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90-60-90 Modelos

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90-60-90 Modelos telenovelaThis is a story of the young model agency that recruits young beauties to make stars in the world of fashion and glory. This world is suitable for love affairs and passion. Cuca Dalton and Gustavo Herrera are the owners of this model agency known in Argentine. Oneday a young and beautiful province girl arrives to Argentine. She lives in a settlement with her mother Rosa. However, she is Cuca’s daughter but they are both not aware of it. Cuca caused her daughter to be raised by Rosa many years ago. So, a mother and her daughter happen to work at the same place. Soon after Martin becomes Cuca’s partner in business. They have a passionate love affair disturbed by Agatha, Cuca’s sister. Agatha aspires to get everything that belongs to her sister, from her business to love partners. Martin loses his memory after the accident and that makes Agatha take advantage of the situation and Cuca marries to Diego in desperation. In the meantime a friend of Martin is looking for him to prevent the accident that will be caused by the fault of Agatha. The story is full of love, beautiful models, intrigues and secreats attributable to show business and fashion world.


Raul Taibo as Gustavo “Tavo” Herrera

Gustavo is an elegant and well-groomed man in his 40s. He is very attractive to women due to his natural elegance, skill to perceive the world of fashion and women, in particular. He says to Cuca he does not love her since he is obsessed by Mercedes. Tavo feels something special about Lucia when recruiting her to his model agency.

Silvia Kutika as Eugenia “Cuca” Dalton

Silvia is the rigorous and hard-boiled woman who never shows her emotions. She was deceived by her loverand left behind when she got pregnant. She meets her daughter when she is an adult woman already and ill-treats her.

Natalia Oreiro as Lucia Peralta

Lucia, 17, is cheerful and dreaming young girl, with the looks to become a top-model. She is beautiful and impressive. She could have manipulated people though her generous heart and plain personality make good relations with people. She experience several emotional shocks that make her stronger, indeed.

Segundo Cernadas as Dr. Fabrizio

A young married doctor who tries to get Lucia’s love.

90-60-90 Modelos - telenovela

(1996 - 1997) - Silvia Kutika, Natalia Oreiro, Osvaldo Laport


Raúl Taibo ... Gustavo 'Tavó Herrera
Silvia Kutika ... Eugenia 'Cucá Dalton
Natalia Oreiro ... Lucía Peralta
Osvaldo Laport ... Martín Lescano
Coraje Abalos ... Federico Ramos
Daniel Alhadeff ... Rubén
Daniel Álvarez ... Nicanor
Mariano Argento
Florencia Bertotti
Patricio Borghetti
Manuel Callau ... Arturo Argüello
Andrea Campbell ... Beatriz Susana González alias Mirna
Antonio Caride ... Esteban Grimaldi
Pablo Cedrón ... Diego Nilson
Segundo Cernadas ... Dr. Fabrizio
María Cersosimo ... Giselle
Francisco Civit ... Walter
Hugo Cosiansi
Paola Della Torre ... Karen
Diego Díaz ... Matias
Vicky Fariña ... Emanuelle Soler
María Figueras
Judith Gabbani ... Agatha Dalton
Jorge García Marino
Celeste García Satur
Claudio Giúdice ... Fabio Benedetti
Iván González ... Gabriel Dalton
Roberto Ibáñez ... Dr. Darío Agosti
Pablo Ini
Diana Lamas ... Bárbara Villegas
Regina Lamm
Ernesto Larrese
Héctor Malamud
Coni Mariño
María Maristani
Mausi Martínez
Marcelo Melingo
Cecilia Milone
José María Monje ... Oscar Caroglio
Magalí Moro ... Verónica
Nicole Neumann ... Azul Ramayo
Diego Olivera ... Lucas Grimaldi
Marcelo Olivero
Florencia Ortiz ... Agustina Cisneros
Aldo Pastur ... Augusto López Ocampo
Pablo Patlis
Nicolás Pauls ... Damián López Ocampo
Fabián Pizzorno ... Juan Ignacio Quinteros
Fernando Ranuschio ... Hernán
Ginette Reynal
Jazmín Rodríguez
Sabrina Rojas
Boris Rubaja ... Ernesto
Jorge Sabate
Osvaldo Sabatini ... Darío
Sabrina Sabrok ... Laura
Viviana Sáez ... Marisol Ríos
Adriana Salonia
Mónica Santibáñez
Jorge Schubert
Tina Serrano ... Rosa Peralta
Paula Siero ... Claudia
Germán Silvestrini
Fernando Tobi ... Facundo Ramos
César Vianco ... Dr. Menisa
Elvira Vicario ... Delfina Agosti
Deborah Warren

Directed by
Osvaldo Cappra
Marcelo Cepeda
Mario Marenco

Writing credits
Alberto Alejandro
Elena Antonietto
Gustavo Belatti
Stella De La Rosa
Alejandro Romay
Atilio Veronelli

Original music
Martín Bianchedi

Executive producers:
Mónica Lavalle
Laura Lisorgoski

Cinematography by
Marcelo Gimenez

Country: Argentina
Language : Spanish
Telearte Argentina

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Dark Road  - 90-60-90 Modelos   |2008-10-08 18:06:43
I Just Remembered that 90-60-90 Modelos is one of the Best Drama
I Have Seen & It's One of My Favorite.
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