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Amor en Custodia

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Amor en custodia  - telenovelaHe is Juan Manuel, a country man. She is Paz, the owner of the field. He saves her life. She wants him to be her bodyguard and to take care of her every minute of her life. She wants him at all costs. He has no price. He does not accept. Fate will make them meet again. And their lives will never be the same… Because even if they are both married, even if they both put their daughters first, there is a love waiting to explode that will be bigger than anything.

He is Nicolas Pacheco, a professional bodyguard. She is Barbara Bazterrica: a rich and spoilt girl. They will hate at first sight. With all their strength. But they will end up loving each other. Despite the social differences. Despite the personalities. Despite themselves. Despite…sweet and good Tatiana, the ideal woman for Nicolas. The only one who can make him happy. May be she can fight against that love, maybe…

The life of the rich… In their ranches, their companies, their yachts…the lives of the bodyguards, the housemaids, the rich and the poor…

A telenovela with touches of comedy and action, with impossible love, crossed love, forbidden love. And two worlds confronted.


Osvaldo Laport as Juan Manuel

A handsome, manly village man who demonstrates strength, reliability and trustworthiness. Once Juan Manuel takes the courage to save Paz. He is passionate, courageous though he prefers stability and loyalty in everything he does. He is the man to feel protected even if he sleeps. He has to take the offer to become the bodyguard for Paz since she is short of money to live on. Moreover, he is likely to lose his house and he decides to work for Paz realizing how dangerous is body guarding and intimacy with a woman who is in love with him. All looks perfect but both are married and both admire their daughters. However, love never waits for response to love or not and they both go into the flame of passionate but forbidden love affair.

Soledad Silveyra as Paz

Paz is a beautiful, a little bit fickle and haughty lady. She is financially supported since she is a successful and wealthy businesswoman, the owner of diary rancho. She lives in fear she can be kidnapped or killed and intends to have a bodyguard for her to feel protected days and nights. In spite of her husband, she falls in love with Juan Manuel and is ready for love affair but the fate says “No” and they are parted.

Sebastián Estevanez as Nicolas Pacheco

Nicolas Pacheco is a professional bodyguard for Barbara, Paz’s daughter. He is quiet and even-tempered which is valuable for a good bodyguard. His punctuality and reliability can be a good protection for Barbara, as well as his physical strength. He knows his p's and q's. At the very beginning he suffers from being ill-treated by Barbara, though they end up in bed together.

Melina Petriella as Barbara Bazterrica

Barbara Bazterrica is a bossy, resolute, fickle young woman, indifferent to troubles and sorrows of others. He has a good financial reputation, authority and powder that allow most if not everything in the bounds of the place they live and she is used to acquire what she plans. She is not loved for that.

Gimena Accardi as Tatiana

Tatiana is a tender, gentle and beautiful girl, a daughter to Juan Manuel. She is in love with Nicolas Pacheco but will she struggle with Barbara for her love or not? Love against authority?

Amor en custodia - telenovela

(2005) - Osvaldo Laport, Soledad Silveyra


Osvaldo Laport ... Juan Manuel
Soledad Silveyra ... Paz
Sebastián Estevanez ... Nicolas Pacheco
Melina Petriella ... Barbara Bazterrica
Gimena Accardi ... Tatiana
Carolina Papeleo
Claudia Fontan
Hector Calori
Pepe Monje
Mirta Wons ... Nora
Salo Pasik
Paula Siero
Luciana Gonzalez Costa
Florencia Ortiz
Santiago Rios
Betty Villar
Cristina Fridman
Franco Infantino
Ximena Accardi
Monica Galan
Segundo Cernadas

Writing credits
Teresa Donato
Marcela Citterio
Enrique Estevanez

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Pablo Ambrosini
Carlos Luna
Gabriel De Ciancio

Produced by
Enrique Estevanez

L.C. Acción Producciones S.A.
Televisión Federal (Telefe)


Futher remakes of telenovela Amor en custodia is mexican telenovela "Amor en custodia" with Emilio Guerrero and Fabiana Perzabal and colombian telenovela "Amor en custodia" with Alejandra Borrero and Ernesto Calzadilla

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Haeesha  - Amor en custodian   |2012-08-09 09:37:37
Want to know if nicolas and barbara end up together
osinachi  - nicholas n barbara   |2012-10-02 13:28:35
what will happen to nicholas and barbara and also what will hapen to tatiana?
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