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Alejo y Valentina

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Alejo y Valentina - tv series

(2002) - Alejandro Szykula


Alejandro Szykula ... Alejo / Valentina / Carlitox / Viejo del bastón / Cara de Cocou / Pirín / Matías / Ricardo / Gregory / Panchita / Vieja / Mike Wilkingson / Additional Voices
Marito Coneri Baracus ... Mario Baracus (2007)
Rubén Aguirre ... Profesor Inocencio Jirafales
Ariel Blanco ... Himself
Camikaze ... Himself
Javier Cantero ... Himself
Ignacio Copani ... Himself
Jacinta Lopez de Aguilera ... Carlitox's Mom
Dumloco ... Himself
Nelson Galatto ... Various Characters
Valeria González ... Katterine Cournicov
Kabronero ... Himself
Melina Manfredi ... Various characters
Florinda Meza García ... Doña Florinda de la Regueira
Salomón ... Paraguayo alternatonto
Humberto Velez ... Homer Simpson
Pablo Zimmerman ... Various Characters
Charles Martinet ... Mario

Writing credits
Alejandro Szykula

Original music
Charles Bernstein
Ennio Morricone

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Alejandro Szykula

Produced by
Alejandro Szykula

Loco Arts

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