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Collar de Esmeraldas

(123 votes)

Collar de esmeraldas telenovelaMartin is a well-known architect, who has been living abroad for some time. His estranged father, Alfredo, an owner of a successful construction company, has died recently under mysterious circumstances. When Martin hears that his mother is ill, he returns to Argentina, unaware that his life is about to change forever.

Romina is a beautiful woman, who has lived in abject poverty ever since her father, Alfredo's assistant, lost his job. Romina and her father try to survive to the best of their abilities, although they own a priceless emerald necklace, given to them by Alfredo on his death bed. When they finally decide to sell the necklace to better their situation, Romina's father is brutally murdered.

When Romina first meets Martin, she is attracted to him, but wants nothing to do with him or his family, whom she blames for her dire straits. Martin is however drawn to her, not knowing that they share a mutual pain. Unknown to them both, their fathers were murdered by the same man - Victor, Martin's uncle. An unscrupulous man, Victor now heads the construction company, and will do everything in his power to destroy Martin, whose return hinders his malevolent plans. As Martin and Romina get closer, they realize that they share not only intense feelings, but a desire to discover the truth and avenge the deaths of their fathers.

Collar de esmeraldas - telenovela

(2006) - Osvaldo Laport, Carina Zampini


Osvaldo Laport ... Martín Rivera
Carina Zampini ... Romina
Arturo Bonín ... Víctor
Ximena Fassi ... Eva
Luciana González Costa ... Roxana
Fernando Lúpiz ... Avesani
Laura Miller ... Patricia
Silvia Montanari ... Lidia
Jean Pierre Noher ... Tobías
Tota Santillán ... Tota
Paula Siero ... Lorena
Gisela Van Lacke ... Carmen
Magela Zanotta ... Martita
Norberto Díaz ... Dardo
José María Monje ... Tony
Gimena Accardi
Hilda Bernard
Marcelo Cosentino
Lydia Lamaison ... Celia Agüero de Ferrari
Melina Petriella
Sergio Surraco

Writing credits
Leonardo Bechini
Joaquín Bonet
Claudio Degásperi
Raúl Lecouna
Norberto Lewin
Isabel Martínez

Song: Te tengo que encontrar
Written by: Osvaldo Laport, Marcelo Wengrovsky
Singing: Osvaldo Laport

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Mariano Ardanaz
Claudio García

Produced by
Leonardo Blanco
Marcelo Tinelli
Raúl Lecouna

Ideas del Sur

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Lucy  - Great!!!   |2011-01-13 15:58:59
Osvaldo Laport is the sexiest man alive!!!
damaris mwongeli  - emerald necklace   |2013-06-05 11:45:23
romina and martin
chelsea queen  - awesome   |2013-08-08 14:06:03
romina is super sexxxxy
Blondie Shitaleni  - Collar de esmeraldas   |2013-09-11 20:11:00
Loving Martin so much...
Blondie Shitaleni  - Collar de esmeraldas   |2013-09-11 20:12:10
Martin is sexy, romantic, and i cant miss this telenovela... I love it.
Rhodalyn Tetteh  - romina   |2013-11-13 19:49:06
romina is beign cold to matin after proofing that he's innocent. i really love the movie n nice characters.
martha makomonde  - emerald necklace   |2013-12-16 20:18:36
l love Martin and Romina
fafi   |2014-01-16 11:02:42
i love romina and martin . they are a perfect match. keep it up guys
augustina amanortey  - the emerald necklace   |2014-01-17 11:25:16
i luv u guys so much keep it up.with dis movie i have learn dat if an animal will bite u den it is from ur own cloth like wat victor is doing now he is a rivera but he is e one doing all thode things
Bullfat12  - Masta   |2014-01-19 14:26:13
Guy the lov story of martin n romina is painful 2 endure in life, worse their lives. When pple u value conspire vs u, all u face is a grave. But when u come out alive u would be a tranformed person..... keep going! Viva Martin viva Romina.
Anonymous   |2014-02-01 22:49:35
i like MARTIN AND ROMINA to end up with love and love being forever
Anonymous   |2014-02-02 05:14:44
And me too i like Martin and Romina .The way they play cause me to like collar de emaraldas
Anonymous   |2014-02-19 21:02:44
so in lv wth the couple. And victor, shud burn in hel
mbwana kivava   |2014-02-28 14:28:33
Romina is awesome
Maromy  - omg   |2014-03-15 03:28:41
I fucking love lidia! Omg! She knows hw to change characters in a sec! Omg, i hve never seen an actress as damn good as her. Martin drive me crazy! Romina is too pretty! I feel sory for Lorena lol! Fuck off victor! And am extremely impressed with Roxana character! I hate that naked fake police station,well with all thy staff! I LOVE THE SHOW TOO MUCH!! Loading......hahaa
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