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Secreto de Amor

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Secreto de Amor telenovela Maria Clara is a modern girl, hardworking and willing to confront the world on behalf of her small family. She is about to realize her dream of marrying her longtime boyfriend, Carlos Raúl Fonseca, a local mechanic. But only 20 days before the wedding, Carlos Raul loses his job and he asks Maria Clara to postpone the wedding so that he can go to Miami to find work. Carlos Raul travels to the USA in search of a better future. Maria Clara waits behind, heartbroken. When her mother dies suddenly of a heart attack, Maria Clara follows the advice of her aunt and decides to travel to Miami to find her boyfriend. The last thing she imagined was that he had found himself another woman: Barbara Serrano Zulbaran, a haughty but beautiful and wealthy woman, who had fallen immediately in love with Carlos Raul and promoted him to manage her chain of hotels. Carlos Raul somersaults from poverty into the high life in the blink of an eye. He is all set to marry Barbara, but then Maria Clara shows up.


Scarlet Ortiz as María Clara Carvajal

María Clara Carvajal is a very cute, tender and sweet young woman. She has a generous heart, hot and very responsive. She takes a hard decision to go and find her beloved since that’s not an easy step for a young girl, though her vital temper and eagerness to be next to her caring Carlos make her come up in Miami. There she has to look into lots of situations loaded emotionally and physically to survive and get to her dreams, eventually.

Jorge Aravena as Carlos Raúl Fonseca

Carlos is an athletic and handsome young man, skillful and experienced in what concerns household. He dreams of becoming a good pianist but poverty makes him work as a mechanic. He seems to be very reliable and faithful to María, but sea changes occur in his life and he is made from one beautiful but poor girl to a wealthy and also beautiful woman, the hotel owner in Miami. The way he changes and builds his life depends on his choice only.

Aura Cristina Geithner as Barbara Serrano Zulbarán

Barbara is an extremely stylish, perfect looking, stunning lady from high society, highly passionate about Carlos. She is a big boss in Miami in hotel industry and it takes her nothing to make people do what she wants and ruin María’s dreams at a winkle. She prefers Carlos being her husband choosing to struggle for his heart by means of her financial authority.

Secreto de Amor - telenovela

(2001) - Jorge Aravena, Scarlet Ortiz


Scarlet Ortiz .... María Clara Carvajal
Jorge Aravena .... Carlos Raúl Fonseca
Aura Cristina Geithner .... Bárbara Serrano Zulbarán
Jorge Luis Pila .... Lizandro Serrano Zulbarán
Astrid Grúber .... Vilma Altamirano
Carla Ortiz .... Andrea Carvajal
Griselda Noguera .... Prudencia Santana de Zulbarán
Yadira Santana .... Coralia Hernández
Anna Silvetti .... Victoria Viloria
Yul Burkle .... Braulio Viloria
Humberto Rossenffeld .... Reinaldo Viloria
Hans Christopher .... Amado Cáceres
Lino Ferrer .... Florencio Gordoño
Reinaldo Cruz .... Erasmo Ferrer
Adriana Cataño .... Elisa Ferrer
Ariel López Padilla .... Dr. Ricardo Sandoval
Sandro Finoglio .... Luciano Ibáñez
Zúrich Valera .... Natalia Díaz
Annette Vega .... Luna
Lisbeth Manrique .... Lluvia
Luis Masías .... Alexander Ríos
Claudia Reyes .... Melisa Padilla - villain
Yina Vélez .... Inés Lara
Carlos Mesber .... Alfonso
Carolina Vielma .... Pierina
Elluz Peraza .... Teresa
Astrid Carolina Herrera .... Yesenia
Alicia Machado
Diana Quijano .... Isolda - villain
Ana Karina Casanova .... Erika

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez

Song: Secreto de Amor
Singing: Joan Sebastian

Directed by
Luis Sánchez
Yaki Ortega

Produced by
Alfredo Schwarz (executive producer)
Ricardo Schwarz

Fonovideo Productions


The futher remake of "Secreto de Amor" is mexican telenovela "Amor sin Condiciones" (2006) with Mariana Ochoa and Alberto Casanova

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linda  - m/s   |2008-10-24 21:21:22
Its great
bazawula  - secreto   |2008-11-19 20:34:10
it is a good film
simha  - re: secreto   |2010-12-15 16:00:06
bazawula wrote:
it is a good film
it is good film,good entertainent,and no boring.
Doreen  - Hi guys   |2008-11-26 17:31:39

its me Doreen from Uganda saying hullo to you guys. thank you so much for that movie it was so interesting, enjoying and educative.

