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Antonella telenovelaThe story is about Antonella, who works as a clown called Plinplin. During her work she meets Nicolas. He invites her to dinner and she accepts, unaware of the fact that he is the boss of her sister Nathalie. Nicolas is a big flirt and Antonella hot tempered. Then while visiting her sister Nathalia, Antonella gets shocked to find Nicolas walking into the apartment and introducing himself to her.

Instead of a handshake she gives him a tight slap and boy if he only knew how many more slaps she would give him in the future. Antonella is mad at Nicolas, because she thinks he is her sisters lover. He tries to talk to her and meet her, but she doesn't give him a chance to explain. In the meantime her sister is followed by weird men and when she feels the danger is closing on her, she calls Nicolas for help and gives Antonella a black case that contains very important files from her work at the family company of Nicolas. While leaving the building Antonella sees Nicolas parking his car. She goes home, only to receive a call telling her, her sister has died.

Ever since that moment Antonella thinks Nicolas is the murderer of her sister and she is hell bent on destroying his life. She blackmails him and his grandmother with the files she has and moves in to their mansion. She will be able to bond with the grandmother and son of Nicolas and make Nicolas fall head over heels for her and luckily for us she falls in love with him too, despite the many confusions and misunderstanding between them. Nicolas is of course not the killer, but they will have a lot of other misunderstanding and separations (caused by different persons with on the number 1 spot Miranda, the (ex)-lover of Nicolas) to survive.

Antonella - telenovela

(1992) - Andrea Del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez


Andrea Del Boca ... Antonella
Gustavo Bermúdez ... Nicolás Cornejo Mejía
Luis Luque ... Gastón Cornejo Mejía
Hilda Bernard ... Lucrecia Cornejo Mejía
Jorge D'Elía ... Carlo Moricone
Virginia Innocenti ... Miranda
Humberto Serrano ... Facundo Cornejo Mejía
Mimí Ardú ... Raquel Cornejo Mejía
Osvaldo Tesser ... Abelardo
Mónica Galán ... Paula
Osvaldo Guidi ... Arturo Maceo
Gastón Martelli ... Lorenzo Morricone
Diego Bozzolo ... Federico Cornejo Mejía
Marcelo Alfaro ... Dr. Gustavo Dondo
Emilio Bardi ... Insp. Higalerra
Marta Betoldi ... Mónica
Ana María Castel ... Amparo
Patricia Castell ... Consuelo
Silvia DaBove ... Rebeca De Winter 'Arturo's sister'
Vita Escardó ... Natalia
Dave Finkel ... Ronzitti
Carlos March ... Insp. Bazurco
Ricardo Robles ... Lautaro
Alejandra Rubio ... Lulú
Marcela Ruiz ... Nuria
Eugenia Talice ... Marisol
Bettina Vardé ... Bárbara Cisneros
Jorge Velurtas ... Cristóbal
Mónica Calho

Writing credits
F.L. Lukas
Enrique Torres

Written by: Enrique Torres
Singing: Andrea Del Boca

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Nicolás Del Boca

Produced by
Celso Durán


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sara  - URGENT   |2012-05-25 05:32:45
PLZZZZZ if u have any idea where i can watch this,plzzzz let me know (with English/French subs though).
again : plzzzzzz
here's my e-mail :)
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