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Culpable de Este Amor

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Culpable de Este Amor telenovelaAgustín Rivero (Juan Darthés), is a well-known attorney who is studying the case of a young man who has killed his fiancée's parents. Laura Cazenave de Salazar (Gianella Neyra) is Néstor's attorney, the man who has been charged with the murder. Agustín and Laura will have to confront each other and will meet at the trial, during which Analía, "the murderer's girl-friend" will run away in despair to the edge of the terrace of the court in an attempt to commit suicide; it is there where Agustín will intervene and will manage to save her... at that very same instant Agustín will be moved by Laura's beauty, sweetness and intelligence, and she will be impressed by the way he has handled the situation; angry, however, for having lost a fight.

They will seek more encounters; he thinks she is single and tries to seduce her, while she never finds a moment to make it clear for him that she is married... she actually does not want to... their contact will turn more and more dangerous. The Tragic Night: Laura receives a strange message from her husband, Fernando Salazar, and when she gets home she sees Agustín leaving in a hurry. She goes inside, calls her husband, and to her horror, finds him dead before her eyes. Laura is shocked and leaves in her car; she has a car crash and is referred to a hospital; when she wakes up she finds she cannot remember but some very general things about her former life; however, Agustín will try to make her recover her past. Meanwhile, Fernando?s body disappears together with large sums of money; everybody thinks he has run away, only Laura's mind knows the truth. Laura and Agustín will get married, but Laura starts to remember her past and realizes that, according to her memories, Agustín is her dead husband's killer. 

Culpable de Este Amor - telenovela

(2004) - Juan Darthés, Gianella Neyra, Raúl Taibo


Juan Darthés ... Agustín Rivero
Gianella Neyra ... Laura Cazenave de Salazar
Raúl Taibo ... Dr. Marcos Soler
Gloria Carrá ... Virginia Marvin
Rafael Ferro ... Román Machado
Silvia Kutika ... Julia Rodríguez de Soler
José María Monje ... Gastón Rivero
María Carámbula ... Lorena Villalba
Graciela Pal ... Consuelo Pedraza
Lucrecia Capello ... Roberta Soldati
Betina O'Connell ... Gimena Soldati
Magela Zanotta ... Diana Guzmán
Leonora Balcarce ... Gabriela Sánchez
Mariano Bertolini ... Pablo Cazenave
Sabrina Garciarena ... Verónica Gleizer
Catalina Artusi ... Soledad Cazenave
Silvina Acosta ... Sandra Quiñones
Loren Acuña ... Sara 'Sarita'
Fabio Aste ... Esteban
Pompeyo Audivert ... Adrián Salazar
Ramiro Blas ... Víctor Musad
Nicolás D'Agostino ... Gael
Mauricio Dayub ... Fernando Salazar
Malena Figo ... Analía Bruzzi
Noemí Frenkel ... Vilma Zapata
Cristina Fridman ... Herminia
Gabriel Lenn ... Father Javier
Darío Lopilato ... Alejandro 'Alejo' Zapata
Guillermo Marcos ... Teodoro
Marcelo Melingo ... Gustavo Ludueña
Adrián Navarro ... Franco Galván
Julieta Novarro ... Clara Salcedo
Manuel Novoa ... Néstor Gómez
Manuela Pal ... Luciana
Paola Papini ... Leticia Gamarra
Patricio Pepe ... Lucio
Fabián Pizzorno ... Andrés Ligero
Juan Carlos Puppo ... Father Arnoldo Quiroga
Carlos Rivkin ... Dr. Polack
Rita Terranova ... Silvia Lagos
Beatriz Thibaudin ... Greta
Pía Uribelarrea ... Galloso
Mónica Villa ... Olga Zamudio
Julieta Zylberberg ... Sasha
Gonzalo Heredia
Leandro Melián
Vanessa Robbiano
Martín Santa Ana

Writing credits
Gabriela Beccaglia
Daniel Delbene
Ana Goldenberg
Oscar Ibarra

Song: Culpable
Written by: Vicentico
Singing: Guadalupe Álvarez Luchia

Original music
Martín Aramune

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Gabriel de Ciancio
Federico Palazzo

Produced by
Silvano Benítez
Martín Colombo
María José Figueroa
María José Fuentebuena
Claudio Kryksman
Rodolfo Stoessel


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