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Wicked Wicked Games

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Wicked Wicked Games telenovelaTheodore Crawford left Blythe Hunter, a beautiful woman, twenty five years ago. As revenge, she schemed to destroy his life using help of her two sons, Josh and Aaron. Blythe convinces Aaron to help her pretend he is Daniel Karol and she also involves her lawyer, Benjamin Grey.  Aaron quickly gets the job at Theodore business and begins to work there. Only Taylor Burns, CFO of the Tides suspects about Aaron’s real goals. In the meantime Blythe comes to Theo trying to revive his feelings and attraction making Hope Lorca crazy. Hope is the woman who raised two children of Theo, Emma and Brooke, after their mother died.
Emma finds out that Theo is not her real father but it is Gavin, the lover of her mother. She starts confronting Theo supported by her sister.

Theo is soon on to Blythe and she is expecting marriage proposal but Theo does it to Hope. Blythe is not disappointed, though, she hopes that Theo will not realize how he is losing his business while preparing to wedding. Finally, Blythe takes over the Tides, Theo’s business, and she announces that Daniel is her son Aaron. Theo is ruined and becomes an alcoholic. He felt tension between him and Hope and she decides to leave for a while.


Jack Krizmanich as Aaron Spencer 
Aaron Spencer is the son of Blythe, attractive, athletic and too practical. He supports her mother in her evil schemes against Theo. However, he soon rehabilitates as soon as she starts feeling strong emotions to Brooke, Theo’s daughter.
Tatum O'Neal as Blythe Hunter 
Blythe Hunter  is a real estage magnate that she acquired for revenge. She is elegant and beautiful woman in her early 40s. she aims to destroy Theo and his business supported by two of her sons.
Kate French as Brooke Crawford 
Brooke Crawford is the contrast to her sister Emma. She is lively, attractive and impulsive. She is used to get everything she wishes and the same with Aaron, she gets him.
Jessie Ward as Emma Crawford 
Emma Crawford is a beautiful, charming and smart young lady. She works at her father’s business. Though she rejects all romantic issues, she soon finds herlsef in love with Josh.

Wicked Wicked Games - telenovela

(2006 - 2007) - Tatum O'Neal


Tatum O'Neal ... Blythe Hunter
Kate French ... Brooke Crawford
Jessie Ward ... Emma Crawford
David Colin Smith ... Josh Spencer
Femi Emiola ... Lani Walker
Tanja Reichert ... Jennifer
Tim McElwee ... Edward Hoffman
Azie Tesfai ... Cherry Milton
Jack Krizmanich ... Aaron Spencer
Clive Robertson ... Theodore Crawford
David Smith ... Josh Spencer
Stephen Grove Malloy ... Dr. Sanchez
Jean-Christophe Febbrari ... Valdomar
Joan Severance ... Anna Whitman
Iris Almario ... Carmen
Giselle Jones ... Nurse Jones
Nicholas Irons ... Taylor
Paul Greene ... Benjamin
Rob Roy Cesar ... Earl
Benjamin John Parrillo ... Detective Dryden
Gary Weeks ... Tom Anderson
Ron Wells ... Joey
Serena Scott Thomas ... Madeleine
Kim Porter ... Violet Walker
Debbe Dunning ... Hope Lorca
Alex Fatovich ... Saleswoman
Debbie Dunning ... Hope Lorca
Meggan Anderson ... Hostess
Doug DeBeech ... Young Officer
Leif Holt ... I.T. Guy
Mark Lentry ... Davis Reynolds
Blake Lindsley ... Narrator
Jelani Gibson ... Candy Man
Dane Stauffer ... Howard
Geoff Stirling ... Hot Guy
Brennan Taylor ... David
Chuck Ashworth ... Guard 1
Norman Black ... Bridal Club Security Guard
Montre' Burton ... Delivery Guy
Alexander Cardinale ... Choking Man
Kathleen Mary Carthy ... D.A. Kelly Kinney
Guy Chapman ... Tides Employee
Alex Demir ... Chad
David Farkas ... Policeman
Jodi Fleisher ... EMT
Spencer Garrett ... Mark Gannon
Kenneth Hughes ... Bill Grady
Lainie Jordan ... Iliana Chavez
Leonard Kelly-Young ... Pastor
David Kenneth ... Daniel - Asthma Man
Jeff Kunard ... Oliver
Sarah Laine ... Dr. Megan Winters
Mion Lee Drew ... Attendent
Sundra Oakley ... Celeste
James Pomichter ... Tough Guy
Damian F. Sandolo ... Jogger
Jaysen Waller ... Concierge
Avis Wrentmore ... Saleswoman 1

Writing credits
Lori Evans Taylor
Jennifer Quintenz
Todd Hughes
Danielle Wolff
Davah Avena
Christian Jean
Ladan Atai
Mike Johnson
Jerry Pappas
Bruce Romans

Song: Think Again
Singing: Blond Mafia

Original music
Brad Chiet
Matt Vowles
Alan Williams
Anfinn Skulevold

Cinematography by
Tom Jewett

Directed by
Terry Cunningham
Dennis Dimster
P. David Ebersole
Jeremy Stanford
Alex Wright
Jeff Hare

Produced by
Lori Evans Taylor
Adam Zuvich
Christian Jean
Joan Etchells
Teresa Hsu
Tom Jewett
Joseph Oliver
Stu Segall

Gone Fission
Twentieth Television


Gordon Thomson was originally cast as Theodore Crawford

Sean Young was originally cast as Blythe Hunter

This serial was derived from a 1998 Venezuelan series called Aunque me Cueste la Vida

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