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Deseo, El

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El Deseo telenovelaEl Deseo is a small town with thermal spas and a backwater that is avoided by the natives. As in any small settlement, the place is full of secrets and passion. Secrets of people residing in the settlement and all the life is centered at the thermal spas and the hotel owned by Dalmiro Bernal and his wife Mercedes. Everyone is tied with the Bernal family as contractors, social employees or family members.

Twenty five years ago Mercedes, a young 18-year old girl, finds out that she is pregnant. She intends to get ri of the baby and she leaves for Buenos-Ares with parents. They tell everyone that Mercedes leaves to continue her study. In the capital the girl decides to give birth to a baby and leave to adoptive parents. Her parents are afraid that she can get touched by the baby look to have it, and thus, they tell her the baby is delivered dead. Actually the baby is born alive and healthy, and she is named Carmen. Luisa, Mercedes’ mother, cannot help keeping silence any longer about the baby, twnety five years later, and she starts looking for her grandchild now.

It happened so that twenty five years later Carmen arrives to El Deseo to earn money and leave far away. Javier also appears his own purposes in the town to arrange his deals and leave for. Carmen is a circus artist not so demanded who puts high hopes to earn a lot of money there to leave the country. She spies after the lawyer Funes who leaves to El Deseo. These two get to know to each other at the bus stop and go to the place together. However, they are both stuck in the town. They stay there and change their lives. Secrets are revealed and they get to know to each other in new qualities.


Natalia Oreiro as Carmen

Carmen is a daring extravagant young girl who has never been caressed and loved as her mother could do. She is strong-minded and in spite of failures in her personal life, she succeeds as a circus girl. She is very beautiful, seductive and self-confident, though deeply inside she would like to live a quiet life with her beloved without adventures. Being alone, she has to be pushing and clear-eyed not to fail. She is attractive to men and she is hesitant to choose between Maximo, Simon and Javier.

Soledad Silveyra as Mercedes de Bernal

Mercedes is Carmen’s mother. She gave her a birth when she was only eighteen, a young naïve girl. She felt she was doing wrong and she could have left a baby with her until her parents lied saying the child was born dead. Mercedes is anxious to see her child now when she knows the truth.

Daniel Kuzniecka as Javier
A young and attractive man. He is the one who is found suitable to the place named El Deseo with the secrets of anyone living there. He feels attracted and fascinated by Carmen first but then he changes his plans and passions.

El Deseo - telenovela

(2004) - Natalia Oreiro, Soledad Silveyra


Natalia Oreiro ... Carmen
Soledad Silveyra ... Mercedes de Bernal
Daniel Fanego ... Dalmiro Bernal
Daniel Kuzniecka ... Javier
Mauricio Navarro ... Simón
Claudio Quinteros ... Máximo
Alicia Bruzzo ... Santillana
Luis Luque ... Flauta
Mónica Scapparone ... Mabelita
Mariano Torre ... Pedro
Vera Carnevale ... Antonia Bernal
Carlos Kaspar ... Félix
Erica Rivas ... Faustina
Lucrecia Oviedo ... Juana
Martin Slipak ... Bruno
Guillermo Pfening ... 'El Luis'
Claudio Rissi ... Hilario
Ezequiel Antonini ... Cristobal
Lucía Maciel ... Pepa Katy
Marcelo Alfaro ... Funes
Susana Campos ... Luisa
Luciano Cáceres ... Álvaro
Azul Lombardía ... Mariana
Pedro Segni ... Roxi
Oscar Nuñez ... Don Almeida
Ariadna Asturzzi
Roxana Berco ... Luisa
Patricio Bettini
Celeste Cid ... Cartonera
Celina Font ... Grace Tomassini
Horacio Fontova
Andrea Galante ... Coral
Esther Goris ... Mabel Lebrero
Augusto Larreta ... Don Bernal
Marta Lubos ... Ingrid
Michel Noher
Norma Pons ... Hot Dog Vendor
Romina Ricci
Héctor Sinder ... Dueño
Jorge Suárez ... Segundo Rosales
Julio Vieyra ... Manuel Tomassini
Maite Zumelzú

Writing credits
Gustavo Belatti
Marcelo Camaño
Gabriela Elena
Marisa Quiroga
Marcela Satz
Mario Segade

Song: Light my fire
Written by: The Doors
Singing: Natalia Oreiro

Cinematography by
Pedro Suárez

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Pablo Ambrosini
Miguel Colom
Carlos Luna

Produced by
Romina Bellini
Leonardo Faggiani
Marcos Gorban
Inés Leguizamón
Carlos Mailán
Gustavo Marra
Soledad Pazos
Andrea Sabattino
Alelén Villanueva


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