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Tierra de pasiones

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Tierra de pasiones telenovelaIn a beautiful valley where the most exquisite grapes are farmed, an intense and sizzling love story will flourish between Valeria San Roman, a beautiful woman with a strong character, which has given her the strength to face life’s deceptions, and Francisco Contreras, renowned publisher, widower and a man of will.

Valeria, who manages the San Roman vineyard, hasn’t had an easy life. Her own father, Jose Maria `Chema` San Roman, the family’s patriarch, has always hated her because she is the only one who doesn’t obey him. A man without scruples, selfish and womanizing, Chema arrived to the United States, married Valeria’s mom to steal everything from her and later disposed of her. If that weren’t enough, Chema schemes a hideous plan causing Valeria to experience a horrible betrayal.

Meanwhile, Francisco arrives to visit his father at the ranch only to learn that he has married Marcia, a woman much younger than he who leads him to the brink of bankruptcy and drives him to suicide. At that time, Francisco decides to stay in the valley and save the family business from bankruptcy.

When Valeria and Francisco meet, their strong personalities undoubtedly clash, although it is evident that there is a strong chemistry between them. They team up to form a partnership convenient to both and are resigned to the idea of having to put up with each other. As they get to know one another, a love stems between them that will survive all the challenges they will encounter along the way.

But, when destiny finally gives Valeria this new opportunity, Pablo, an old flame she thought was dead, comes back from the past to change everything.


Saúl Lisazo as Francisco Contreras 

Francisco Contreras was employed by the Marketing Company in Los Angeles and later he devoted his life to vineyard and grapery management inherited from his father. Francisco is a very good looking and manly person with elegant manners. He is known for his nobleness, justice and politeness. He keeps himself in hands, but when he gets angry he shows his strong and dominating personality. He is apt to trust people. He is romantic and strives to find a woman to love.

Héctor Suárez as José Maria ‘Chema’ San Román

José Maria is the head of the family business, the owner of San Roman vineyards. He is ambitious, unscrupulous, shameless, smug person. He believes women are born for him to enjoy and use them. He is used to manage and manipulate people. Everyone obeys him apart from Valeria which cause conflicts. He has never loved anyone but him.  He did and will always do whatever he needs and wants only.

Katherine Siachoque as Marcia Hernández

Marcia is an eye-striking woman with high ambitions and claims. He worked as a model at the beauty store until she married Gustavo for her interest. She is very passionate and impetuous. Marcia loves lavish and luxury life and she will never refuse from what she has now. She knows what the love is with Jorge though she cannot afford it.

Ricardo Chávez as Miguel Valdez

Miguel Valdez works as a manager at San Roman vineyards. He is strong-minded, principal and despotic. He is a go-getter. He aims to get rich and nothing stops him from that. He is a haughty, cruel, selfish person. Valeria rejects his offers and he declares a war to her. He is not the person to love another one. Women are to be used, in his opinion.

Francisco Gattorno as Pablo González

Pablo González falls in love with the Lord’s daughter and makes her pregnant. He decides to leave the town in fear of threats from his beloved’s father. He is looking for his happiness since he believes he cannot pretend to be a husband for Valeria. 

Gabriela Spanic as Valeria San Román 

Valeria San Román  is a beautiful woman with a slender shapes. She is known for her justice and honesty. Though she has a strong personality which makes her sound rough and tough from time to time. She manages the family vineyard, either. She does not care of fashion and makeup. She spends her time on what she thinks important, including her job and actions to help the poor. She is stubborn and passionate in everything she does. As a rule, she dominates in her activity among others. When she is hurt, she becomes aggressive, though from inside she is vulnerable and needs love.

