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Sin Senos no hay Paraíso

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Sin Senos no hay Paraíso telenovelaWhen the wish to high up in career turns into blind ambitions a person can risk with everything including own life. “Sin Senos no hay Paraíso” is a story about Catalina – a girl from little countryside town who are ready to risk with everything in order to go out of her poverty and make her dreams to become true. She is even ready to risk with own life and integrity.

Catalina and her brother Bayron were brought up by their mother Mrs. Ilda – a beautiful woman who is ready for everything to make her children climb the top of this life. Living in poverty they have to struggle against the hateful reality every day. They all are approached for better life so much, that they manage to get the tangible wealth, and they are mistake to think this is “the happiness they were dreaming about”. The confused people they try to use the shortest and easiest ways to earn fast money.

Bayron tired of his financial situation finds his own way out of poverty. He is included into the mafia group. He has become and killer and starts his games with death in order to have more money.

Catalina in her turn is crazy of her appearance. She is a beautiful young girl but she is sure her tits are less than they must be to assist her in her wealth search. She wishes to be like her friends with big tits who use this appearance to attract the drug dealers and become their girlfriends in order to have more money.

Yesica, the best friend of Catalina, comes to this drug-oriented world with her own business. She is recruiting and managing the girls who are ready to satisfy the sexual wishes of Mafioso prepaid. This business of Yesica gives Catalina the idea how to get rid of poverty.

Being inside this sexual business Catalina falls under influence of Lorena, who has business with Martines, an important person in cartel of Juarez. She convinces a young and innocent in implanting girl that the latter needs more tits for being successful in life. Catalina has no idea that Lorena uses the girls with implants as “bags” for their drug cargo hidden inside their implants.

Catalina impressed by the world of wealth and luxury come to decision to break with her fiancée Albeiro, a young man from her native little town. Albeiro is in despair of this decision. But Catalina stops her relations easily and starts her search of a person who can pay for her tit operation to make them bigger, as this fact up to her mind will open the gate to wealth world for her.

Coming through numerous barriers and problems on this way Catalina suffers indignity and violence what makes you to realize the difference between wishes and money, poverty and personal tragedy.


Fabián Ríos as Albeiro

Albeiro is Catalina’s boyfriend. He is diligent though a little bit naïve. He cannot perceive somehow asperity that Catalina expresses who loves truth. When Catalina is absent, he has  a passion with Doña Hilda. He is faced to the obstacle to choose between two women: a mature woman who knows what she can give and want from him and a young girl whom he loves but who is unstable and makes him suffer.

Carmen Villalobos as Catalina Santana

Catalina is Hilda’s daughter, Bayron’s sister and Albeiro’s girlfriend. She is gentle, ambitious and graceful. Catalina goes too deep into the world of prostitution and mafia. She gets obsessed with the idea to get her breasts bigger to be like her new friends and be popular among new men after her. She happens to work with the mean surgeon known in Bogota who is used to insert drugs into the breast implant of girls who dream of travelling but become drug carriers only.

Catherine Siachoque as Doña Hilda

Doña Hilda is Catalina and Bayron’s mother. She is humble, modest and diligent who suffered a lot in her life. She feels anxcious about her children and it hurts her when they go out and leave study paving the way into the dangerous life fuul of benefits to refuse poverty. Unfortunately, she falls in love with her daughter’s boyfriend and it hurts her deeper when she finds Albeiro still loves Catalina.

María Fernanda Yépes as Yésica

Yésica is Catalina’s best friend. She is teen prostitutes’ bully. She is aware of illegal mafiosos world to serve Catalina as a fresh and naïve product. She is free from any moral restrictions.

Aylín Mujica as Lorena

Lorena is the prostitute who serves anyone from Mafioso band admitting neither God nor Devil in her life. She suffers when her daughter escapes from home.

Juan Diego Sánchez as Bayron Santana

Bayron Santana is Catalina’s brother. He is tired of poverty and decides to get another way than his mother. He is affectionate about Ximena.

