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Transformers: Animated

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Transformers: Animated tv seriesFive Autobots (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Prowl, and Bulkhead) find the fabled Allspark only to become a part of the long-lasting battle between the Autobots and their enemies, the evil Decepticons. A space battle ends up stranding the Autobots in mid-21st century Detroit where they take on roles akin to that of superheroes, fighting both Decepticons and human supervillains.

Transformers: Animated - tv series

(2007 - 2009) - David Kaye, Jeff Bennett, Bumper Robinson, Tom Kenny

Genre: Animation and Children / Action and Adventure / Sci-Fi


David Kaye ... Optimus Prime
Jeff Bennett ... Prowl
Bumper Robinson ... Bumblebee
Tom Kenny ... Isaac Sumdac
Corey Burton ... Ratchet
Bill Fagerbakke ... Bulkhead
Tara Strong ... Sari Sumdac
Townsend Coleman ... Sentinel Prime
Phil LaMarr ... Jazz
Cree Summer ... Blackarachnia
Susan Blu ... Arcee
John Moschitta Jr. ... Blurr
Alexander Polinsky ... Headmaster
Lance Henriksen ... Lockdown
Peter Stormare ... Meltdown
Fred Willard ... Swindle
'Weird Al' Yankovic ... Wreck-Gar
Brian Posehn ... Nanosec
Kath Soucie ... Professor Princess

Created by:
Todd Casey
Rich Fogel
Henry Gilroy

Writing credits:
Marty Isenberg
Rich Fogel
Michael Ryan
Andrew Robinson
Marsha F. Griffin
Todd Casey

Opening theme: "Transformers: Main Theme"
Written by: Sebastian Evans

Original music by:
Sebastian Evans

Language: English
Country: United States

Directed by:
Matt Youngberg
Irineo Maramba
Shunji Oga
Yutaka Kagawa
Chris Berkeley
Kintaro Mizuono
Ciro Nieli
Makoto Fuchigami

Produced by:
Vince Aniceto
Sam Register
Brian Goldner

Number of seasons: 3

Original channel:
Cartoon Network

Answer Studio, The
Mook DLE
Studio 4°C

Also Known As:
"Transformers: Animated"


This is the first, and so far only, Transformers continuity family in which the rank of Prime isn't the highest in the Autobot Army.

The most prominent role of Corey Burton in this series is the role of Megatron and Ratchet, however he also voices Ironhide, Longarm Prime/Shockwave, Cyrus 'Colossus' Rhodes, Brawn, and the human background character Spike. In "Transformers" (1984), he also voiced the original Shockwave, Brawn, and Spike, and uses the same voices he did back then for each of them.

John Moschitta Jr., the original voice actor of the fast-talking Autobot Blurr returns to reprise his role again. Although this time Blurr actually speaks coherently. In "Transformers" (1984), the original Blurr often simply repeated his lines.

Voice actor David Kaye, after more than a decade of playing the role of the evil antagonist Megatron, gets to voice the heroic main protagonist Optimus Prime in this series. The sudden switch, he reports, was completely unexpected even to him.

Judd Nelson, after more than twenty years since The Transformers: The Movie (1986), returns to voice the character Rodimus Prime.

Art director and character designer Derrick Wyatt is one of the few official Hasbro employees who were Transformers fans even before being employed by the company.

The holographic driver that Prowl projects when he is in motorcycle-mode is actually his own human form.

Optimus Prime's human form looks much like his voice actor David Kaye.

A special Transformers cartoon, in the sense that the war between the two opposing robot factions had already ended by the time the story begun. As such, it can focus on more "mundane" problems that the heroes have to face, as well as more peaceful plots. Megatron's fusion cannon makes the same sound it made in the G1 series, but with a few added effects.

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