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Cabecita telenovelaLucía Escobar, best known as Lucy, is a young and poor girl who lives in the countryside of Buenos Aires. Although she is inferior to rich people, she is happy because she has her parents, and because she teaches little poor children of the small town where she lives. Lucy has to face discrimination many times, being called a "Cabecita" by rich people. Even though, she is happy. But everything changes when her father is killed. Lucy knows that the answer to the death of her father has something to do with her mother's mysterious past (she was a rich girl who left her family to live with a poor man), and the only way to find out who killed her father and take revenge is to travel to Buenos Aires, the capital city, and investigate. From then on, Lucy's life will not be the same again. 

Cabecita - telenovela

(1999) - Agustina Cherri, Alejo Ortiz


Agustina Cherri ... Lucía 'Lucy' Escobar
Alejo Ortiz ... Esteban Zuluaga
María Rosa Gallo ... Sofía Nuñez Zamora
Norberto Díaz ... Mariano Nuñez Zamora
Antonio Grimau ... Aníbal Maldonado
Stella Maris Closas ... Lidia Nuñez Zamora
Rolly Serrano ... Fito
Mirta Wons ... China
Patricia Viggiano ... Nora Nuñez Zamora
Andrés Vicente ... Tucán
Verónica Vieyra ... Yoli
Nicole Neumann ... Bárbara
Dolores Fonzi ... María
Adrián Yospe ... Chelo
Martín Coria ... Ochoa
Celeste Pisapía ... Paola 'Salomé' Terrero
Elizabeth Killian
Marcelo Melingo ... Juaco
Agustina Lecouna ... Ricky
Alberto Anchart
Alejandro Buzzano ... Ermindo
Nicolás Scarpino ... Rata
Nicolás Abeles
Raquel Casal ... Dorotea
Hilda Bernard
Yessica Cardozo
Mariano Bertolini ... Federico
Mónica Calho
Noemí Frenkel ... Ana María Nuñez Zamora
Magalí Lafuente
Valeria Lorca ... Corina
Dulce Moreno ... Clarita
Ricardo Pal ... Morán
Jorge Schubert ... Marcelo
Jessica Schultz ... Estrella / Sonia (Coca)

Writing credits
Enrique Torres
Raúl Lecouna

Song: Cabecita
Singing: Dolores Elizalde

Song: Cabecita
Singing: Rodrigo "El Porto"

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Jorge Montero
Víctor Stella
Gaita Aragona

Produced by
Raúl Lecouna


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