past, when Clemencia was young, she fell in love with Luis Francisco Vilarte – a heir of oligarch, spoilt and perfidious young man. Luis Francisco left country for Europe where he was going to inherit fathers business and money and didn’t know his girlfriend Clemencia was pregnant. Clemencia was trying to inform Luis Francisco about her condition, but his mother Amada had another meaning about this pregnancy. Amada did all her best for her son know nothing about Clemencia pregnancy, and she separated two young people.

Clemencia was left in the abject poverty, she suffered from hunger and need until one day she woke up in the hospital and found out she had lost her baby and could never have a baby again! A young and attractive doctor Augusto Talamonti informed Clemencia about this and proposed girl his protection. He fell in love with young girl and wished to be with her forever.

Twenty years ago the story of sorrow and betrayal is developed into a happy marriage of Augusto Talamonti and Clemencia. They have three adopted children and they are rich.

Young orphan Milagros works in Augusto and Clemencia house. She was brought up in the orphanage, she has never had mother love, and she is admired with great Clemencia. In addition Milagros falls in love with one of adopted Clemencia sons – Enzo.

At the same time in Europe Luis Francisco Vilarte finished all money of his father in parties and entertainments, he is bankrupt. And he decided to go and meet the father’s brother and legitimate heir of his father’s business Augusto Talamonti and his wife. What a surprise for him to know his uncle’s wife is Clemencia. But let’s see what is in the end…


Marjorie de Sousa as Clemencia

Clemencia is a main protagonista. She is very attractive, with beautiful features, good shapes. She is slim and slender. She suffers a lot since the time her daughter has been take away from her. She gets furious and anger lives in her heart only. She is strong-minded and has an icy heart. Her purposeful nature and willingness to get her daughter again make her go forward and achieve her goals step by step. Clemencia struggles against Amada on her way to happiness.

Juan Alfonso Baptista as Luis Francisco

Luis Francisco looks very manly in his late 30s. He is strong, tall and handsome. In spite of his mistakes done in early life he tries to find his daughter together with Clemencia when he is back and learns about her. He seeks for love of Clemencia.

Mariana Torres as Milagros

Milagros is a young beautiful girl, a daughter to Clemencia. She is deliberate and gentle. Milagros falls the victim of jealousness of Viky Lombardo and mean attitude from Amada Vilarte.

Flor Núñez as Amada

Amada is the mother to Luis Francisco, a wicked and prudent woman. She hides Clemencia’s pregnancy and makes her life impossible at her best.

Taniusha Mollet as Gina

The twin-girl adopted by Clemencia and Augusto. She is ful and sick of her mother’s problems and she leaves home to live at Milagros’ place. She has a rebellious nature to struggle for the pure relations and justice and peace.

Taniusha Mollet as Marifé

The twin of Gina, the absolute opposed nature to her. She is quiet and kind to people. She adheres to religious beliefs and she lives in love and peace to God.

Ximena Duque as Maria Gracia

Maria Gracia is the sister to Milagros. She is sex appealing and very attractive. She feels love to Augusto. Maria Gracia is the one who causes Clemencia hate Milagros.

Geraldine Bazán as Viky

Viky is a young and beautiful woman falling in love with Enzo. She is mean and capable for any criminal actions to win her love. She assists Amada in her intrigues and Machiavellian plans to disturb warm and strong relations between Milagros and Enzo.


Sacrificio de mujer - telenovela

(2011) - Marjorie De Sousa, Juan Alfonso Baptista, Mariana Torres


Marjorie de Sousa ... Clemencia Astudillo Talamonti
Juan A. Baptista ... Luis Francisco Vilarte
Mariana Torres ... Milagros Exposito / Dolores Vilarte
Pablo Azar ... Enzo Talamonti
Luis José Santander ... Dr. Augusto Talamonti
Géraldine Bazán ... Victoria "Vicky" Lombardo
Flor Núñez ... Amada Vilarte
Taniusha Capote ... Gina and Marife Talamonti
Cristian Carabias ... German Anzola
Pedro Moreno ... Braulio Valdes
Fernando Carrera ... Giovanni Vilarte
Adrian Mas ... Benito Valdes
Anna Sobero ... Eulalia Anzola
Ariel Texido ... Father Anibal
Arnaldo Pipke ... Leoncio
Beatriz Arroyo ... Olga Valdes
Carmen Daysi Rodriguez ... Mayre
Eduardo Ibarrola ... Vilachar
Fidel Perez Michel ... Eliseo Lombardo
Jessica Cerezo ... Belinda
Jorge Consejo ... Juan Pablo
Jose Guillermo Cortines ... Marcos Castillo
Juan Troya ... Dr. Guzman
Liliana Rodríguez ... Alberta
Lis Coleandro ... Sister Teresa
Lyduan Gonzalez ... Willy
Mary Kler Mata ... Vitelva
Norma Zuñiga ... Tomasa
Paloma Márquez ... Mitzy
Paola Pedroza ... Luisita
Ramón Morell ... Baltasar
Sonia Noemi ... Madre Pilar
Tatiana Capote ... Lorena Camargo
Victoria del Rosal ... Stefany
Xavier Coronel ... Artemio Anzola
Ximena Duque ... Maria Gracia
Bettina Grand ... Selma Lombardo

