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Herederos de una Venganza

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Herederos de una venganza telenovela Herederos de una venganza is a 2011 Argentine telenovela aired by Channel 13 in the prime time. The characters inhabit a small fictional village named Vidisterra. The cast includes Luciano Castro, Romina Gaetani, Marcela Kloosterboer, Federico Amador, Leonor Benedetto, Rodolfo Ranni, Antonio Grimau and more.

The story takes place in the village of Vinisterra in Argentina that does not exist in reality. The cast is presented by Romina Gaetani, Luciano Castro, Marcela Kloosterboer, Rodolfo Ranni, Federico Amador, Leonor Benedetto, Antonio Grimau, Daniel Kuzniecka, Betiana Blum and Marco Antonio Caponi.

Inheritors of a vengeance is a story about the residents of the village Vidisterra where the whole activity comes to growth of grapes and production of wine. There is the only winery in Vidisterra which owns all the vineyards in the place and offers all the working places. The winery is owned by the most influential people in the village, Regina Piave (Benedetto), a millionaire, and the mayor Octavio Capogreco (Ranni).

Wine is the most important stuff in the village. Regina, Octavio and other wealthy people residing in the village are members of the secret lodge that long to survive a potential end of the world. The main character, Antonio Puentes, the agronomists, settles in Vinisterra to marry a young girl Angie, a sister to his friend Rafael (Amador) who wants his sister to get married in the place where she was born. Unfortunately, Angie dies in a vague murder caused by the lodge, obviously. And all these people become the witnesses of her untimely and mysterious death. Antonio stays in the village to inherit Angie’s sharings in the winery.

Vidisterra seems to be the ideal place for all people who have found their place under the sun in this world to live and to improve. It works for Emilia (Kloosterboer), a daughter to Regina Piave (Benedetto) and heir of the wine-maker family. However, the place is not that perfect Mercedes (Gaetani), the main female character, who lives in the village with the stigma: she is rejected by most villagers for she was in the prison sometime back for killing her spouse for abusive behaviors, but since her husband was a high-ranking person in the village, she is rejected by most people once released from prison. Her brother Lucas (Caponi) gives her a hand while her mother Delicia (Blum) drags out a miserable existence.

There is something mysterious and dark there in the basement of the winery in Vidisterra. The lodge is headed by the Worshipful Master as Alfredo Alcón who has relations with the wealthiest and major persons in the place as the commissioner Vicente Roca (Grimau), the millionaire Regina Piave (Benedetto), the mayor Octavio Capogreco (Ranni) and the judge Santos Eugenio Pratt (Miguel Dedovich). The lodge, being the house of worship, twined with the rods and full of wine is ready to believe in prophesy of the Worshipful Master by the Sacred Book. The most essential prophecy out of others is that the end of the world will occur and that Vidisterra is the place chosen for the elite people who will survive. However, sacrifice should be made to keep these lands safe.

Herederos de una venganza - telenovela

(2011) - Luciano Castro, Romina Gaetani


Luciano Castro ... Antonio Puntes
Romina Gaetani ... Mercedes Leiva
Marcela Kloosterboer ... Emilia Piave
Federico Amador ... Rafael Ferrero
Leonor Benedetto ... Regina Piave
Rodolfo Ranni ... Octavio Capogreco
Antonio Grimau ... Vicente Roca
Daniel Kuzniecka ... Martín Sartre
Marco Antonio Caponi ... Lucas Leiva
Betiana Blum ... Delicia Leiva
Miguel Dedovich ... Santos Eugenio Pratt
Sergio Surraco ... Cosme Capogreco
Noemí Frenkel ... Gretel
Guillermo Arengo ... Pedro Cortez
Federico Salles ... Cátulo
Virginia Kaufmann ... Estrella
Vittorio D’Alessandro ... Miguel
Alfredo Alcón

Writing credits
Adrián Suar (original idea)
Ricardo Rodríguez
Susana Cardozo
Florencia La Rosa
Jessica Valls
Juan Sklar

Written by:

Original music

Cinematography by
Martín Sapia
Alejandro del Campo

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Jorge Montero
Jorge Bechara

Produced by
Adrián Suar
Paula Granica
Martín Zalazar
Wesley Félix



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