Sin Senos no hay Paraíso - telenovela

(2008) - Carmen Villalobos


Carmen Villalobos ... Catalina Santana
Fabián Ríos ... Albeiro Manrique
Gregorio Pernía ... Aurelio 'Titi' Jaramillo
Katherine Siachoque ... Hilda Santana
Diego Sánchez ... Bayron Santana
Guillermo Quintanilla ... Mariño Martinez
Aylín Mújica ... Lorena
María Fernanda Yepez ... Yésica 'La diabla'
Carolina Sepulveda ... Ximena
María Alejandra Pinzón ... Paola
Carolina Betancourt ... Vanessa
Laura Londoño ... Lina
Linda Baldrich ... Natalia
Sofía Stamatiades ... Julieta
Roberto Mateos ... José Miguel Cárdenas
Gabriel Porras ... Fernando Rey
Ramiro Meneses ... Dark Man
Danilo Santos ... Cardona
Alí Humar ... Pablo Morón
Juan Pablo Shuk ... Mauricio Contento
César Mora ... Marcial Sánchez
Astrid Junguito ... Mariela manrique

Writing credits
Gustavo Bolivar

Song: Sin Senos no hay Paraíso
Written by: Héctor Cardona Jr.

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes

Directed by
Miguel Varoni
Ramiro Meneses

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer
Mary-Kathryn Kennedy

RTI Colombia


Remake of colombian telenovela Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso

Based on investigative journalist Gustavo Bolivar's novel

NBC Universal commissioned both English and Spanish versions of the Colombian serial to be produced independently

The next version of the telenovela is english-language series Without Breasts There is No Paradise

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liks  - everything   |2008-11-16 07:35:15
i want the real story and the real name of everybody
Ramona  - Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso   |2009-04-28 01:28:00

I seen the real story, Sin Tetas No Hay Paraiso. That story has an ending. This story has lost everything. Catalina is not the poor girl, but turned into prostitute, hates her mother, Beiro has a spot and hes a lazy bum living of the mother and daughter and father to be! Retarded Hota is looking for money and wasting my time. This novela is wasting a good 30 minutes and other novelas could take the place. From Good, Exciting, to boring.When is it going to finish!
Ramona  - Wasting time!   |2009-04-28 01:35:21
This novela has no point to the story, they make it sound like its the best thing to have incest, no morals, Hota is always looking for money, big dummy. In reality this has nothing to do with Senos.I feel Catalina is a very ungrateful daughter and selffish. When your poor you help yourself and never forget your family. This girl has burned all bridges. She only thought about her boobs,money, and narcs. Now she has no boods, no money, and done with the narcs. Shoot to think you killed Bayron. He was good and did his job. Now that was worth waiting only 30 minutes. When is it going to be over!
jasmin  - como se llama   |2008-11-19 02:23:28
como se llaman las caniciones de la novela y quien las cantan
Anonymous  - re: como se llama   |2008-12-22 04:51:24
jasmin wrote:
como se llaman las caniciones de la novela y quien las cantan
Anonymous  - re: re: como se llama   |2011-02-25 18:49:55
Anonymous wrote:
jasmin wrote:
como se llaman las caniciones de la novela y quien las cantan
rosa batista  - cual es la edad de catalina em vida real   |2008-12-04 23:16:03
cual es la edad de catalina en vida real
valentina  - gabriel porras   |2009-01-06 23:14:10
gabriel porras fue el que mejor actuo en esa novela es un papasote y mas actuando de malo cuando lo vi en el personaje de fernando rey,ay mama se bei guapisimo que digo hermosisimo asi de malo le queda muy bien
cardona   |2014-07-09 21:41:22
estoy de acuerdo contigo el fue el mejor fernando rey ese si era un capo de verdad no se porque lo mataron hubieran matado mejor a ese marrano de marcial en lugar de a mi compadre es el mejor fernando rey es mi idolo me gusta como trata a las mujeres yo lo veo como mi maestro mi mentor tambien me gusta como sale en la reina del sur
Áúria   |2009-01-26 03:33:52
a love Maria Fernanda Yépez!This petrry woman!
NORMA ARGENTO  - muy aburrida!!!!!!!   |2009-02-06 01:56:26
lastima que se puso tan aburrida,hay noche que diretamente cambio de canal.pense que seria diferente,y encima la dan 1/2 hora!!!!!!!por favor terminen!!!!!!!!!!!muchas gracias.asi le dan paso al cartel.que promete no ser tan estupida!!!!!!!!!!!!
nency lisseth  - muy buena   |2009-02-12 13:57:10
como se llaman las canciones de si senos no hay paraiso y quien las cata
jose san  - nosirva   |2009-02-19 21:25:16
novalelapena ya verla guacala
jacquelin   |2009-03-19 01:15:00
Debieron verse la original no me gusto la segunda version la recargaron demasiado la volvieron lata a menos que sea asi la historia en el libro la original fue mas corta pero fabulosa.Me pregunto porque no pasaron la original sera cuestion de plata?o de quien se hace mas famoso.
jacquelin   |2009-03-19 01:16:44
La original fue mejor esta la recargaron esta muy aburrida.
tiffany  - hey   |2009-03-19 15:22:26
hey i love this novela because it helps me know adout life...
tiffany  - hey i am tiffany   |2009-03-19 15:23:46
i love this novela because i helps me knows how is life.
gio  - ???   |2009-05-31 22:40:34
what hapent to catalina in the end ??
Laritssa  - Pregunta acerca de las canciones.   |2009-07-03 04:37:06
¿Cómo se llaman las canciones de "Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso" y quién las canta?
Laritssa  - Para los que estén buscando los nombres de las can   |2009-07-03 05:30:32
Buscando los nombres (usando Google Search) encontré una pagina donde salen los nombres (he incluso Telemundo vende el CD).

