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Te Amare en Silencio

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Te Amare en SilencioCeleste was a witness of the murder of her parents: her father discovered her mother in bed with another man, he killed his wife, but the lover killed him. The lover leaves quickly, but his face will remain engraved in Celeste's mind. Terrified, the little girl runs away and nobody ever hears from her again... Fifteen years later Celeste reappears. Today she is a deaf-and-dumb girl, due to that tragedy. Celeste meets Camilo. She secretly takes his photos and keeps her love in silence. But her secret love is uncovered after their first encounter. They fall in love. Camilo, on request of Ofelia, the grandmother of Celeste, is searching for the lost girl without imagining that she is the same girl who steals his dreams. Thanks to him, Celeste is reunited with her lost family, but she discovers two secrets. Camilo, the man whom she loves, is married...  and Arsenio Moral, the father of Camilo, is the lover who killed her parents fifteen years ago...


Ana Carolina da Fonseca as Celeste

Celeste is a deaf and dumb young girl who lives without her parents. She was the witness of the murder of her parents and since then she does not speak. She is beautiful and humble. Whether it is because of her dumbness or not, Celeste is a quiet, humble and flexible young girl. When she has to struggle for her love, she is ready to go for it. Although, the past still bothers her in person of Arsenio.

Eduardo Yañez as Camilo

The young man from the wealthy family charged for the seaquarium. He more likes being alone, in peace and with creatures that do not speak and disturb him. He is so tired of the fussy world that he ignores the chance to inherit the fortune and stay wealthy. He is intelligent, humble, with good manners and the best style. He is married to Rosario though he does not love her at all. He agreed to marry her for the business interests only.

Marcela Pezet as Matilde

Matilde is an elegant and beautiful woman, though she is prudent and quarrelsome. She knows that Nano does not love her but she has to keep relations in marriage to keep leading her style of life. She cannot allow that Celeste

Sergio Klainer as Arsenio

Arsenio is Camilo’s father and in the past he was Celeste’s mother’s lover. He is the one who is guilty in death of her parents and now she is in love with his son. She does not know how to respond and behave in this complicated situation. She has no one close to her whereas Camilo is married and his father is her father’s killer. 

Te Amare en Silencio - telenovela

(2002) - Eduardo Yañez , Ana Carolina da Fonseca


Eduardo Yañez .... Camilo
Ana Carolina da Fonseca .... Celeste
Marcela Pezet .... Matilde
Alma Delfina .... Angélica
Sergio Klainer .... Arsenio
Fabian Pizzorno .... Rafael
Salvador Pineda .... Emilio
Lucy Gallardo .... Ofelia
Javier Ortiz .... Federico
Emiliano Diez .... Leandro
Henry Zakka .... Tony
Rebecca Silva .... Rosa
Daniel Faraldo .... Cruz
Indra Zuno .... Veronica
Karmin Murcelo .... Alma
Larissa Reynolds .... Mariluz
Minerva Trujillo .... Lucía
Ara Celi .... Clara
Luis Enrique Navarro .... Alex
Eduardo Iduñate .... Teto
Alan García .... Ricky
Marisol Padilla .... Joana
Marcela Bordes .... María
Daniel Imora .... Pancho
Eduardo García .... Luis Roberto
Pilar Montenegro .... Paola
Stephany García .... Celeste (as a child)
Carmen Areu .... Jaqueline
Wendy de los Cobos .... Gertrudis 'La ñoña'
Arianna Coltellacci .... Perla Cuervos
Liuba De Lasse .... Lupita
Pedro Escobedo .... Hugo
Fernando Lozano .... Oscar Hoya
Luis Mesa .... Pedro
Joel Nuñez .... Roberto
Martha Restrepo .... Juana
Oscar Servin .... Octavio Luis
Carlos Villarreal .... Juan Jose
Eugenio Cobo

Writing credits
Enrique Torres (original story)
Miguel Vega (adaptation)

Song: Te amare en silencio
Written by: Kauderer-Torres-Freixa
Singing: Jaime Camil

Original Music
Emilio Kauderer

Micky Ronsini
Gustavo Carrasco
Guillermina Zabala

Production co-ordinator
María Eugenia Fernández
Jennifer Ibarra
Julio Saldarriaga

Production manager
David Moran

Chief of production
Igor Manrique
Luz Conte-Freixa
Juan Manuel Gonzalez

Cinematography by
Nelson Hernandez

Directed by
José Acosta (on location)
Andrei Zinca

Produced by
Feliciano Torres (general producer)
Ricardo Freixa (executive producer)

Paloma Productions


"Te amaré en silencio" is a remake of telenovela "Nano" (Argentina, 1994, Artear) with Gustavo Bermúdez and Araceli Gonzalez.

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Maria Guadalupe  - Te amaré en silencio   |2010-03-20 01:32:12
Quisiera conseguir la telenovela Te amaré en silencio protagonista Eduardo Yáñez. Pueden indicarme dónde puedo hacerlo. Gracias.
Rosa  - como puedo ver esta telenovela?   |2011-04-26 06:15:21
Quisiera conseguir la telenovela Te amaré en silencio protagonista Eduardo Yáñez. Pueden indicarme dónde puedo hacerlo. Gracias.
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