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Celeste siempre Celeste

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Celeste siempre Celeste telenovela"Celeste, siempre Celeste" is the sequel of "Celeste". It begins with Franco, Celeste and their baby son Lucas finally together and happily preparing their wedding. They marry and leave for a honeymoon. Meanwhile, Franco's mother, Teresa, who hates everyone, especially Celeste (who Teresa still thinks of as a servant although Celeste inherited half of what Teresa considers her fortune), plans Celeste's kidnapping and murder.

Celeste is kidnapped but escapes. During the escape she falls and loses her memory and is hospitalized. Meanwhile, the kidnapper makes it look as though Celeste is dead. Franco can't find comfort. He sends Lucas to Italy in the care of a Silvana while he enters a Seminary.

Dr. Amadeo Pizzamilio is married to a much younger woman who looks exactly like Celeste except with black hair. In fact, she is the twin sister of Celeste, who was sold by Amadeo (Celeste's mother's doctor) to Margarita, a prostitute. Years later, when she turned 16, he buys her back and marries her. Clara sleeps with anyone and everyone but loves no one. She leaves Amadeo and moves in with her aunt Benita, who works as the cook in the seminary. This happens at the same time that Celeste is in the hospital with no memory. A friend of Amadeo, Dr. Marcelo Marcelino, sees Celeste, thinks she's Clara and tells Amadeo. Although Amadeo knows that she is Celeste, he takes her home and tells everyone including her that she is his wife Clara. Celeste, of course, will have great difficulty in remembering any of this past.

Meanwhile in the seminary Franco meets Clara and is immediately taken by her resemblance to Celeste. She pretends to be a sweet innocent in the hopes of taking her sister's place as the wealthy wife of the handsome and powerful Franco Ferrero. Eventually, Franco asks her to change her hair to blonde to match Celeste's hair and brings Clara home telling everyone that Celeste is alive but lost her memory. Once she is in the mansion, Franco begins to realize that Clara may look like Celeste on the outside but she is nothing like her on the inside. So he continues to long for Celeste. At this point he finds the real Celeste who still has amnesia and thinks that she is Clara. He begins to court her all over again. Clara will do everything she can in order to keep Celeste and Franco apart.

Celeste siempre Celeste - telenovela

(1993) - Andrea Del Boca, Gustavo Bermúdez


Andrea Del Boca ... Celeste Verardi de Ferrero
Gustavo Bermúdez ... Franco Ferrero
Lydia Lamaison ... Cora
Ivo Cutzarida ... Father Miquele
Henry Zakka ... John' Perez-Terada
Adela Gleijer ... Aída Ferrero
Mónica Galán ... Mónica Galban
Ingrid Pelicori ... Ornella Pizzamiglio
Osvaldo Tesser ... Valentín Pizzamiglio
Norberto Díaz ... Guido Pizzamiglio
Jorge D'Elía ... Amadeo Pizzamiglio
Dora Baret ... Teresa Visconti Perez-Terada
Daniel Beniluz ... Gangster
Hilda Bernard ... Amanda Sadowska
Eugenia Bonel ... Marcela
Raquel Casal ... Enriqueta
Daniel Corey López ... Doctor Marcelo Marcelino
Héctor Fuentes ... Bulmaro
Jorge Alberto Gómez ... Gangster
María Maristani ... Rosalía
Boy Olmi ... Lito
Gustavo Rey ... Ramiro Menéndez
Carlos Rivkin ... Doctor Marcos
Marcela Ruiz ... Alicia Fuentes de Pizzamiglio
Matías Sansone ... Rafael Gatti
Lita Soriano ... Margarita
Erika Wallner ... Silvana Rosetti
Néstor Zacco ... Agüero
Silvia DaBove
Carlos Echevarría
Mara Linares
Osvaldo Santoro
Maite Zumelzú

Writing credits
Enrique Torres

Song: Necesito Tu Nombre
Written by: Enrique Torres, Carlos Nilson
Singing: Andrea Del Boca

Cinematography by
Flavio Fava
Hector Maneyro

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Nicolás Del Boca

Produced by
Raúl Lecouna
Mariana Riestra
Ornella Zampicinini



Sequel of popular argentinian telenovela Celeste

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