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Watch Over Me

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Watch Over Me telenovelaJulia Rivera is a beautiful psychology student engaged to be married to Michael Krieger, a wealthy but ruthless man, who loves Julia despite his philandering nature. Unbeknownst to Julia, Michael's business enterprise is involved in nefarious activities. Because of this, Michael hires a bodyguard named Jack Porter, an ex-Special Forces soldier, to protect himself and his one true love, while Julia has no idea that the very person she must ultimately be shielded from is her own fiancée. 

Jack tries not to let his growing feelings for Julia cloud his judgment on the job, but he is torn between duty and desire. As the lovers struggle with their feelings for each other, they begin to uncover the web of deceit and murder that Michael has woven around their lives. Other characters involved is Andre, Michael's "business associate" and personal assassin with some dark secrets of his own. Leandra Thames is Michael's loyal, but deadly, personal assistant also willing to commit murder to protect Michael and set her own agenda. Caroline Krieger is Michael's teenage daughter who's haunted by personal nightmares of her past. Sasha Hansu is a criminal mastermind and rival of Michael's who has powerful connections to the Japanese yakuza. Christina Baden is a conflicted doctor who runs Michael's bio-tech lab and is torn between her loyalty to Michael and her desire to work within the bounds of ethics. Steve Hughes is Michael's shady accountant with his own personal issues. Also, Julia's family includes her gay brother Ryan and their conflicted father Alfred both of whom become embroiled with the lives and business ventures involving Julia, Michael, and Jack which becomes more volatile.

Watch Over Me - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Dayanara Torres, Todd Cahoon


Dan Wells ... Eric Simpson
Todd Cahoon ... Jack Porter
Dayanara Torres ... Julia Rivera
Marc Menard ... Michael Krieger
Casper Van Dien ... Andre Forester
Catherine Oxenberg ... Leandra Thames
Jaimie Alexander ... Caitlin Porter
Tony Castillo ... Dr. Alfred Rivera
Caitlin McCarthy ... Caroline Krieger
Marilyn McIntyre ... Helen Porter
Catalina Rodriguez ... Sasha
Greg Watanabe ... Isaac
Bailey Chase ... Steve
Nicolas Pajon ... leCavalier
Lenny Hirsh ... Marshall
Christian Macchio ... Grant
Julian Berlin ... Marie Hughes
Bettina Adger ... Gabrielle Krieger
Sidney Franklin ... Nicholas
Alexandra Wescourt ... Dr. Christine Baden
Jon Prescott ... Pete Weber
Carl Bresk ... Leon
Meggan Anderson ... Model
Roxana Zal ... Natalie
Lanisha Cole ... Melanie
Paul Avedisian ... Dr. Ernst Gustav
John Callahan ... Richard Porter
Mel Fair ... Dr. Calder
Lisa Ann Walter ... Mabel
Omar Avila ... Ryan Rivera
Christopher Fairbanks ... Senator Kessier
Boo Arnold ... Agent Fitzugh
Kyle Scudiere ... Special Agent
Andreina Rios ... Desk Clerk
David Koff ... Dr. Dietrich
Scott DeFalco ... Lyman
Misha Harris ... Special Agent Almeida

Writing credits
David Coggeshall
Jeremy W. Soule
Matt J. Popham
Guy Busick
Brian Knappmiller
Greg Lanier
Jessica Abrams
Davah Avena

Song: Watch Over Me
Written by: Mike Fratantuno, Terence Yoshiaki Graves, Brian Lapin, and Ben Ashley
Singing: Transcenders Feat. Ben Ashley

Original music
Brad Chiet

Cinematography by
Agathe Padovani-Cervantes
Luke Eder

Directed by
Dean Alioto
Catherine Jelski
Mitch Marcus
Jonathan Winfrey
Gregg R. Simpson

Produced by
Gregg R. Simpson
David Coggeshall
Brian Knappmiller
Greg Lanier
Steven Brown
Paul Buccieri
Richard D. Arredondo
Joan Etchells
Tom Jewett
Stu Segall
Matt J. Popham
Jeremy W. Soule
Alex Wright
Guy Busick

20th Century Fox Television
Gone Fission
Stu Segall Productions


Remake of argentinian telenovela Resistiré

It has a special promotional deal with Wal-Mart, which will provide wardrobe for the cast

Catherine Oxenberg and Casper Van Dien are marry in real life and have two children

Mexico's Televisa commissioned its own version of this story in 2006, titled Amar Sin Limites

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Amia Una  - wow   |2009-03-03 10:20:01
Hello,watch over me is the best thing that ever happened to my screen,am so glued to it.
Gemma Piefer   |2009-07-24 21:56:35
I'm missing the show.

I only watch it because of
Julia Rivera and Michael Krieger.
What a lovely/cutie pair.
Hope, they'll be together,
forever for life.

Love them! Super sexy. Muahhhhhhhhhh!
Anisa Suleiman   |2014-03-20 10:54:51
Hii! Watch Over Me
you guys i salute you and am prod of you the series was wow!amazing i love it and i usually watch because of Jack Porter LOVE YOU GUYS MWAAAAAH.
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