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MontecristoSantiago Díaz Herrera and Marcos Lomabardo are good friends. Both of them are in love with Laura though she feels the same to Santiago. She is raised by her uncle Leandro.  Santiago and Marcos arrive to Morocco for fencing tournament but they found just before the departure that Alberto, Marcus’ father, is involved in infant trafficking and that Horacio Díaz Herrera is the one to make the investigation on that.

In Marocco Santiago and Marcos are attacked and the murder bid is done against Santiago while Marcos returns back and tells Laura that Santiago is killed. Laura tries to commit a suicide but she fails and finds out she is pregnant. In the meantime Marcos proposes to marry her. She marries him but even in 10 years she is not happy since she still loves Santiago.

In the meantime in Morocco Santiago saves Victoria, a plastic surgeon, who is looking for her sister kidnapped as a baby who happens to be Laura.

Santiago gets rich inheriting the treasure from the person he was in the jail together, and he returns to Mexico with Victoria to take revenge of those who accused him of committing the crime and who killed his father. He thinks Laura betrayed him when he married Marcos. Finally the truth is revealed and he rejoins Laura together with their son though they have to live lots of situation to form stable and happy family.


Pablo Echarri as Santiago Díaz Herrera

Santiago, 33, is a young lawyer, charismatic and honest. He has a girlfriend to marry, a loving parent, the career everyone could envy. His personality changes after spending 10 years in the jail.

Paola Krum as Laura Ledesma

Laura, 30 year-old young woman, was always dreaming to marry Santiago. She commits a suicide when she is told that Santiago is dead. All the ten years she lives with the strange person expecting for Santiago. She cannot live without any thoughts about Santiago which makes Marcos make scandals and she thinks of getting divorced. Laura was told that her parents were killed in car accident but actually she was kidnapped as a baby. She adores her son but she tries to devote herself to him and dancing secretely since Marcos does not like any hint on Santiago.

Joaquín Furriel as Marcos Lombardo

Marcos, 33, is Santiago’s best friend. Driven with the sense of envy to Santiago’s success in everything, Marcos caused the accident in Morocco to eliminate Santiago and marry Laura. Marcos has always been the second with two of them and his wish was to get superior. Marcos lives a lavish life with a wife who does not love him and a son who is Santiago’s biological son. He is not satisfied from deeply inside and he gets a lover, Milena, and has a child from her. Marcos is the right-hand to her father who still backs illegal business of human trafficking. Marcos loves Mattias but he never hesitates to abuse his influence and press Laura through her love to the son.

Viviana Saccone as Victoria Saenz

In love with Santiago in the early episodes, later, interested with Rocamora. Victoria is Laura's long lost elder sister. She is there with the help of Santiago. Her parents were lost during the military dictatorship and Victoria could escape. Since the conscious time she is in constant search of her younger sister. She is a doctor, as Laura.

Montecristo - telenovela

(2006) - Mónica Scapparone, Pablo Echarri


Mónica Scapparone ... Lola
Pablo Echarri ... Santiago Diaz Herrera
óscar Ferreiro ... Alberto Lomabardo
Paola Krum ... Laura Donoso
Joaquín Furriel ... Marcos Lombardo
Viviana Saccone ... Victoria Saenz
Rita Cortese ... Sara Carusso
Maria Abadi ... Erica Donoso
Celina Font ... Milena Salcedo

Writing credits
Adriana Lorenzón
Marcelo Nacci

Original music
Maxi Riquelme
Federico San Millán

Country: Argentina
Language: Spanish
Original channel: Telefe


Its first episode was able to make 27.4 rating points.

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puertorra  - unica..   |2010-03-10 00:35:09
esta novela es tan buena ke mexico, chile y colombia se la copiaron a la misma vez que la realizaban en Argentina.Tambien la copio Portugal.Pero la argentina (ke es la original) es definitivamente LA MEJOR!!!!
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