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Sin Vergüenza

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Sin Vergüenza telenovelaThis is the story of four friends  - Renata, Maite, Fernanda and Paloma living in Bogota, Columbia. Each of them meets love of life but they have to share it with their competitors. Renata, a bitchy young woman living alone, and loving just freedom, herself and her job, is in love with Raimundo, a wealthy boss married with two children; is wife Meme does not afford her being happy with her husband. Maite goes through many strains to be happy, though finally she is willing to join with her ex-husband Max for the sake of health of their son, but Max’s current wife is not ready to let him away so easily. Two men in Paloma’s life try to draw her over though she is of two minds about these two, all hesitant. And the fourth friend, Fernanda, looks for another man to love since she is disappointed in her marriage, choosing between Esteban and Cristóbal.

These four women have been friends since the school time. They are models and owners of the lingerie store Sin Vergüenza. The story reveals their relations and how they refer to such issues as “Who is ideal wife?” and “How to stay attractive for a man?”


Jorge Aravena as Esteban del Río

Esteban is Fernanda’s husband. He is diligent and opportunistic seeing too many challenges if he heads his brother’s business. He was proud to marry Fernanda and living a good life with a beautiful wife who resembles as his daughter, but with the lapse of time he gets disappointed with the sexual life. This certainly brings to problems in marriage.

Margarita Ortega as Fernanda Montes

Fernanda Montes is a humble and conservative woman who married to Esteban who looks like her father. Due to her naivety and modesty she cannot correspond to sexual appetite of her husband. She is the one to symbolize old traditions – catholic, conservative, modest, afraid to talk about intimate stuff and discuss sexual issues. She has a part-time job at the kindergarten. Fernanda has to cope with her jealousy to Renata, her husband’s colleague.

Ivonne Montero as Maite Contreras

Maite Contreras fluctuates between her stronger feelings to a young man who is several years younger than her and the feelings to be a mother. Maite still behaves as a teenager. She does not bother about her appearance since her natural beauty allows her doing well without any plastic surgery and long hours at fitness clubs. Maite works at school, she is the ideal wife and not an ideal mother. She has an 11-year old son.

Kike, her young boyfriend, expects she will give him everything he wants and he does not want to keep longer relations with her. Maite faces a great challenge in her life when her son gets sick with diabetes mellitus. This disease gets her back to reality and she joins her forces and assets with her son’s father, her ex-husband, to cover all therapy expenditures.

Paola Toyos as Paloma San Miguel

Paloma is a photographer who prefers balanced and stable life. She is divorced with two children and she has a new partner, Rafael.

As a housewife, she puts high hopes and makes hard attempts to penetrate the industry of art supported by her friends. Her children, Rocco and Candelaria, from her first marriage with the young actor Julian, live with her. She enjoys her liberal relations with Rafael who lives with her and her children at her place trying to act as their father.

In the meantime her ex-husband appears to have to place to live and he claims to live with her, either. It is fun to see how he tries to behave as the head of the family. Paloma hesitates between her feelings since the ideal man for her is the combination of Julian and Rafael with Rafael’s responsibility and cheerfulness and sexual activity of Julian.

Alejandro de la Madrid as Rafael Velez

Rafael Velez is Paloma’s lover. He realizes that Julian is the important person in Paloma’s family and he takes some of dad’s responsibility in his absence. He tries to be the one in need but once Paloma voices Julian in the intimate issue, he gets disappointed and feels as if he is cheated.

Javier Gómez as Raimundo Montes

Raimundo has romantic relations with Renata being in marriage with other woman. He heads the business owning half of the capital with his wife. He perceives life as business where he has to be stronger and persistent; he loves treating things and people as the dominant one over them. Raimundo has to refuse from his lover Renata when he apprehends he can lose everything he has now.

Gaby Espino as Renata Sepúlveda

Renata has a love affair with Raimundo, her supervisor. She looks awesome, always attractive, neat and sexual-appealing. She is very impulsive, strong-minded and decisive. Renata demonstrates her firmness and ability to handle with the world. From the single employment she has financial support and sex which is convenient. She does not care whether her supervisor is married or single, she just wants to take advantage of it, when and if necessary. She is in tight spot when she faces problems related to her jo which could reveal her relations with Raimundo. And soon Raimundo rejects her for the sake of his business and his own wife to survive.

Sin Vergüenza - telenovela

(2007) - Gaby Espino, Ivonne Montero, Margarita Ortega, Paola Toyos


Gaby Espino... Renata Sepúlveda
Ivonne Montero... Maite Contreras
Margarita Ortega... Fernanda Montes
Paola Toyos... Paloma San Miguel
Jorge Aravena ... Esteban del Río
Javier Gómez... Raimundo Montes
Diana Quijano... Meme
Alejandro de la Madrid... Rafael Velez
Salvador del Solar ... Julián
Luis Ernesto Franco... Kike
Natalia Giraldo
José Julián Gaviria... Vincente
Alfredo Annert... Max
Cristóbal Lander... Cristóbal

Writing credits
Isamar Hernández
Valentina Párraga

Directed by
Rodolfo Hoyos
Andres Biermann

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer
Oscar Guarin

RTI Colombia


Filmed in Bogotá

This show is also known as Cuatro Rosas

Based on the 2006 TVN comedy-drama Entre Medias

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