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Power Rangers: Jungle Fury

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Power Rangers: Jungle Fury tv seriesMany centuries ago, an evil spirit, Dai Shi, roamed freely across the Earth, waging a "Beast War" against the humans. Fortunately, through valiant fighting, the Order of the Claw, a group of kung fu martial artists, part of the Pai Zhua, were able to conquer the evil spirit and have since been able to keep him locked away. The secret of their prisoner and their duty to keep him under control was passed along from generation to generation of Pai Zhua members, three of which charged with keeping Dai Shi from being released.

Now, in the present day, Dai Shi has escaped and three new warriors have been selected by the Pai Zhua to find and destroy the evil Dai Shi (who has possessed a former of one of the initial four warriors). The three teen warriors must go to where Dai Shi's ancient palace is located, a land once uninhabited, now known as Ocean Bluff. In their new home, the teen warriors must assume normal lives by working at a pizza parlor under the guidance of their boss and new Pai Zhua master, R.J., who gives them the power to morph into the Power Rangers.

Power Rangers: Jungle Fury - tv series

(2008) - Jason Smith, Anna Hutchison, Aljin Abella, David de Lautour

Genre: Animation & Children / Action and Adventure


Jason Smith ... Red Tiger Ranger
Anna Hutchison ... Yellow Cheetah Ranger
Aljin Abella ... Theo Martin
David de Lautour ... Robert 'RJ' James
Holly Shanahan ... Camille
Bede Skinner ... Jarrod
Sarah Thomson ... Fran
Kelson Henderson ... Flit
Nikolai Nikolaeff ... Dominic Hargan
Richard Simpson ... Snapper
Cameron Rhodes ... Carnisoar
Elisabeth Easther ... Jellica
Mark Wright ... Scorch
Derek Judge ... Grizzaka
Oliver Driver ... Master Swoop
Bruce Allpress ... Master Phant
Paul Gittins ... Master Finn
Jared Turner ... Whiger
Nathaniel Lees ... Master Mao
Geoff Dolan ... Dai Shi
John Callen ... Sonimax
Nick Kemplen ... Osiris
Stig Eldred ... Master Rilla
Andrew Laing ... Master Lope
Michelle Langstone ... Master Guin
David Capstick ... Unidoom
Darren Young ... Grinder
Geoff Houtman ... Dynamir
Adam Gardiner ... Toady
Bruce Hopkins ... Gakko
Sarah Somerville ... Stingerella
Andrew Robertt ... Rammer
Lisa Baldwin ... News Reporter
Greg Cooper ... Carden
Pat Courtenay ... Mantor
Charlie McDermott ... Pangolin
Robert Mignault ... Slickagon
Gerald Urquhart ... Rantipede
Scott Alexander Young ... Buffalord

Writing credits:
John Tellegen
Jackie Marchand
Ally Mondera

Original music by:
Gad Emile Zeitune
Leigh Roberts
Ry Welch

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Jonathan Brough
Mark Beesley
Luke Robinson

Produced by:
Charles Knight
Jackie Marchand

Number of seasons: 1

Original channel:
ABC (ABC Kids)
Toon Disney (Jetix)

BVS Entertainment Inc.
BVS International N.V.
Ranger Productions Ltd.
Renaissance-Atlantic Films
Toei Company


16th Power Rangers season adapted from "Juken sentai Gekirenja" (2007) which is the 31st Super Sentai TV series.

First Power Rangers season to have violet/purple as a Ranger color.

Only the third season since Rangers in Space to not have an official crossover episode with the previous Ranger Group. The first two were Ninja Storm and Mystic Force.


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