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Floricienta telenovela Florencia is a poor but dreamer, rash, vivacious, cheerful and happy Italian-Argentine girl whose life changes when she meets Federico Fritzenwalden, the older son of a very rich German-Argentinian family. His parents died in an accident leaving him alone. Fede is the head of the family, he has 5 lovely younger brothers living with him in a big house to care for. Fede has a bitter, cold, strict, rigid and lonely personality until he falls in love with Flor upon meeting her. Unfortunately, Fede has a girlfriend, Delfina, who wants Federicós money but not him. Federicós brothers hate Delfina. But when Flor comes to the Fritzenwaldens' residence, hired by Fede as the nanny, everybody loves her for her open and generous heart and easy-going nature.The life of Fede as well as his brother can change for better if Flor is close to them positively impacting the atmosphere. That really makes Delfina furious and she only bears intrigues and evil acts.


Florencia Bertotti as Florencia Fazzarino (Luego Santillán) Valente, Floricienta

A young, joyful and attractive girl, 20, the babysitter for the Fritzenwalden brothers. She sings in the musical group. She falls in love with Máximo Augusto Calderón de la Hoya, called by her Condorito after her affair with Federico, called by her Don Freezer. She speaks too much, is impulsive, believes in superstition. She is strong-minded and tender and caring, on the other hand.

Juan Gil Navarro as Federico Fritzenwalden, Don Freezer

Federico is 24. He is the eldest brother in the family and returns home from Germany after his parents died to take care of his siblings. He likes Delfina but ends up in love with Florencia. He is known for his ill mood and tough manners, he is strict about raising his siblings. Federico is keen on fencing. He is tough to express his emotions and he feels it’s easier to quit. He is supported by his best friend Matías.

Isabel Macedo as Delfina Santillán Torres-Oviedo

Delfina is from higher society than others. She believes she is better-mannered and worth more than people around her. She is real villain. Delfina hates Florencia because she is her step-sister. She tries to keep Federico at her side by any chance.

Benjamín Rojas as Franco Fritzenwalden, Farolitos

Franco is 16, twin brother of Nicolás, a successful tennis player. He gets disaapointed when finds out that Florenciadoes not love Federico. He has several relations at the same time, distinguishing Clara, Amelie, María, Lucía, Paloma, and some more. When Olivia appears in his life, he realizes she is his fate, though she’s been engaged with Bernardo. The fact that they are cousins was the barrier to their love, but nothing could ruin and stop them love each other when the truth was revealed about their origin.

Hermanos Fritzenwalden

Aged from 8 to 16. They have everything they want. They live in a great mansion.

Nicolas Maiques as Nicolás Fritzenwalden

Nicolás is 16; he is the twin to Franco and that’s the only matching thing about the twons. Known as a person with the kinds heart but rebellious a kind. Meets Valentina, a ballet dancer.

Paula Salustro as Maia Fritzenwalden

Maia is 14 year-old teenager. Like Lolita she is easily affected by men and plays with them frivolously, especially with Facha and Matías. The relations to Matías make her life values changed and she finally ends up in London to study piano play. After she parts with Matías she returns to Buenos-Ayres.

Agustín Sierra as Martín Fritzenwalden, Tincho

Martín is 12, lonely and humble. Helps Florencia in any case. He suffers from asthma and administers psychological therapy which still affects his speech. He is interested in books only. He is called Tincho by brothers.

