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Disney Channel Games

(122 votes)

Stars from all of Disney Channel's hit TV shows come together to compete in various events. Some of these events inlcude obstacle courses and boxing. Depending on how well each team does, a certain number of points will be added to each team's score. While this is the primary way teams get points, fans can also play selected games on Disney Channel's official website and submit the points they earn to their favorite team. The team with the most points submitted in is given bonus points. Also, one week after each event, the Most Valuable Player MVP (who is voted upon by viewers online) is announced. After eight weeks of competition, (five weeks as of 2008) the winning team is announced.

Disney Channel Games

(2006 - till now)

Genre: Children

Directed by
Art Spigel


Disney Channel Games 2007

Red Team
Brenda Song: Captain
Jason Earles
Ashley Tisdale
Moises Arias
Adrienne Bailon
Mitchel Musso
Sydney White
Francois Civil
Sergio Martin

Green Team
Dylan Sprouse: Captain
Lucas Grabeel
Miley Cyrus
Monique Coleman
Brandon Baker
Kouki Okada
Pax Baldwin
Giulia Boverio
Bela Klentze

Blue Team
Corbin Bleu: Captain
Cole Sprouse
Kiely Williams
Jake T. Austin
Maiara Walsh
Isabella Soric
Giulio Rubinelli
Roger Gonzalez

Yellow Team Kyle Massey: Captain
Jason Dolley
Emily Osment
Sabrina Bryan
Shin Koyamada
Andrea Guasch
Robson Nunes
Come Levin


The Disney Channel Games 2006 were the first annual competitions

The Second Annual Disney Channel Games are over as of 25th August 2007. As advertised, these have proven to be the biggest of them all.

Disney Channel allowed viewers to vote for which events they would like to see online

Number of seasons: 3
Country: United States
Language : English
Original channel : Disney Channel

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Guest  - Wonderful   |2008-06-20 22:59:43
This is a wonderful show that comes on every saturday. There is team blue , team red , team yellow, and team green. You can cheer for any team you want and most of all watch the game. It comes in every summer at 7/8 c so you shouldn't miss out on the faboulous disney channel games
me  - me   |2008-08-16 09:56:00
go red team :D
i love the red team yeah :cheer:
i think the red team is going to win :lol:
joyce   |2008-08-27 17:58:32
that is good because red team is winning. :woohoo: lets :cheer:
joyce  - go red   |2008-08-27 18:08:05
that was so good red team. :woohoo: :lol:
Samantha toplis  - U damb right!!!!!!!!   |2008-09-15 21:14:56
Of coures the red team wins! Nick Jonas is in that team so no hey they will win! Nick is so hot HOT!

Anonymous   |2009-01-04 22:55:21
your cool such you like the red team i always like the red team on 2006 2007 and 2008 becuase they always have good people on it
Anonymous  - re: me   |2008-08-17 06:40:00
go red team
i think the red team is going to win 
i think red team is going to win because NICK P.S A LOT AF PEOPLE THINK THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!![/color][color=blue][/size][size=x-large]
Maria  - Blue team   |2008-08-18 03:50:29
I think blue team is going to win because demi lovato is on that team! boo ya goodo luck blue team! :cheer:
anonymous  - Blue team   |2008-08-18 05:11:50
I think the blue team is gonna win because shin and kiely are so cool. :cheer: :kiss: :kiss: :kiss: :s :s :s
Danielle  - blue team   |2010-04-18 22:34:23
The blue team is so going to win. They win almost every event.
Anonymous  - Red Team   |2008-08-19 10:03:43
I think the red team is going to win because i talked top someone who actually went to the games and they said that red won!!!!!!!!!! Red is #1 and i feel bad for those other teams but i wish them a lot of luck :P
anonymous  - green team   |2008-08-22 07:11:47

i really want the green team to win!!! they just need to work together!!! :cheer: :cheer: 
P.S..joe jonas is really cute!!
anonyomus  - Go Yellow!   |2008-08-26 06:15:07

Go yellow! You are so cool Selena! :)
Breanna  - Green Team Rocks!!!   |2008-09-02 18:15:12
Green team is so goeing to beat the other teams they are goeing down!!!!!!! :lol:
Breanna  - Green Team Rocks!!!   |2008-08-31 09:40:36
Green team rocks they are so goeing to win!!! Joe Jonas is so hot!!!!!!!!! :lol:
Anonymous   |2008-08-31 09:42:04
i totaly agree :side:
lil rocker  - re: go red   |2008-09-07 03:05:10
that was so good red r so going to win all because of nick jonas nick is so strong,sweet,nice,lovable,smart,a really good singer i would do anything to meet you u rock and u r really really really really really really really hot your brothers r to but not even close to u nick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kinzy  - Green team roks   |2008-09-07 04:28:37
Green team roks other teams are goeing down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joe jonas is hot
:kiss: :X :P :whistle:
vazyshia  - green team roks   |2009-05-04 04:37:08
the green team is almost always winning.
deundre  - red rock   |2008-09-08 03:17:21
:P adrienne bailon is fine
Asia  - Adrienne Bailon   |2008-10-06 04:18:42
Adriene Bailon is very cool she say what she mean and mean what she say,I wish I had her phone number so we can talk about girl stuff.
Anonymous   |2009-01-04 22:53:26
adreinne is very compettive and she deserves to win i agree
Taylor  - Blue Team rocks my socks off   |2008-10-07 10:12:28
Blue team is going to beat everyones butt and that is a fact
Demi lovato is hotttt!! :cheer:
Anonymous   |2009-01-04 22:49:50
demi lovato is hot but i still dont want them to win
Alexandra   |2009-03-20 00:05:10
Red Team should win
Anonymous   |2009-01-04 22:49:04
forget joe jonas and nick jonas and the other one but i still want inferno to win go jasmin adrienne moises i think jason earles but the whole team if you agree reply now!!!!
mad  - you guys are awesome   |2009-01-06 02:07:12
go blue your so fine your so fine you blow my mind go blue
Egbe Kaba  - Cheetah Girls   |2009-05-08 00:09:18
Whoa!Tell the Cheetah Girls I'm there biggest fan .Also can you ask them if they can sing a Mothers Day song just for me. If they do or don't just please say thank you .THE CHEETAH GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Claudia.  - Cc261990   |2012-06-04 02:12:33
Phil. Luke's. I. Iam. Slaying. Disney channel stares.
I made. A endurance last. To. I want the. Blue team to want so
Bad. Young fan. Claudia.
Alexis  - Red Hot   |2012-11-21 19:24:33
Red team is the best because it can BURN all of the teams DOWN to there worst nightmare of losing the DC games.I don't want too hurt all the other teams,but hey at least you tried your best to win.Come on the red team is going to beat all of yall.Reeeeeeeeeed Hot RULES the DC GAMES!
diogo  - games 2006 event 2 part 2   |2013-01-14 19:38:22
go red your are the best
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