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Una Maid en Manhattan

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Una Maid en Manhattan telenovela"Una Maid in Manhattan" tells the story of Marisa Lujan (Litzy), who runs a small hotel in the village of Michoacan. Before the events shown in the show, she falls in love with Victor, an American man who visits Michoacán every year for the Christmas holidays. She becomes pregnant with Victor's child.

At the start of the show, Marisa's son, Lalo, is ten years old and Marisa's dream of a happy life with Victor has given way to a more troubling reality: the town of Michoacán has become a center for drug trafficking. Among the seedy inhabitants is Miguelito, an old friend of Marisa's who now heads a powerful cartel which buys Marisa's hotel and turns it into a headquarters for drug deals and murder.

Marisa decides to migrate north to the United States for the sake of her son. Victor proposes to her and thus provides means of obtaining legal documents to live and work within the United States. In Los Angeles, Marisa and Victor are married, but things quickly sour when Marisa catches Victor cheating with another woman on their wedding day. She quickly decides to move to New York, where her childhood friend Belinda (Maite Embil) offers help. Thanks to Belinda's good word, Marisa finds employment as a maid in a Manhattan hotel and, through good work, begins to gain the trust and respect of the hotel manager. Consecutive wins as Employee of the Month and the encouragement of her maid friends begin to convince her that she should apply for the open position of assistant manager.

Her aspirations for advancement are complicated by a mixup involving Christopher Parker (Eugenio Siller) a wealthy man and New York Senator's son, who is staying at the hotel. Christopher Parker follows Lalo into the premier suite only to find Marisa dressed in a rich guest's glamorous clothes. After a walk in Central Park, he begins to fall in love with Marisa. She, in turn, feels for him what she had convinced herself was not possible after her problems with Victor and other men.

However, Marisa is also a responsible and loving mother and woman. Although she admits to very much liking Christopher, she cannot justify jeopardizing her son's education or her job for what she considers to be a fairytale. Also in the mix is Sara (Vanessa Villela), another hotel guest and a vapid fashion critic who has set her sight on Christopher Parker.

Though Christopher is smitten, Marisa feels guilty about misleading him about her true identity as a maid. She is also reluctant to continue seeing him as she is worried about the status of her job and as she considers they come from far too different backgrounds to make things work. It will take both characters' willingness to see things from a new different perspective and a willingness to turn things upside down to make things work.


Marisela González as Calixta Meléndez

Calixta is a mature woman; very sensitive, sexual-looking, energetic. She is always doing something involving people in what she takes part. Moreover, she is reserved and calm and no one can break the shell she is in to reveal her true emotions,

Eugenio Siller as Cristóbal Parker Salas

Cristóbal Parker Salas  is the person who has always set goals and he really succeeded. In spite he is wealthy and influential, he is humble and not so loud in purchasing property.

Cristóbal is young man with incredibly right principles and nobility that is often missing among powerful and wealthy people. He knows where to talk and where to keep silence. From the teenage he is keen on sport and he succeeded in swimming and running at distance. He walks 8 miles, on average, every day to stay healthy. His personal life is jump-like, if ever exists. He is highly attracted by young owmen who are eager to grasp in him. When he meets Marisa, he realizes it’s time for love. He has never loved before like that.

Jorge Eduardo García as Eduardo 'Lalo' Mendoza

Eduardo is the son of Marisa and Victor. He is incredibly intelligent boy, energetic and too smart. Lalo learns English quickly to use frequently and in Mexico he acts as the guide for tourists. Lalo is very sociable and makes friends with lots of people. He loves animals. Moreover, he is too affected to his grandmother. He dreams of arriving to New York to settle in there. He is keen on politics and entrepreneurship. When he arrives to New York, he feels free to live there. He charms everyone he talks to.

Jorge Hernández as Estanislao

Estanislao is a powerful person in the place with very dark thoughts and intentions. He is the owner of the flat that Marisa rents to live. He takes advantage of his flat to do his dirty business.

Litzy as Marisa Luján

Marisa Luján  is a young and beautiful woman. She is determined about her life priorities and she can easily go to risk for the sake of her son. She risks starting a new life in New York for her son and she cannot even think of a person she can find there to love and live. That is not her intentions as she arrives there. Most of all, she aspires to get a new job, well-paid to afford good life with the persepective to give education to her son.

