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Victoria telenovelaAt her 25th wedding anniversary party, Victoria Mendoza finds out her husband Enrique Mendoza  has a mistress, Tatiana López. Suddenly Victoria's whole life crashes around her as she realizes her marriage is wrecked. As she tries to heal the pain of her husband’s adultery, she meets the 33-year-old Jerónimo out of the blue.

Victoria falls for this younger man, giving her a second chance at the true love and passion missing in her loveless marriage. Unfortunately, many of her loved ones oppose her relationship, including her daughters Paula  and Mariana, her mother Mercedes  and her ex husband. They blame her for the breakup. On the other hand, her son Santiago offers unconditional support.  Whie her younger daughter Mariana  is supposted to be going to university but she isn't, she instead goes to a bar. The owner of the bar, Pacho, gets girls high and then rapes them. And thats what happened to Mariana sadly. Mariana met him because of her other "friend" Arturo. Mariana actually wanted to get together with Arturo but Pacho convinced her into getting with him suppostedly just to make Arturo jealous. Victoria has many problems but does she know she has those problems? Can she solve them? So Victoria faces a difficult decision - either fight to keep true love alive or surrender and let it slip away.


Arturo Peniche as Enrique Mendoza 
Enrique Mendoza is a recognized lawyer, married with three children. He loves his wife Victoria but he feels she does not comply with his intellectual needs and he affords a love affair with Tatiana.
He keeps the high social and economic status in the town. Enrique is away from his children but he is proud of intelligence and wit of Paula, his elder daughter who studied law.
Javier Delgiudicce as Gerardo Cárdenas 
Gerardo Cárdenas is happily married to Elena with their son Artur. He raised his son firmly and quietly to make him a good person. He is the best friend of Enrique and he is aware of his affair but he keeps the secret for the sake of friendship. He has good relations with his wife. Their requirements based on good intentions worked wrongly in case of Artur but Gerardo did not notice that. He has to admit that Artur is not the ideal person he wanted to raise.
Mauricio Ochmann as Jeronimo Ernesto Acosta
Jeronimo is a reporter, working for the radio line and independently. He has an 11-year old son, Martin. He is cheerful and social person. Despite some success in his business, Jeronimo faces problems in personal life. He lives in a place with the table ware for the one and the Ministry of health would definitely forbid to live in his place as anti-sanitary and wrong to live.
When he meets Victoria, he decides to forget even the difference in age between them, though his friends tried to stop him.
Andrea López as Tatiana López
Tatiana López is a beautiful young woman. She is a qualified lawyer. She falls in love with Enrique and becomes his lover for many years. She expected he would leave the family for her sake. Tatiana does not care of difference in age. When Enrique leaves the family to live with her, Tatiana realizes that it’s not that she expected and she is doubt if it is love.
Love that is hidden adds more magic and excitement than love that is open. However, Tatiana is ready to struggle for her love.
Victoria Ruffo as Victoria Santiesteban de Mendoza
Victoria Santiesteban de Mendoza left her college to devote her life to Enrique and family. She is a typical housewife who lives with concerns of her husband and children. She spends her time arranging her house, shopping, meeting with friends and reviving her beauty at beauty salons.
When Enrique is ready to leave, Victoria faces with the problem to take care of herself since then. 

Victoria - telenovela

(2007) - Victoria Ruffo, Arturo Peniche, Mauricio Ochmann


Victoria Ruffo .... Victoria Santiesteban de Mendoza
Arturo Peniche ... Enrique Mendoza
Mauricio Ochmann .... Jeronimo Ernesto Acosta
Andrea López .... Tatiana López
Diana Quijano .... Camila Matiz
Javier Delgiudicce .... Gerardo Cárdenas
Laura Perico .... Mariana Mendoza
Ricardo Abarca .... Santiago Mendoza
Adriana Romero.... Valeria Saenz
José Julián Gaviria.... Martin Acosta
Patricia Grisales
Margalida Castro .... Mercedes 'Memé' de Santiesteban
Laura Londoño .... Eliza
Andrés Felipe Martínez ..... - 'Guillermo'
Roberto Manrique .... Sebastian Villanueva
Camilo Trujillo .... - Arturo Cardenas
Ricardo González .... - Henry
Géraldine Bazán .... Paula Mendoza
María Helena Doehring .... Helena de Cárdenas
Natalia Bedoya .... - Estrella
Julio del Mar .... - Bernardo Solis
Lucero Gómez
Paola Díaz....Silvia
Angela Carrisoza
David de Oliveira
Edmundo Troya
Maria León Arias
Rene Figueroa
Fernando Corredor
Luz Mary Arias .... Marlene
Mariano Fernández
Fabio Camero Jr.
Maru Giraldo
Gloria Pinilla
Fernanda González
Adriana López
Daniel Calderón
Naren Daryanani
Victor Hugo Trespalacios
Luis Carlos Galeano
Sebastián Eslava
Daniel Quintero
Sonia Rico
Diego Camacho
Maria Emilia Kamper
Claudio Fernández
Javier Felipe Rodríguez
Mario A. Parra
Paula A. Herrera
Karol Aza
Jackeline Aristizabal
Alex Rodríguez
Ximena Salamanca

Writing credits
Jimena Romero
Lina María Uribe

Opening theme: Desde que te conoci

Original music
Miguel de Narváez

Directed by
Rodolfo Hoyos
Andrés Bermann

Produced by
Hugo León Ferrer

RTI Colombia
Telemundo Network


Remake of colombian telenovela Señora Isabel and mexican telenovela Mirada de mujer

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Mahasti   |2009-09-29 20:58:18
Bravo !....Bravo.....
So beautiful series.I enjoy it every day.Cobgradulation to all the guys for producing the film.
Best Regards
Mahasti From Iram
daniel  - re:   |2009-12-14 07:13:19
Mahasti wrote:
Bravo !....Bravo.....
So beautiful series.I enjoy it every day.Cobgradulation to all the guys for producing the film.
Best Regards
Mahasti From Iram

I agree with you mahasti!
it's best series i ever seen.
by the way i'm from iran too.
azim   |2010-01-13 17:53:21
I think every Iranian person are watching this beautiful series.
Rozhibarcelona   |2010-10-31 20:40:16
wonderful.I can't forget's the best drama I'v ever seen.all things in it is well and i'm a big fan. I love paula (victoria's daughter) in this drama
kathie   |2011-03-24 23:39:57
really lovely..i think most of iranian that see channel farsi1 love this drama..i like victoria so much
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