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Saints & Sinners

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Saints & Sinners telenovela This modern-day Romeo-and-Juliet story revolves around two Miami Beach families – the Capshaws and the Martins – who are plagued by a long, bitter rivalry. Julia Capshaw falls is in love with Roman Martin, the man accused of killing her father. They find themselves caught between their feuding hotel-owner families, who will stop at nothing to succeed. Meanwhile, a handsome stranger who works for the DEA poses as a priest Marcus Pitt. But a darker force is at work. A powerful drug-running kingpin nicknamed "The Guerrero," has not only murdered Julia Capshaw's father Howard, but is on the loose and killing more people every day. The climax of the series features Julia and Roman finally reuniting just in time to unmask the Guerrero, who turns out to be Roman's mother, Diana Martin.

Saints & Sinners - telenovela

(2007) - Maria Conchita Alonso, Charles Shaughnessy


Maria Conchita Alonso ... Diana Martin
Charles Shaughnessy ... August Martin
Scott Bailey ... Roman Martin
Natalie Martinez ... Pilar Martin
Ryan Scott Greene ... Marcus
Nick Stabile ... Gabe Capshaw
Shelli Boone ... Evan Reed
Chris Engen ... Richard Vargas
James Harvey Ward ... Madden
David Grant Wright ... Father Thomas
Joe Tabb ... Stevens
Michael Duvert ... Dax Ryston
Juan Monsalvez ... Detective Ben Johnson
Chris Hoffman ... Simon Pierce
Tyler Kain ... Julia Capshaw
Hank Cheyne ... Anton
Ray Galletti ... Mike brady
Mel Harris ... Sylvia Capshaw
Scott Martin ... Roman Martin
Rosalie Ward ... Sloane Capshaw
Danny Arroyo ... Santos
Meggan Anderson ... Desk Clerk
Kristina Kreyling ... Mrs. Nestor
Gregg Strouse ... Yaz
Eva Tamargo ... Helen
Paul Eggington ... Merle Packard
Kyle Scudiere ... Councilman
Jennifer Austin ... Dr. Vicky Furreto
Wil Bowers ... Agent Anderson
Jessica Fairbanks ... Vanessa Pitt
Tony Malanga ... Slick

Writing credits
P. Ryan Baber
Christine Scowley
Anne Walls
Ted Koland

Original music
Matt Vowles

Cinematography by
Agathe Padovani-Cervantes
Tom Jewett

Directed by
Drew Ann Rosenberg
Jonathan Winfrey
Joe Coppoletta
Scott Ziehl

Produced by
Joseph Oliver
Christian Jean
Stu Segall
Joan Etchells

Gone Fission
Stu Segall Productions


Kelly Galindo was originally cast opposite Maria Conchita Alonso

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