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Valeria telenovelaValeria Hidalgo is a young woman full of hopes and dreams. She is close to obtaining a law degree and wants to help her mother and siblings live a better life. But despite her radiant smile, she is not happy. A dark incident in her past torments her — an incident that directly involves the powerful Riquelme family.

The Riquelmes own one of the most important and highly regarded law firms in Miami, where Leopoldo works with his father. Fate brings Leopoldo and Valeria together, and they fall in love practically at first sight. In Leopoldo’s arms, Valeria seems ready to forget the past. He asks her to marry him but their happiness is suddenly cut short when Juan Ignacio, Leopoldo’s brother, appears. It turns out that Juan Ignacio is the man who cruelly destroyed Valeria’s life years ago. The wicked Miroslava Montemar also appears in their lives, resorting to the lowest and most hurtful schemes in order to make Leopoldo hers. And so, Leo and Valeria become the target of countless evil acts perpetrated by different characters in the story.

Another brutal event will impact everyone’s life and when Leopoldo is accused of a crime he did not commit, Valeria, now a powerful attorney herself, gets him convicted despite the profound love she still feels for him. It seems that their fate is marked by hate and betrayal. Valeria and Leopoldo tread on a fragile web on the verge of breaking, and the hope of salvaging their love seems like an impossible dream…


Alejandra Lazcano as Valeria Hidalgo de Riquelme

Valeria Hidalgo, a student, falls in love with Leopoldo. Very soon she becomes a promising lawyer but she was then raped by Juan Ignacio and Tony (the one who was wearing a mask). Valeria believes the man in the mask is Leopoldo though the truth is coming later.  

Jorge Reyes as Leopoldo Riquelme

Leopoldo is a protagonista, who is in love with Valeria, is a successful lawyer, was put to jail for the murder of Álvaro though he has not committed the crime.

Carolina Tejera as Miroslava Montemar

Miroslava Montemar is a wicked, jealous young woman. She is very beautiful and that’ makes her easy to manipulate people. She intends to achieve her goals and have Leopoldo kept in the jail and cause him die from heart attack.

Fernando Carrera as Samuel Riquelme

Samuel Riquelme is the adoptive father of Leopoldo, the father of Tati and Juan Ignacio, ambitious and cruel. He is killed by Estrella.

Leonardo Daniel as Renato Rivera

Renato Rivera is in love with Estrella. He is a psychologist, who dies from knife wounds from Hugo.

Valeria - telenovela

(2008) - Alejandra Lazcano, Jorge Reyes


Alejandra Lazcano .... Valeria Hidalgo
Jorge Reyes .... Leopoldo Riquelme
Carolina Tejera .... Miroslava Montemar
Bobby Larios .... David Barrios
Fernando Carrera .... Samuel Riquelme
Leonardo Daniel
Mara Croatto
Flavio Caballero
Jorge Luis Pila
Rosalinda Rodríguez
Flor Elena González
Claudia Reyes
Gretell Trujillo
Griselda Noguera
Shirley Budge
Carla Rodríguez
Mariana Huerdo
Ivelín Hiró
Eduardo Ibarrola
Jose Antonio Coro
William Colmenares
Julián Gil
Claudio Caballero
Melvin Cabrera
Liana Iniesta
Ximena Duque
Christian Carabias
Robert Avellanet
Alberto Quintero
Eric Sant
Dayana Garoz
Ivette Planchart
Nury Flores
Andrés Mistage
Otto Rodríguez

Writing credits
Alberto Gómez

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Raul de La Nuez

Produced by
Dulce Terán
Jeanette Gómez
Kirver Rodríguez
Jilenny Porras
Zascha Zalzman
Arquimides Rivero
Peter Tinoco
Ana Teresa Arismendi



Remake of venesuelan telenovela "El engaño" (1989) with Gigi Zanchetta and Gabriel Fernández

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Anonymous  - valeria is a great show   |2009-08-01 00:36:13
i really love this telenovela..never gotten into them before..great job writers whoever you are!
i would love to buy it but donno how...any suggestions? has been very helpful in learning spanish =)
Mariana  - Me gusto solo al principio   |2009-12-31 16:16:29
Al principio me parecio interesante ,pero despues el personaje de la protagonista dejo de gustarme . Tuvo un final bonito pero un poco ridiculo yo le doy dos estrellas como mucho **
jailleen  - ....   |2010-07-29 23:29:29
me encanto la novela pero no vi el final :( cm puedo verla y en dnd...
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