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Historias de sexo de gente común

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Historias de sexo de gente común telenovela This television show tells about the life of two young couples. Every episode reveals some intimate details of their lives, including betrayals, sexual problems, fancy in love and sex, the ways to cope with all family problems. They seem to live a stable perfect life but it is not like that from inside.

The theme of this show concerns so intimate issues of sexual life as the opportunity to come as transvestite from time to time, the significance of the genital’s size to feel happy and moany other shocking facts but too real for couples.


Peleritti Carolina as Sandra

Sandra is hysterical and bossy young woman. She prefers managing in everything she and her partner does. She is not willing to realize the adverse efect of being so managing, bossy and dominating in relations between a man and a woman.

Carlos Santamaria as Gaston

Obssessed with some sexual fantasy that he would like to implement in life but he is afraid to be wrongly interpreted.

Juan Manuel Gil Navarro as Diego

A good womanizer. Easily seduces women just for nothing without any further goals. Impulsive, often takes actions he regrets further.

Historias de sexo de gente común - telenovela

(2004) - Carlos Santamaría, Carolina Pelleritti, Juan Manuel Gil Navarro


Carlos Santamaría ... Gastón
Carolina Pelleritti ... Sandra
Juan Manuel Gil Navarro ... Diego
Jazmín Stuart ... Carla
Sandra Ballesteros ... Gladys
Eduardo Blanco ... Daniel
Franco Camilato
Esteban Coletti ... Leo
Silvia Kutika ... Alicia
María Eugenia Lencinas
Nicolás Mateo ... Santiago
Lorena Meritano
Nicolás Pauls ... Andrés
Gabriela Sari ... Ana

Created by
Martin Kweller

Directed by
Diego Palacio

Writing credits
Martin Kweller
Alejandro Ocon

Executive producers:
Verónica álvarez
Maximiliano Cardozo
Guillermo Gauna
Marcelo Kohen
Martin Kweller
Giselle Lancman
Walter Minaglia
Diego Palacio
Eva Racana

Cinematography by
Marcelo Gimenez

Country: Argentina
Language : Spanish
Original channel: Telefé

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Daiana  - QUE BARBARIDAD   |2011-03-19 06:12:11
la emision de esta serie a telefe es totalmente una falta de respeto para la tv argentina , si la vuelven a pasar , se viola la ley de comunicacion audiovisual, es una verguenza , parecen actores de una pelicula pornografica , ellos lo de edemol tuvieron la culpa de poner esa barbaridad, me parece totalmente una falta de respeto y una verguenza ajena
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