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Mil Millones

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Mil millones telenovelaFrom one day to another Julián Vargas receives an important news, his biological father, whom he did not know, is dying. The magnate Manuel Prado Calets will leave him a Billion Dolars inheritance that will test the values of this man which only fortune they are his family and his childhood friend Carolina Marín. Julián lives in a humble neighborhood with his adoptive mother, his brothers Diego and Gisella and he works as an employee at the port. His more valued exchequers are his friends of the neighborhood, the football matches, his car "The Torino" and his fleeting romances.

Unlike Julián, Carolina is about to finish her carrier and works a very important holding and though she is a simple woman her ambitions always overcame to those of his friend. But they share something more than the old neighborhood, they were part of a former history of sweet teenager love. Many people will try to separate Julián of his fortune. The managers of the holding, Lanari and Pilar Arias and the family Prado Calets will fight up to the end to destroy him. Julián and Carolina will try to overcome the conflicts that they will be provided by this new life riddled with power, interests and enemies. Together they will cross a new way and will discover a great love.

Mil millones - telenovela

(2002) - Gustavo Bermúdez, Araceli González


Gustavo Bermúdez ... Julián Vargas
Araceli González ... Carolina Marín
Romina Gaetani ... Pilar Arias
Fabián Mazzei ... Diego Vargas
Rita Cortese ... Dominga Vargas
Gloria Carrá ... Gladys
Claudio Gallardou ... Pedro Bermejo
Agustina Cherri ... Gisela Vargas
Villanueva Cosse ... Ignacio Prado Calets
Norberto Díaz ... Marcos Lanari
Diego Olivera ... Luis Mujica
Beatriz Spelzini ... Isabel Lanari
José Luis Mazza ... Elmer
Pablo Novak ... Patricio Elizalde Prado Calets
Agustina Lecouna ... Magdalena Prado Calets
Sergio Surraco ... Silvio
Roxana Randon ... Josefina 'Fina' Prado Calets
Martín Adjemián ... Jesus Marín
Osvaldo Tesser ... Cecilio
Isabel Macedo ... Carmen
Gastón Ricaud ... Gonzálo
Erica Rivas ... Paula
Mariano Torre ... Iván Lanari
Karina Buzeki ... Ana
Guillermo Marcos ... Bernardo
Francisco Nápoli ... Cayetano
Héctor Bidonde ... Manuel Hipolito Prado Calets
Pablo Albarello
Alicia Aller
Martín Coria
Matías Desiderio
Carlos Echevarría
Juan Manuel Gil Navarro ... Ariel
Gustavo Guillén ... Álvaro Lagos
Daniel Kuzniecka ... Adrian
Laura Liste
Erica Manuale ... Miranda
Sebastián Miranda
Julieta Novarro
Carolina Papaleo ... Valeria
Osvaldo Peluffo
Osvaldo Sanders
Martín Santa Ana
Humberto Serrano ... Roque
Liliana Simoni ... Yolanda
Héctor Sinder
Fabián Talín
María Valenzuela ... Corina Cudini
Maite Zumelzú ... Verónica

Writing credits
Ana Peña
Iván Tokman
Camilo Torres
Gustavo Barrios
Diana Segovia

Song: Cuando te vi
Written by: Vicentico
Singing: Vicentico

Song: Desde Brasil
Written by: Manuel Quijano
Singing: Café Quijano

Cinematography by
Carlos Dell'Aguila

Language : Spanish
Country: Argentina

Directed by
Diana Álvarez
Gaita Aragona

Produced by
Yair Dori
Inés García
Pilar Irusta
Sofía Izaguirre
Daniel Kuzniecka
Delfina Lecouna
Raúl Lecouna
Mariano Piñeiro

Central Park Productions

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