Los titulos son:
1. Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso (Main Theme)
2. Sin Ellas No Hay Paraíso (Regetón)
3. Las Reinas Del Barrio
4. Quiero Volar
5. Tengo Que Hacerlo Por Necesidad
6. La Escogida
7. Como Te Deseo
8. Pa Mi Morena
9. Una Noche Apasionada
10. Las Chicas Prepago
11. Ahora Dime Tú
12. Pablo Morón
13. Una Profunda Herida

Espero que esto les ayude.
Anonymous  - re: Para los que estén buscando los nombres de las   |2010-04-05 00:37:23
Laritssa wrote:
Buscando los nombres (usando Google Search) encontré una pagina donde salen los nombres (he incluso Telemundo vende el CD).

Los titulos son:
1. Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso (Main Theme)
2. Sin Ellas No Hay Paraíso (Regetón)
3. Las Reinas Del Barrio
4. Quiero Volar
5. Tengo Que Hacerlo Por Necesidad
6. La Escogida
7. Como Te Deseo
8. Pa Mi Morena
9. Una Noche Apasionada
10. Las Chicas Prepago
11. Ahora Dime Tú
12. Pablo Morón
13. Una Profunda Herida

Espero que esto les ayude.
Pablo Chavez  - Agradecimiento   |2009-09-06 18:51:33
Muchas gracias, estaba buscando lo titulos musicales para mi novia porque a ella le gusta, ve esa novela y le gusta los temas musicales.
laura   |2009-09-18 00:49:57
es una novela que nos hace reflexionar a las jovenes que andan metidas en eso y no es bueno el consejo para ellas salganse de eso no es bueno...
sidhant  - Prusty   |2009-11-03 12:17:41
The story is good.
I would really like to see it on TV
in Disney channel.
Mex83   |2009-12-23 08:06:11
I don't think this story would be suited for children and teenagers under 15 which is what Disney Channel is for.. For kids.
Cata  - ???   |2011-08-24 01:29:28
how OLD are you to be sayin that?! but, i bet disney channel producers watch this show. i don't blame you for saying that . ^ actually funii. :)
and. . .hi
Branka   |2009-11-05 13:35:31
I like this telenovela it has a good point for the young girls.
Mex83   |2009-12-23 08:13:35
La verdad si la cagarron con extender la novela. Yo vi el final pero lo lei y dicen que cata regresa a vivir con su mama sin implantes y luego se entera que La Diabala es la nueva amante de Marcial y entonces Cata decide matar a Jessica. La llama y le dice que esta en Bogota y que la quiere ver. La cita en un restaurant y Cata lleva en su bolsa un pistola para matar a Jessica, mientras esta esperando a que llegue Jessica, Cata esta escribiendo en su diario. Y De repente se oye un balazo despues sale la escena en donde Cata esta muerta porque se dio un Trio ella misa. Y la novela acaba con la toma de lo que Cata escribio.... Estaba escribiendo su biografia y al final dice.... ES VERDAD, SIN SENOS NO HAY PARAISO.... FIN.
sandra  - no mi gosta el final   |2011-05-19 14:36:48
i like this telenovela because it show a teenager to never do tht....i feel sad bcuz cata die.....
Cata   |2011-08-24 01:30:16
Don't spoil it for people!
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