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Victorinos, Los

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Los Victorinos telenovelaThree babies are born in one day and one only moment (on the eleventh of November 1985 at 1 p.m.) and named with the only name Victorino. This name is the one that predecirs the common fatal future for three of them.

Three couples of future Victorinos parents meet during their life a strange Hermit man , who says the same fatal prediction to all of them. He predicirs one of three Victorinos born at the same moment will die as soon as all three of them meet in one place.

Victorinos live parallel lives in different social group, different places with different approaches of their lives, they are not involved into the prediction as all their parents keep it in secret. It seems like them never to meet thus the prediction seems never to come in force.

But one the destiny brings the author (who is turned into a killer after his dreams), a police officer (glared a revenge) and a wealthy businessman (who has all the good things of life) in one place and one time. Their meeting is unavoidable – the Prediction seems to catch one of Victorinos even when being a surprise for him.


Mauricio Ochmann as Victorino Mora
Victorino Mora is a daydreamer. He is humble member of the middle social class. He dreams of becoming a great writer to forget about the dark criminal path of life. The only lesson he has from the life is to survive in the world of poverty and lack of challenges.

Victorino Mora was born and lived in the quarter for the poor, Medellín, where he was raised in the environment when the wealthy and influential people are right and powerful. He was raised in lobe in his heart, though, thanks to sincere support from his mother.

His mother, Lina María, has always been in charge of him since the time she was left alone with her child, raped and humiliated by the criminal Victorino Gallardo. She is the example of how to live and behave for Victorino and he is eager to scarify his heart and life for the woman who loves him. He appreciates everything given by Lina María and believes he owe her completely. He suffers rather than lives a happy life. He feels upset and hurt by the society suffering from the lack of opportunity to be a writer. In spite of his occupation, he believes in God and Blessed Virgin. He prays before he commits a crime promising to pay back when he is at rest.

Arap Bethke as Victorino Gallardo
Victorino Gallardo is the person whose wishes and aspiration to be the financially powerful and influential makes him lose good conscience to achieve his goal. He is born in the wealthy family with a silver spoon in the mouth. His dreams came true at once and he is interested in women and money. As an adult, he does not bear responsibility for his deeds.

Born in Cali he was left by mother as an unwanted child and was raised by his grandmother. He inherited the mean and dishonest nature of his father and he learned to ignore people with their needs to come to the highest point of dreams.

His ambitions and an itch for money balance on the threshold of legal and illegal world. His family is in the financial crisis due to his willing to live a lavish life. He is involved in drug trafficking. He happens to deceive his family and friends. He is liable for the death of Victorino Mora and Perez.

Roberto Manrique as Victorino Manjarrés
Victorino Manjarrés is the person who believes in strict army discipline, education and justice. He is the one to adhere to ideas and he has lived in principles of honesty and absolute fair.

He is born in the medium-class family with two siblings. He remembers his father obsessed with military style of life and he ends being a policeman.

He is serious and sequential in everything he does. He always seeks for challenges to perceive the life differently. He follows his father’s principles and he is willing to take revenge for the life of his father who is the hero for him.

He faces opportunities predicted long time ago and he is in the beginning of the path when he is in charge to deal with drug trafficking in the region.

Francisco Bolívar as Victorino Pérez
Known as Victorino, he is given the name Víctor. He has a fake life history but he is not the part of the prediction. His father died from heart attack and his mother died the next day after delivery leaving him an orphan. Victorino is raised not knowing his parents being adopted by non-traditional gay couple: “father” Julián, “mother” Gloria, and “uncle” Francisco.