Marisa Luján is the one to struggle for her rights and opportunities and for others’. She is smart and she can hold on to her emotions to speak quietly to gain. In most situations she behaves with patience though she can express her personal feelings when she is happy. She loves dancing and sport as a teenager. She cannot help dancing when she hears music anywhere. She could become a successful basketball player though she stepped onto another life path. She is responsible for her child and she lives for him.

Marisa arrived to USA from Mexico escaping from the drug-business which affected her home country. She has ill relations with Victor, the father of her son, though she held to her marriage to have the chance to change her life. She has never married Victor, if she were back to the past. As a real macho man, Victor has parties with friends on Friday and on Sunday he is empty, emotionally and financially.

Jeimy Osorio as Tania Taylor

Tania Taylor works with Marisa,  she is her companion in her business. Tania loves singing and dancing. She teches Spanish, either. She has relations with one of the best men in the region who dreams of becoming a great basketball player. She does not work hoping for the best future soon. She is cheerful and outgoing, though she is not a favorite of life. She never quits, especially when she sets goals and sees perspectives of what she is doing

Una Maid en Manhattan - telenovela

(2012) - Litzy, Eugenio Siller


Litzy ... Marisa Luján
Eugenio Siller ... Cristóbal Parker Salas
Vanessa Villela ... Sara Montero
Jorge Eduardo García ... Eduardo 'Lalo' Mendoza
Marisela González ... Calixta Meléndez
Paulo Quevedo ... Víctor Mendoza
Tina Romero ... Carmen Romera "La nana"
Liz Gallardo ... Leticia Robles
Beatriz Shantal ... Marcela Robles
Ismael La Rosa ... Tadeo Falcón "Tito"
Juan Pablo Llano ... Bruno Rivera
Karen Sentíes ... Amelia Parker Salas
Fred Valle ... Tyron Parker
Jorge Hernández ... Estanislao
Wanda D'Isidoro ... Catalina Lucero
Ana Sobero ... Marcela Villa
Sandra Eichler ... Alicia
Salim Rubiales ... Tarek
Maite Embil ... Belinda Delgado
Karina Mora ... Yasmin "Yaya" Mendoza
Jeimy Osorio ... Tania Taylor
Rodrigo Mejía ... Gregorio 'Gojo'
Aneudy Lara ... Jerome
Carlos Athié ... Lucas Gonzalez
Henry Zakka ... Amador Colina
Khotan ... Miguel Morales "Miguelito"
Mónica Pasqualotto ... Mireya Sanz
Alan Gutierrez
Maria Antonieta de las Nieves
Margarita Muñoz ... Gabriela Montero
Liannet Borrego ... Sylvia
Ernesto Tapia ... Ronnie
Adela Romero ... Gloria de Mendoza
Victor Corona ... Esteban
Patricio Doren ... Hugo
Xavier Coronel ... Javier
Osvaldo Strongoli ... Teófilo 'Teó'
Sofia Sanabria ... Vicky
Gilver Peralta ... Memo
Hely Ferrigny ... Manuel Mendoza
Lina Maya ... Natasha
Omar Robau
Carlos Cuervo ... Joaquin
Yami Quintero ... Flavia Montes
Armando Acevedo
Cyril Serrao
Raul Arrieta ... Anselmo
Crisermy Mercado

Writing credits
Luis Zelkowicz (original story)
Leticia López
Gennys Pérez
José G. Ríos

Song: Amor sin fronteras
Written by: Marcos Flores
Singing: Litzy and Eduardo Siller

Original music

Cinematography by

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Nicolás Di Blassi
Jaime Segura

Produced by
Aurelio Válcarcel Carroll
Mariana Iskandarani
Veronica Pimstein



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gerald  - keep it up   |2013-06-11 13:45:33
u nice telenovela to teach lot of lesson.always make GOD ur first provider and never ur last resort. the LORD richly bless u all.
dreamdorcas  - fun   |2013-06-14 14:08:44
really this is a real life soap opera that no one wishes to miss to watch it.have a splendid night
jocelyn  - psychologist counsellor   |2013-07-16 10:43:28
educative film . TRust few be focused and observant to avoid associating with hypocrites.
Anonymous  - it's so smart to see u together eugenio siller.   |2014-08-13 17:24:58
it's good to watch this impressive episode.
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Una Maid en Manhattan
"Una Maid in Manhattan" tells the story of Marisa Lujan (Litzy), who runs a small hotel in the village of Michoacan. Before the events shown in the show, she falls in love with Victor, an American man who visits Michoacán every year for the Christmas holidays. She becomes pregnant with Victor's child.
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