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Zorro: La espada y la rosa

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Zorro: La espada y la rosa telenovelaDon Diego de la Vega, adopts the secret identity of Zorro, the masked avenger. He is a mestizo born in the 1790s to a white father, Don Alejandro de la Vega, and his wife, a Native American warrior named Toypurnia, who was given the name Regina when she married Alejandro.

Diego learned his acrobatics and fencing skills in Spain, under the tutelage of a great swordmaster. Remembering the injustices he saw as a child, he returned to his family's California hacienda. Now he lives as both a nobleman and a vigilante, fighting imperialist oppression. He is backed by the brotherhood of Zorro, a secret society called the Knights of the Broken Thorn. He falls in love with a beautiful young widow, Esmeralda Sanchez de Moncada. She arrives in California with her sister Mariangel Sanchez de Moncada and her father, Fernando Sanchez de Moncada, the newly appointed governor - and villainous dictator - of Los Angeles.

The hero must challenge a host of evildoers, branding them with the distinctive Zorro “Z” – made from three swift scratches. The story arc focuses on mysteries concerning Esmeralda's long-lost mother and the man whose atrocities changed Diego's life forever. Their resolution threatens to shake the Spanish Empire.


Osvaldo Ríos as Alejandro de la Vega
Alejandro de la Vega is Diego’s father. With his conservative and moderate personality, he is the officer born in the wealthy Spanish family. He is catholic and strongly adheres to his belief. With adventurous personality he is prayerful. Alejandro is attractive and elegant treating women with due respect. He does not care of the style in his wear but he looks chic though his manners are too manly.

Natasha Klauss as Sor Suplicios
Sor Suplicios is a young and beautiful woman with the dark past. As a young girl she was in love with her cousin, exclusively handsome young boy. She got mad from such love and chasing from it, it devoted herself to service of God. When faced different situations, her real core of her spirit is revealed as lustful, full of ambitions and scrubby. After losing her love she tries to reach the highest position in the religious hierarchy. She is obsessed with cleanness and order. She wears a facial mask of being submissive, always pale in face as the sign of delicate soul.

Marlene Favela as Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada
Esmeralda is the younger daughter of Sarah and Fernando Sanches de Moncada. She is raised by the Spanish lady with manners that could be argued. She is known for her beauty, sweetness and rebellious temper, as well as for her sense of justice and equality.   She is the kind of woman with whom everyone feels at ease. She is witty and sensitive, loving and impulsive. She is honest and she keeps her word. As a Roman woman she can show her entrepreneurial spirit but she was raised by the lady and she can demonstrate all etiquette stuff. She is the real contrast to her sister Mariángel, as the fire and ice. Esmeralda did not feel quiet when living with her father who hates her. Despite her fragile look, Esmeralda is strong-minded and very athletic that make her ideally companion Zorro.

Arturo Peniche as Gobernador Fernando Sánchez de Moncada
Fernando Sánchez de Moncada  is known as single-eyed. He is tyrant and racialist. His father was despotic and his mother was like the victim which reflected in his personality and he esily can change from furious despotism to a tender emotions.
His ambition has no borders and lots of people suffered from his fury and racism. He wears a bandage on the left eye which adds some miracle about him. He has an imposing and athletic body. Every step and actions from him is aimed to increase his assets and power. His mother was killed by the crowd and since then he hates everyone who does not adhere to the high class society.
He has two weak points: his daughter Mariángel and Maria Pia de la Vega who refuses to marry him. Maria is the only person who affords talking honestly to him.

Andrea López as Mariángel Sánchez de Moncada
Being delicate and beautiful, Mariángel is ambitious and too manipulative woman. She hates fully Esmeralda. She is flirtatious and can play a practical joke when necessary. Unlike Esmeralda, she was raised with all respect and privileges that spoilt her. Pretending she is an angel, she takes advantage of people being hypocrite and artful as her father. She is ruthless and dishonest.

Zorro: La espada y la rosa - telenovela

(2007) - Christian Meier, Marlene Favela


Christian Meier ... Diego de la Vega
Marlene Favela ... Esmeralda Sánchez de Moncada
Arturo Peniche ... Gobernador Fernando Sánchez de Moncada
Osvaldo Ríos ... Alejandro de la Vega
Andrea López ... Mariángel Sánchez de Moncada
Jorge Cao ... Padre Tomás Villarte
Lina Angarita ... Campesina
Luigi Aycardi ... Tobías
Natalia Bedoya ... Laisha la gitana
Luly Bossa ... Almudena Sánchez de Moncada
Adriana Campos ... Regina
Erick Elias ... Renzo el Gitano
Harry Geithner ... Ricardo Montero
María Margarita Giraldo ... Azucena la gitana
Ivelin Giro ... The Spanish Queen
Ricardo González ... Bernardo
Raul Gutierrez ... Olmos
Justin Rodgers Hall ... Hector
Natasha Klauss ... Sor Suplicios
Andrea Montenegro ... María Pía de la Vega
César Mora ... el Sargento García
Marilyn Patiño ... Catalina
Germán Rojas ... Jonás el Gitano
Héctor Suárez Gomís ... Pizarro
Carmen Marina Torres ... Dolores
Orlando Valenzuela ... Miguel el Gitano
Rey Vásquez

Writing credits
Carolina Diaz

Song: Amor Gitano
Singing: Beyoncé and Alejandro Fernández

Cinematography by
Eduardo Carreño

Directed by
Mauricio Cruz
Agustín Restrepo

Produced by
Marlon Quintero
Patricio Wills
Hugo León Ferrer

RTI Televisión
Sony Pictures Television International
Telemundo Communications Group Inc.
Zorro Productions


Based on Johnston McCulley's characters

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sara  - palestine   |2009-01-17 21:31:44
Marlene Favela is good actress and beaty this story
Linda  - Zorro   |2009-01-19 04:23:39
This is my FAVORITE novela. i love it so much. i can't get enough of it. It's awesum. And every character is so good, they make me want to watch it. Ever night, i'd wait just to watch it. ! =)
Liza  - Love it!   |2010-02-15 05:13:31
This novela is the best of my favorites. I wish they could make on on DVD, I will be the first one to buy it!
Adrian   |2010-07-02 12:47:03
Hola me llamo adrian y esta telenovela me ha parecido una mienda es muchisimo mejor batman returs.
Esmeralda,Diego,Alejandro es la peor novela que he visto
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