could you please send me your website where i can send you emails if possible talk to you guys, i liked Andrea, Maria clara, Teresita, Florensio, Gold mother, the aunt Luana, and all the handsome guys like Braulio, Reinaldo, Lizandro, Erasmo and others. Is The Gold mother, Vilma, Barbara, Carlos Raul, Victoria, Erasmo, Reinaldo, Ruvia and Yesenia Married? please reply.

who is the mother of Teresita and
Esther Musavi  - Hallo hallo...   |2010-01-08 10:17:41
Thanks so much for your act. It is more education, moral behavious and makes people to change their behaviour the way Barbra and velma ended up. They paid for their sins

esther musavi
Jonah  - Great novela   |2010-02-13 16:13:12
Scarlet Ortiz, Jorge Aravena, Aura Cristina and all the actors did a very good job in this novela. Barbara was the first villan in a telenovela that everyone actually hated.But Venevision could have done a better job at the openinq sequence though. It was just too plain and ordinary.
rogasian  - secreto de amor   |2010-02-24 18:27:53
Hollew there,
Am very proud of theis show on tv,I suggest this show can be reviewed on ITV or capital tevision
Leonard  - Great movie   |2010-05-05 12:39:48
I and so many people in my country like your series so very much I just want to say thanks for it .I which someday i will visit your country especially for my horny moon .
aaron2010  - Never seen this novela, but I like the theme song!   |2010-07-27 09:54:41
I've never seen "Secreto de Amor" but I do like the theme song by Joan Sebastian. And I noticed that this novela was the first novela to have Jorge Aravena and Scarlet Ortiz as the two lead roles in it. The second novela those two did was "Mi Vida Eres Tu: La Voz del Amor" which also took place in Miami and that novela, I did watch and was very good. I hope there is a future DVD release of "Secreto de Amor" because I would really like to see it.

Saludos, Aaron A.
frank  - to see you once again   |2010-07-27 10:16:18
i wish to see you again acting since it has been so long since that episode last and you have not shooted another one together as main characters
bernadette  - cool words   |2010-10-25 13:44:56
i remmeber vilma's words "completly and also" and the actor's nice looking faces
simha  - secreto ei amor   |2010-12-15 15:51:49
i was in malaysia i watched this episods, which is realy good to watch famly, f found all kind of human feelings, like happyness, sarow, failur,difficultes, enjoying,all kind of respects,music,locations,coriograph,and the story,all of them acted very wel,realy clara is super&lovely,barbara very sexy,vilma is attractive, i realy enjoyed thanks for entertaind us now i want see in india same episods throuh pc thank you all.
shasi  - All in all to make people enjoy and leaern   |2011-01-21 12:22:23
It is very difficult for the other people to understand what is happening in this world but we real thak you for taking the chance to make others learn and enjoying
because there are others whom suffer from their daily life.but they do kno how to solve their problems whic they encounter.
thaking you guys for helping them to get the way of solving their proplems the, way you act
sandy  - hi guys   |2011-01-26 22:56:21
hi it's sandy form kenya thanks so much 4 the intresting movie, it was hard 4 me 2 understand the title but later on i understand by asking a mexican person to tell me the mean of the title. thenks so much 4 the movie i enjoyed it.
Emmanuel Mathew Kimario  - Hi guys   |2011-07-13 19:49:47
Hi, it's me Emmanuel from Tanzania thanks so much for the wonderful and interesting movie ever seen before. I real like it because imetufundisha mambo mengi sana, like ma fellow viewer has just suggested that irudiwe kuonyeshwa in either ITV or Pulse television yaani nitafurahi sana...Thanks so much once again for the movie I enjoyed it.
pety  - great movie   |2011-08-10 11:09:33
hi, it's me pety from kenys. i bet it is a great movie, educational and a entertaining . i just loved it. request for a repeat of the movie. thanks.
Ellah G. Ayodi   |2011-08-18 16:07:34
i loved the movie and wished it could be repeated every now and then too great guys thanks
Reny adu boamah atiemo  - so beautiful   |2011-11-12 23:43:08
i really like this movie and would watch it thousand times if shown again. great movie keep it up.
Emmanuel Onipede  - soo interesting   |2012-01-08 17:04:33
to me this movie is the best i have ever watch.i can keep on watching over and over again...
Deidre Salcido  - PLEASE HELP!!!   |2012-03-24 03:38:51
My mother is driving me crazy!!! She REALLY WANTS the DVD (Secreto de Amor) with Juan Sebastian singing the lead song. Where can I buy this darn thing? Thanks for your responses...hurry!!!
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