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The series is set in Buenos Aires and centers around a killer's revenge plot carried out on the people involved with the death of four high-school students during a hostage-situation gone bad, five years before. The show's two main characters are: Renzo Márquez, ex-detective (played by Julio Chávez) and Dr. Laura Santini, psychiatrist (played by Paola Krum). To add a further twist to this whodunit, Márquez and Santini are ex-lovers. In the second half of the series, Renzo Marquez is aided by a homicide detective Marina (portrayed by Cecilia Roth), who herself is held hostage by Bruno Costas, the series' murderer. During her stay with the psychopathic murderer, she is forced to kill her mother who left her family for another man, causing the detective's father to commit suicide. Her troubling childhood has led Marina to seek thrills by playing high-stakes Russian Roulette. As bodies of her defeated adversaries surface in Buenos Aires, she is assigned to the case.

Epitafios - tv series

(2004) - Julio Chávez, Paola Krum


Julio Chávez ... Renzo Márquez
Paola Krum ... Laura Santini
Cecilia Roth ... Marina Segal
Antonio Birabent ... Bruno Costas
Villanueva Cosse ... Marcos Márquez
Rafael Ferro
Luis Luque ... Comisario Jiménez
Carlos Portaluppi ... Dr. Morini
Lito Cruz ... Benítez
Óscar Ferreiro ... Gálvez
Fernando Peña ... Carlos
Leonora Balcarce ... Sofia Peña
Norman Briski ... Feldman
Martín Gianola
Esther Goris ... Sra. Spinelli
Daniel Hendler ... Gustavo Echeverría
Luis Machín ... Santiago Peñalver
Jorge Marrale ... Sr. Costas
David Masajnik ... Martin Jiménez
Peto Menahem ... Sidesky
José María Monje ... Rulo
Alejo Ortiz ... Fernando Spinelli
Atilio Pozzobon ... Ortiz

Writing credits
Marcelo Slavich
Walter Slavich

Original music
Iván Wyszogrod

Cinematography by
Jorge Fernández
Guillermo Zappino

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Alberto Lecchi
Jorge Nisco

Produced by
Diego Andrasnik
Fernando Blanco
Fernando Blanco
Luis Peraza
Adrián Suar
Adrián Suar
Víctor Tevah

HBO Latin America
Pol-Ka Producciones


Shot on location in Buenos Aires

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