Los Victorinos - telenovela

(2009) - Mauricio Ochmann, Arap Bethke, Roberto Manrique


Mauricio Ochmann ... Victorino Mora
Arap Bethke ... Victorino Gallardo
Roberto Manrique ... Victorino Manjarrés
Silvia de Dios
Juan Carlos Salazar
Noelle Schonwald
Gustavo Angarita Jr
Liliana Gonzalez
Lucho Velazco
Norma Nivia
Maria Margarita Giraldo
Gary Forero
Juanita Humar
Isabel Cristina Estrada
Francisco Bolívar
César Mora
Estefania Gomez

Writing credits
Miguel Otero Silva (original novel)
Gustavo Bolívar (adaptation)

Original music
Muguiel de Narvaez

Cinematography by
Alejandro Garcia
Roberto Cortes

Language : Spanish
Country: USA

Directed by
Ramiro Menesez
Mario Mitriotti

Produced by
Jorge Sastoque Roa
Hugo Leon Ferrer



Based on the novel of Miguel Otero Silva "Cuando quiero llorar no lloro"

Remake of colombian telenovela "Los Victorinos" (1990)

Filmed in Medellín, Ibagué and Bogotá

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yasmin  - Quiero saber   |2009-07-25 19:40:37
hola yo quiero saber como se llama la cacion de julian, gloria y francisco. por favor me encanta y quiero escucharla completa. gracias
alejandra  - respuesta   |2009-11-29 17:00:30
la cancion de julian,gloria y francisco se llama devuelveme el corazon.
dilenny  - cloria y julian   |2009-09-02 22:28:02
yo quiero saber porque cloria y julian no hatenido hijos seria algo muy lindo ademas supuestamente el ya se voltio y todos las otras familia ya tubieron 2 0 3
Anonymous  - re: re: el 4to Victorino   |2010-01-12 04:10:18
Anonymous wrote:
No muere ninguno de los Victorino, pues ya que la madre de Victorino Gallardo esta luchando para detener la profesia.
Skorpion queen   |2010-03-11 02:30:21
Si mueren victorino mora (durante un enfrentamiento a tiros lo mata victorino gallardo) y es herido victorino perez, quien muere al otro dia
anderson  - respuesta a skorpion   |2010-04-02 01:14:25
eso son 2 que mueren pero al final gallardo tambien muere en un tiroteo le dan 3 balasos y esta en un puente el puente se cae y muere un victorino es que queda vivo
alex  - quiero saber   |2009-09-03 13:07:46
me gustaria saber quien de los 3 vicotrinos se mueres y porque ay mas de 3 victorinos.
meche  - el 4to Victorino   |2009-09-19 20:32:08
el 4to es el q morirá.
bueno creo
Anonymous  - re: el 4to Victorino   |2009-11-19 10:06:00
No muere ninguno de los Victorino, pues ya que la madre de Victorino Gallardo esta luchando para detener la profesia.
la sexy  - joven victorino rico   |2009-09-04 03:16:32
Hola como se llama el joven victorino rico el que estaba henamorando de yulie
rosa   |2009-09-04 18:30:50
como se llama la hermana de victorino garllado me encantaria saber cual de los victorino murerar
Anonymous   |2009-09-10 02:59:51
la hermana de victorino gallardo se llama DIANA
Anonymous  - re: Quiero saber   |2009-10-08 20:49:42
yasmin wrote:
hola yo quiero saber como se llama la cacion de julian, gloria y francisco. por favor me encanta y quiero escucharla completa. gracias
RODRIGO  - POR FAVOR!!!   |2009-11-20 00:33:03
tambien quiero saber el nombre y el artista de la cacion de julian, gloria y francisco.
KOr  - Manana   |2009-10-16 07:46:33
Iiiii ya se toparon los tres se me hace me se muere gallardo si manjarres no es tan inteligente, mora no se kiere chingar a gallardo sino a su papa y no lo va hacer diana y la culpa q se esta cargando, igual y se lo hecha el basti. Mientras manjarres se hecha a gallardo por lo de su hermana y ps pa destruir el clan de una vez, aunque dudo, y el roballo deseguro se va a entregar a alejandro al ver q tienen todo perdido y asi hacerse pasar por un heroe para apantallar a manjarres. No se sabe nunka ke puede pasar esta novela me sako mucho de onta en cada episodio pero haber q pasa manana es el dia. Venga!
Stevan  - Ayuda con el nombre de Claudia?   |2009-10-20 02:49:22
¿Puede alguien decirme el nombre de la actriz que juega Victorino (el policía) novia de Claudia?