Tierra de pasiones - telenovela

(2006) - Gabriela Spanic, Saúl Lisazo


Gabriela Spanic .... Valeria San Román
Saúl Lisazo .... Francisco Contreras
Katherine Siachoque .... Marcia Hernández
Héctor Suárez .... José Maria ‘Chema’ San Román
Francisco Gattorno .... Pablo González
Elluz Peraza .... Laura Contreras
Ariel Lopez Padilla.... Javier Ortigoza
Sergio Catalán .... Jorge San Román
Ricardo Chávez .... Miguel Valdez
Isabel Moreno .... Mariana `Nana` Sánchez
Liliana Rodríguez .... Lourdes `Lulu` Aguilar
Carlos Mesber .... Gerardo Aguilar
Carolina Lizarazo .... Paula Hernández
Raúl Izaguirre .... Carlos Domínguez
Álvaro Ruiz .... Padre Amado - Marcia's favourite priest
Xavier Coronel .... Ismael - uncle of Pablo
Alcira Gil .... Zoraida Beltrán de Domínguez
Yamil Sesin .... Danilo 1
José Ramón Blanch .... Danilo 2
Géraldine Bazán .... Belinda San Román
Arap Bethke.... Roberto `Beto` Contreras
Teresa Tuccio .... Gabriela López
Jessica Cerezo .... Daniela Domínguez
Carlos East .... Alejandro ‘Alex’ Domínguez
Eduardo Cuervo .... Mauricio `Mauro` López
Fred Valle .... Gustavo Contreras
Guísela Moro .... Pilar Aguilar
Gladys Yañes
Roxana Peña .... Patricia
Bernhard Seifert .... Ramiro
Nancy Álvarez .... Yolanda
Fernando Bravo .... Lucas
Leonardo Kris .... Dr. Elías
Francheska Mattei .... Lupe
Jorge Hernández .... Police chief
Julio Ocampo .... Andrés San Román
Clemencia Valásquez .... Dora Gálvez
Eduardo Ibarrola .... Rómulo Gálvez
Kenya Hijuelos .... Lorna Gálvez
Renán Almendárez Coello .... Jesús ‘Chucho’ Gálvez
Martha Mijares .... Olga
Ivelin Giro .... Bibiana ‘Viví’ Alfaro de Acevedo
Liliana Tapia .... Elvira Acevedo
Juan Carlos Gutiérrez .... Horacio Acevedo
Bernie Paz .... Fernando Solís
Germán Barrios .... Agustín Arizmendi
Chela Arias .... Mercedes 'Meche'
Juan David Ferrer .... Raúl
Aby Raymond .... Mariela
Luís Celeiro .... David
Adriana Oliveros
Joel Sotolongo
Sonia Noemí .... Cecilia
Luís Felipe Bagos .... Cuco
Rubén Darío Gamez .... police officer
Luís Rivas
Jhonny Acero .... Inspector Medina
Thomas Doval .... Inspector Pérez

Writing credits
Eric Vonn

Song: Tierra de Pasiones
Written by: Alberto Slezynger and Pablo Cáceres
Arranged by: Vinicio Ludovic
Singing: Gabriela Spanic

Song: Necesito Tu Tierra
Written by: Gabriela Spanic
Arranged by: Frank Santofimio and Robert Avellanet
Singing: Gabriela Spanic

Original music
Juan Carlos Rodríguez

Cinematography by
Juan Pablo Puentes
Joseph Martínez

Directed by
Luis Manzo
Leonardo Galavis
Danny Gavidia
Freddy Trujillo

Produced by
Martha Godoy
Aurelio Valcárcel Carrol

RTI Televisión
Telemundo Network


Filmed on a set in Homestead, Florida

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marty17129   |2009-08-20 15:47:39
Katherine Siachoque es una excelente actriz, estuvo buenisima como malvada Marcia, se robo telenovela....... :)
becky  - Esta telenovela...   |2013-03-10 20:05:01
Si la hubiese protagonizado gente con talento de verdad,hubiera sido buenísima....lástima fué la spanic y lisazo la pareja principal... desperdicio de buena historia.
Anonymous  - re: Esta telenovela...   |2014-06-12 13:23:17
becky wrote:
Si la hubiese protagonizado gente con talento de verdad,hubiera sido buenísima....lástima fué la spanic y lisazo la pareja principal... desperdicio de buena historia.
Mas fue um exito
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