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Traición, La

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La Traición telenovelaThis romantic saga features Hugo de Medina, a handsome, mysterious swordsman, with a reputation as a womanizer. His life crashes around him when he finds he suffers from catalepsy, an incurable condition marked by loss of voluntary motion. The same disease felled his father years before.

This dashing young man meets Soledad de Obregon, a gorgeous, refined girl and the two are bound together by sudden passion, though matters are complicated by Hugo's desire to hide his infirmity.

As the adoring couple prepares to marry, tragedy strikes again. Hugo’s sinister brother, Alcides, who has always been in love with Soledad, betrays him and steals his betrothed. The rest of the telenovela deals with first Hugo's quest for vengeance and then his attempts to regain the trust and love of Soledad.


Mario Cimarro as Hugo De Medina

The main protagonist. He is very good-looking man with the looks of the knight of the past. He is well-educated, with good manners and he always knows what to say where and what to expect from people. He has dark long hair, dark eyes and in spite of his piercing look women are impressed with the feeling of reliability and masculinity going from him.

He falls in love with Soledad and his feelings are true and passionate. She is too special for him and he hesitates to make her upset with the news about his disease. He suffers since the Lady Death is always next to him and he is afraid to go away any minute.

He inherits his disease from his father, who died from catalepsy. The only person who knows the truth is Boris, his true man-servant who cares of Hugo at the times of catalepsy attacks. Hugo tries to isolate him from others and only Soledad manages o win his heart and make him open.

When Hugo realizes that he is buried alive, he gets upset and disappointed with Soledad who marries to his brother Alcides soon after his “death”.

Mario Cimarro as Alcides De Medina

Alcides is the twin to Hugo. He is amiable and very aristocratic in appearance. Deeply inside he is too mean and envious with his twin-brother.

His ambitions, guile and prudence make him differ from Hugo. Alcides is able to make the trick with disappearance of Hugo to entrap Soledad.

As soon as he marries her, he easily shows his real face and behaves as a tyrant, too jealous, arrogant and obsessive.

He inherits the same real estate and property from parents as Hugo, though he is too miserable in management to run through a fortune.

Danna Garcia as Soledad De Obregуn

Soledad, the main protagonist, is a young and beautiful woman, gentle, cheerful and delicate.

She is the only daughter of her parents and she is rave enough to confront the social views of her epoch.

Soledad is romantically-raised girl and she sinks deliberately into the love she feels to Hugo.

She is able to confront her parents who disagree with the opinion and choice their daughter makes towards the mysterious and strange person. However, Soledad is faithful to those who she loves.

She is rather emotional and she suffers deeply when Hugo dies, that she is found in deep depression.

Pregnant, she marries to Alcides with the thought to protect her parents from social attacks and stigma, though she is still in love with Hugo.

Her new husband and the marriage on the whole just make her upset and Alcides fails eventually to seize her nature and heart, in spite of all the thorough endeavors.

Salvador del Solar as Arturo De Linares

Arturo is the elder brother to Beatriz. He is sporty, tall and elegant though arrogance and haughtiness are shown in the face. He adores his sister though prefers to dominate in their relations. He is far impulsive, violent and negligent. He does not assume consequences of his actions when he is concerned about them. On the other hand, he is found to be rather attractive and sensual by ladies. He is too dangerous and he is full of threat and hatred to Hugo who is the person Beatriz suffers from.

Flavio Peniche as Boris

Boris is the man-servant for Hugo. He is too serious, well-trained and elegant. Being a servant, he watches people around, notices details and he is intelligent to keep silence until the proper time. He does not afraid of anything and anybody, and he does not feel miserable or humiliated being a servant. He is faithful to Hugo and yet, Boris is a man of secrets and mystery. He has his skeletons in the wardrobe though he hides them for the time being. He suffers from the challenge to choose between his love to Marina and his loyalty to Hugo.

La Traición - telenovela

(2008) - Mario Cimarro, Danna García


Mario Cimarro ... Alcides de Medina
Danna García ... Soledad de Obregón
Harry Geithner ... Paquito
Michelle Vieth ... Michelle
César Mora ... Guillermo Burke
Virna Flores ... Eloisa Renán
Rossana Fernández Maldonado ... Beatríz de Linares
Luz Stella Luengas ... Esther de Obregon
Germán Rojas ... Lucas de Obregon
Victoria Góngora ... Helena Burke
Flavio Peniche ... Boris
Juan Carlos Arboleda
Juan Carlos Bedoya
Luis Fernando Bohórquez
Mauricio Bravo
Diego Camacho
Eduardo Carreño
Tiberio Cruz
Salvador del Solar ... Arturo de Linares
Tania Fálquez
Rene Figueroa
Mónica Franco ... Rebeca Montenegro
Diego Giraldo
Natalia Giraldo
Oscar González
Sergio Gonzalez ... Doctor Max
Bastian Madiedo
Andrés Martínez
Esmeralda Pinzón
Liliana Salazar
Carlos Saldarriaga
Indhira Serrano ... Ursula
Alberto Sornoza
César Vargas
Tommy Vasquez
Sigfredo Vega
Laila Vieira
Javier Zapata

Writing credits
José Fernando Pérez
Aída Naredo
Felipe Pérez
Claudia Rojas
Lina Serrano

Original music
Oliver Camargo
José Carlos María
Nicolás Uribe

Cinematography by
Eduardo Carreño

Directed by
Mauricio Cruz
Agustín Restrepo
Santiago Vargas

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer
Andrés Santamaria



Based on the Colombian novel El Caballero de Rauzán, written in 1887 by Felipe Pérez. RTI Colombia made another adaptation of the story in 2000, titled Rauzán

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josie aban  - best telenovela   |2008-12-07 01:52:07
i love it even though i didnt see some of the scenes bec. i worked night shift.mario cimarro and dana garcia were excellent in portraying their respective roles and the rest of the actors and actresses; 1880's colombian scene-marvelous, old mansions, etc. i just hope there will be a dvd available soon with english subtitle and UNCUT would be nice if they will not cut some of the scenes.thanks.
Ada Ortiz  - La Traicion   |2009-04-04 00:24:03
I didn,t get to see this novela? So what I'd like to know is when or if it's coming out on DVD!!I want to see it soooo bad!!THANKS!!
princess  - itsoromantic   |2012-06-11 15:55:34
Quiero pinzas promesa de la traicion, una y otra vez que lo vi, pero todavía siento la saciedad
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