Floricienta - telenovela

(2004 - 2005) - Florencia Bertotti, Juan Manuel Gil Navarro


Florencia Bertotti ... Florencia 'Flor' Fazzarino-Santillán Valente
María Candela Vetrano ... Guillermina
Juan Manuel Gil Navarro ... Federico Fritzenwalden
Geraldine Belen Visciglio ... Victoria (Vicky)
Isabel Macedo ... Delfina Santillán Torres-Oviedo
Benjamín Rojas

... Franco Fritzenwalden
Gerardo Chendo ... Bonilla
Laura Azcurra ... Amelie
Ángeles Balbiani ... Sofía Santillán Torres-Oviedo
Camila Bordonaba ... Paloma
Mónica Calho ... Violeta
Stéfano Di Gregorio ... Tomás Fritzenwalden
Mariana Espósito ... Roberta
Carlos Kaspar ... Oscar
Nicolas Maiques ... Nicolás Fritzenwalden
Gustavo Monje ... Canguro
Esteban Pérez ... Matías
Esteban Prol ... Lorenzo
Franco Rau ... Ramiro
Agustín Sierra ... Martín Fritzenwalden
Graciela Stefani ... Malala Torres-Oviedo viuda de Santillán
Henny Trayles ... Greta
Mirta Wons ... Beba Torres
Fabio Di Tomaso ... Máximo Augusto Calderón de la Olla, Conde de Kricoragán
Alberto Anchart ... Antoine
Hilda Bernard ... Nilda Santillán
Alfonso Burgos
Omar Calicchio ... Rick
Antonio Caride ... Raúl
Ezequiel Castaño
Felipe Colombo ... Miki
Norberto Díaz ... Eduardo Fazzarino
Micol Estévez ... Dominich
Zulma Faiad ... Titina Valente
Diego García ... Chucky
Gustavo Guillén ... Cacho
Pablo Heredia ... Pedro
Guido Kaczka ... Alejandro 'Alé
Germán Kraus ... Alberto Santillán
Jorge Maggio ... Julián
Daniel Miglioranza ... Fauve
Esmeralda Mitre ... Lucia
Diego Olivera ... Facundo
Verónica Pelaccini ... Mercedes 'Mechá
Mario Pergolini ... God
Piru ... Piru
Gerónimo Rauch ... Gerónimo 'Geró
Paula Salustro ... Maia Fritzenwalden
Christian Sancho ... Gonzalo
Isabel Sarli ... Tota Torres-Oviedo
Mariana Seligmann ... Clara
María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro ... Paz
Delfina Varni ... Victoria
Micaela Vázquez ... Renata 'Natá
Solange Verina
Maida Andrenacci ... Valentina
Catalina Artusi ... Marina
David Chocarro
Gustavo Ariel Conti
Lucas Del Bo
Alan Ferraro
Brenda Gandini ... Olivia
Alejo García Pintos ... Evaristo
Luciana González Costa
Federico Olivera ... Segundo
Gustavo Pastorini ... Emanuel, the italian chef
Gabriela Sari ... Laura
Gastón Soffriti ... Santiago 'Tiagó
Pablo Albarello
Silvina Bosco ... Oliviás mother
Leo Bosio
Diego Child ... Danilo 'Fachá
Gastón Dalmau
Luis Gianneo
Diego Mesaglío ... Damián 'Batá
Miguel ángel Rodríguez ... Priest
Jorge Sabate

Created by
Cris Morena

Directed by
Martín Mariani
Cris Morena
Mauro Scandolari

Writing credits
Walter Ferreyra Ramos
Gabriela Fiore
Solange Keoleyan
Gloria Leguizamón
Norberto Lewin
Patricia Maldonado
Cris Morena

Original music
Cris Morena
Carlos Nilson

Executive producers:
Guillermo Antonini
Sofía Izaguirre
Fernando Maffeo
Cris Morena
Paulo Pellegata

Cinematography by
Carlos Dell'Aguila
Fernando Freres
Leonardo Nieva
Faustino Rodríguez
Gastón Sauret

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Telefé International


The show currently runs around the world in almost 70 countries with high share of audience and thousands of fans

Due to great figures in audience, sharing and television broadcast rating, the producers CMG/RGB Entertainment launched CDs, DVDs, a huge range of products trademark, and licensed merchandise

The entitled "Floricienta" is a mix between Cenicienta (Cinderella in Spanish-speaking countries) and Florencia (the main character's name)

The further remake of Floricienta is chilean telenovela "Floribella" (2006) with Mariana Derderián and Cristián Arriagada

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