Writing credits
Carlos Pérez

Song: Siento
Written by: Chayanne
Singing: Chayanne

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Adriana Barraza
Héctor Márquez
Tito Rojas
Yaky Ortega
María Eugenia Perera

Produced by
Peter Tinoco
Ana Teresa Arismendi
Dulce Teran
Arquimedes Rivero

Venevisión Internacional


Filmed in Miami

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milly  - novela sacrificio de mujer   |2010-03-25 03:40:18
Esperemos que sea buena la novela pues por lo que se dice el elenco es muy bueno,asi que espero que la trama tambien.
Dereck   |2011-05-23 03:36:37
Las novelas con Flor Nunez son buenisimas :)
Juan  - Muy pronto en univision?   |2010-08-30 21:08:33
When will this novela premier on univision? Will it replace Pecadora in its timeslot?
Anonymous  - re: Muy pronto en univision?   |2011-05-09 22:56:22
Juan wrote:
will this novela premier on univision? Will it replace Pecadora in its timeslot?have you seen the novela on univision? They show it in New York at 12pm -
Daniela  - Cancion   |2011-02-16 20:06:34
Hola, soy Daniela de Chile y en mi pais hace pocas semanas empezaron a dar la telenovela '' Sacrificio de amor '' y el motivo de esto es que quiero pedirles el nombre de la canción que sale en esta telenovela , que se la cantan a Enzo con Milagros , es demasiado linda , y necesito el nombre, ya que con frases de la canción , no he logrado encontrarla :)
porfavor les pido que me manden el nombre a mi e-mail.
De ante mano , muchas gracias
Carolina  - Canción de Enzo y Milagros en Sacrificio de Mujer   |2011-05-18 23:50:12
Hola Dany:
Soy Carolina de Ecuador si es que todavía quieres la Canción que le ponían a Enzo y Milagros en Sacrificio de Mujer responde a mi mail con gusto te ayudo...
vany  - cancion de enzo y milagros   |2011-05-19 14:45:13
quero sabe ese cancion mi encanta mucho....
Dereck   |2011-05-23 03:46:50
Daniela, primero que nada, el nombre de la novela es Sacrificio de Mujer no de amor :) El nombre de cancion es Siento cantante-Chayanne
claudia  - es muy buena la novela   |2011-03-01 17:02:08
hola soy claudia de chile y por fis manden el nombre es muy buena la de milagros y enzo tanbien la que le ponen al principio
gabriela  - tema principal   |2011-03-12 21:32:52
hola soy gabriela ,y soy de chile el tema principal se llama "siento" de chayanne , pero el q le colocan a enzo y milagros no me lose
lizette  - my women are good friend   |2011-04-28 04:12:40
I love with my heart to be good with my friends in the world.
lizette  - re: es muy buena la novela   |2011-04-28 04:14:13
claudia wrote:
hola soy claudia de chile y por fis manden el nombre es muy buena la de milagros y enzo tanbien la que le ponen al principio
Carolina  - Muy buena Novela romantica   |2011-05-11 00:52:46
Hola por favor me podrían decir como se llama la canción que le ponen a clemencia que la canta una mujer y no es la de chayanne...
Susan!  - Quiero saber la canción de enzo y milagros   |2011-06-01 20:42:44
hola soy de chile y me encanta la cancion que le ponen a milagros y a enzo como se llama?
BW  - Song?   |2011-07-07 14:02:51
What is the name of the song used for Clemencia y Augusto? Gracias!
genesis  - cancion   |2011-10-02 22:48:26
Holo soy de venezuela yo quisiera saber kmo se llama la cancion que ponen en la escenas de enzo y milagros es muy buena pero no se ayudenme xfa..
Es Buena la novela   |2011-12-10 19:49:24
Is a good novel
namidja  - cancion de milagros y enzo   |2013-01-23 04:32:04
la cancion de enzo y milagros se llama " a primera vista " de angel arce
Nalunkuma Diana Olive  - Thanks   |2013-09-19 18:50:11
This serie is educative teaches us to love others & love our selves well.I want to say i love it
glorya d  - it's good   |2013-10-13 20:31:51
I very like this movie and my sister is crazy of that but I think the montage is bad. the images are a lot of near.
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