katiria   |2009-10-23 17:30:18
Cual de los victorino muere y para mi es gallardo por que se a puesto biiiennn malooo...
agustina   |2009-11-07 13:51:15
quiero saver como es el nombre de victorino gallardo cuando tenia 13 años plis!!!
gustavo  - loco por el lobo   |2009-11-20 17:15:48
hola para mi muere el cuarto victorino ,y se meten de novios la hermana de un victorino con otro victorino y viceberza y el tercer victorino que se hace policia los persigue por delinquir
luis   |2010-01-12 04:38:21
hola para mi muerte el cuarto victorino ,y se meten de novios de un victorino con otro victorino y viceberza y el tercer victorino los persigue por delinquir
gabii   |2009-12-04 23:34:10
holaaa me encanta esta novela y muero por saber cual de los victorinos muere???y también me fasinaaa victorino gallardo es hermosooooo lo adorooo :)
Johanna  - Ninguno   |2009-12-09 16:47:14
Para mi que ninguno de los victorinos muere ya que la profecia cuenta de 3 hombres con el mismo nombre y ano de nacimiento y ya existe un cuarto victorino para mi la existencia de un cuarto rompe con la profecia!!!!!!!
perla   |2009-12-15 00:13:25
se va a morir el victorino gayardo y victorino perez porque la profecia dice si son tres muere uno pero si son mas de tres mueren dos
Anonymous   |2009-12-15 19:00:00
Ei y diana i victorino mora se ponen de novios?
es genial la novela. la canción se llama devuélveme el corazón grupo aventura la canción de julian, fco y gloria . como se llama la canción que le pone a manjares y a claudia.
marlon otoiel barahona hernand  - victorino mora   |2009-12-18 23:51:05
hola soi de honduras de ceiba atlantida no se como va victorino, pero a mi megusta victorino mora y no se si se casaro el y diana
jose jaquez  - re: Ayuda con el nombre de Claudia?   |2009-12-21 15:25:48
Stevan wrote:
¿Puede alguien decirme el nombre de la actriz que juega Victorino (el policía) novia de Claudia? 

Smerlin Ortega   |2009-12-24 06:53:38
hola, por favor, me gustaria que alguien me ayudara,
necesito saber cual es el nombre de la actiz que hace el papel de (claudia) (la cadete garcia) ( la novia de victorino manjarres)
por favor le agradeceria que me lo dijera!!! gracias
Anonymous  - re:   |2010-07-17 02:17:24
Smerlin Ortega wrote:
hola, por favor, me gustaria que alguien me ayudara,
necesito saber cual es el nombre de la actiz que hace el papel de (claudia) (la cadete garcia) ( la novia de victorino manjarres)
por favor le agradeceria que me lo dijera!!! gracias
diego bonaparte  - el verdadero nombre de claudia   |2010-11-05 21:43:47
el verdadero nombre de la cadete garcia es tilcia sofia pinzon, y es la novia de un amigo de mi primo.... suerte!!!!!
jose silvestre  - nombre de la cancion y artista cuando manjarret y   |2009-12-26 01:11:13
que tal, me podrian ayudar como se llama la cancion, interprete, y autor de la cancion que sale cuando victorino manjarret y su novia claudia garcia salen juntos es la voz de una mujer se los voy a agredecer gracias.
Anonymous  - re: nombre de la cancion y artista cuando manjarre   |2011-02-04 15:53:38
jose silvestre wrote:
que tal, me podrian ayudar como se llama la cancion, interprete, y autor de la cancion que sale cuando victorino manjarret y su novia claudia garcia salen juntos es la voz de una mujer se los voy a agredecer gracias.
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